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NEWS AND NOTES. "Western Mail."--Among this week's illustrations of the "Western Mail" are views of the race for the Vice-Commo dore's (Royals) Cup. A group of the crew of the Rene, the boa; sent to Sydney to compct.e in the inter-State races, as aLa given. A series of views, accompanied by an article, deals with the Carnarvou district, and there is an excellent re production entitled "A Scene on the Up per Swan." Kareenya, the new pri vate hospital In St. Georgas-terrace, and "some further prize-winners at the recent rifle meeting" are among the other illustrations, which also include "S.S. Ninoveh, the first Aberdeen liner to call at Fremantle," and a plan of the Albany Harbour dredging scheme. The car toons are topical and well-drawn, while the letter-press covers the news of the week. The Mails.-A supplementary mail for the Eastern States closes to-morrow (Saturday) at half-past 9 a.m.. for de spatch by the ss. Yongala. The Eng lish mail is notified to close on Monday next at half-past 12 p.m., for despatch by the R.M.S. Himalaya. The Ascot Racing Fatnlity.-The ad journed inquest touching the death of the jockey WV. Henderson. who fell from the horse Silvermine whilst riding in the Hurdle Race at Ascot on Saturday, December 31. was concluded before Mr. Sydney Stubbs, J.P., in the Local Court yesterday. After hearing the evidence of several jockeys who rode in the race in which the accideht occurred, the jury brought in a verdict according with the medical testimony of Dr. Foster. of the Perth Hospital, to the effect that death was due to an injury to the brain, ac cidentally received. . A Septuagenarian's Death.-The mys tery connected with the death of the septuagenarian. Ralph Bartle, in the Fremantle Hospital on Wednesday night, has been satisfactorily cleared up. The post-mortem examination of the body. which was made yesterday by Dr.- Deravin. showed that death re sulted from rupture of an artery of the brain, and this, in the doctor's opinion, was probably due to the diseased condi tion of the arterial walls. There were no external marks of violence on the body, and it was considered unnecessary to hold an inquest. With reference to the statement published that Bartle was seen to fall down outside the Royal Hotel, at Plympton, on Monday even-'

ing, Mr. M.. F. Kelly. the licensee of the hotel, says that Bartle had not been served with any liquor at his place on the day in question. From later in quiries made by the police, it would ap- i pear that where Johnston saw the old man stagger was in Sewell-street, which is some distance from the Riyal Hotel, and that Bartle was then taken along to Johnston's house and cared for until the following day. East Kimberley Rainfall.-The Go vernment Astronomer has 'received the 'following report of the rainfall in the East Kimberley district from the 25th of December to 10th of the present month: -Wyndham, 201 points; Hall's Creek, 47 points; Turkey Creek, 159 points. Owing to the interruption on the line, daily reports were not received from this district during the above perod. The Weather.-The following tem peratures were registered yesterday at the Observatory :-3Max., 76.1deg.; mmin., 57.9deg. Writing yesterday the Government Astronomer (Mr. Cooke) said:--"Great heat has been again ex perienced throughout the interior. Yes terday Marble 'Bar recorded 120deg. To-day Nullagind reports 114deg and Onslov 117deg. Conditions are, how ever, developing which will probably bring cooler weather to the Coolgardie fields, and possibly further north. A small 'high' in the neighbourhood of Perth is wedged in between two 'lows,' one passing through the goldfields, the other off the Leeuwin. These two will probably coalesce, and bring stormy weather in the Bight and along the I south coast generally, and cooler wean I ther in southern districts, including the goldfields. The forecast for Friday is: -S.W. districts (Geraldton to Esper ance): Rather squally on S. coast (5). Elsewhere mostly fine (4). but with a few showers, principally coastal (3). Goldfields: Weather fine (4). and short ly becoming considerably cooler, especi ally in santhern pottions (4). Bread-making by Machinery.-At the invitation of Mr. H. Baker, a large number of ladies and gentlemen visited his bakehouse yesterday afternoon with the object of witnessing the official start. ng of his new machinery for making bread. Amongst those present were Sir John Forrest, the Minister for Lands (Mr. J. M. Drew, M.L.C.), the Mayor of Perth (Mr. Harry Brown, M.L.A.), Mr. J. E. Hardwick, M.L.A., Crs. Foster, Simpson, Brebber, Edg cumbe, Statham," and George, and Messrs .W. Padbury, of Guildford. and E. C. Shenton. The process of sifting and making was shown to the visitors, the electric motor controlling the ma chinery having been set going by the Mayor. The amount of flour dealt with was sufficient to make 420 loaves of bread, and the time taken in sifting and making was only nine minutes. Mr. Baker pointed out that it would take a man about an hour to prepare the same amount of flour. At the conclu sion of the opening ceremony the Mayor proposed the health of Mr. Baker, and expressed the hope that the enterprise shown by him, in being the first to in troduce bread-making' machinery into Western Australia would bring to him his due reward. Sir John Forrest, in supporting the Mayor's remarks, said that it gave him great pleasure to.see that the citizens of Perth were able to keep abreast of the times. He congratu lated Mr. Baker on his enterprise. Mr. Baker briefly replied. City Court Proceedings.-In No. 2 City Court yesterday morning. before Messrs.' A. G. Russell, W. J. Gibbs, and F. W. Collett, J's.P.. Ettie L. Thomp son was fined £1 and costs for having cruelly ill-treated a horse by driving it while suffering with a sore foot. Mr. S. B. Durston defended. For having stolen certain articles of jewellery and clothing, the property of Bertrand Reeves, Charles Johnson was sentenced to six months' imprisonment. For having committed a breach of the Fish eries Act by having in' their possession crayfish carrying ova, two fishmongers, named G. Vodanovich and D. G. Ma nolas, were fined 20s. and costs. "Brain Singh and Rallah Singh, charged with assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, were remanded for eight days, bail being allowed. Encouragement to Swimming.-In or der to encourage the art of swimming as regards its possibilities in life-saving, where something more than speed over short distances is needed, a number of gentlemen at Fremantle have decided to subscribe two handsome prizes to be competed for by youths of or between .the ages of 15 and 19. The distance to beo swum is nearly half 'a mile, and the course will be from the end of the small jetty to the baths. The contest, which is open to all, is to take place on Satur day. January 28. The entrance-fee is fixed at is., and may be handed to Ser sgeant Hopkins, of the water polipe, or M,. Gee. John, of the Pier Hotel, Fre mantle. Burglary in a Jeweller's. 8hop.-At an early hour yesterday mornmg the plate alass window of Mr. G. Luber's :jewel fery and plated-goods shops, situated in Murray-street, was broken by means of a blacksmith's sledge-hammer. It is probable that the :burglar was disturb ed min his nefarious work. as an inspec tion of the goods in the window made by Mr. Luber revealed the fact that only a box containing gold rings, valued at about £10, was missing. The matter was reported to the Criminal Investigation Branch, an officer of which is making

inquiries. Bush Fire at Karrakatta.-Yesterday afternoon a fire broke out in the 'crub in the vicinity of the Karrakatta itifle Range, and the flames communicated themselves to the grass and timber in the Military Reserve. Owing to the cool weather experienced of late, the undergrowth is sappy; hence the fire did not spread with extraordinary rapidity. The fire burned round the powder maga zine a stone structure, in which is con tained a large quantity of ammunition, but at no time was it in any danger. However, the residence of the caretak-r was in jeopardy on one occasion, but the flames were subdued before any damage was done to it. The residents in the im mediate vicinity, as well as the police bf Claremont and Subiaco, worked hard to beat out the flames, and later on they were reinforced by Captain Lyons and two men of the Subiaco Fire Brigade and several men from Perth. Immediate ly upon his arrival Captain Lyons as sumed charge of the fire-fighting opera tions, and after hard work the flames were got under control. No very great damage was done, though a considerable area of the reserve has been denuded of vegetation. Government Immigration Proposals. -The Government will shortly appoint a Commission to deal with the immigra tion question. The Premier (Mr. Dag lish) will make an announcement on the subject before his departure for Hobart to attend the Premiers' Conference. Hot Weather at Marble Bar.-A tele gram despatched from Marble Bar on Wednesday and received in Perth yester day states:-"Terrifieally hot weather is still prevailing to-day. A fearfully hot easterly wind sent the thermometer up to 1`2deg. by a quarter to 1 p.m., but it only rose half a degree higher, the highest reading in the true shade being 120.5deg., which is a record since the Government thermometer has been here, now some three years." An interrup tion to the telegraph lines delayed the arrival of the message. Independent Order of Oddfellows. At the fortnightly meeting of the Star of the South Lodge, No. 9 of the I.O.F., held on Tuesday at Fremantle, the quarterly report and balance-sheet were presented, and showed a satisfac tory state of affairs: The Grand Mas ter attended, accompanied by Grand Lodge officers, to instal the officers for the ensuing term, they being:-N.G., Bro. G. Fischer; V.G., Bro. Gibbdis; Secretary, Bro. Hynes (re-elected); Treasurer, Bro. Murray (re-elected); SRec. Secretary Bro. .M. S. Solomon; Warden, Bro. G. Hoffman Conductor, SBro. P. Ives: Inside Guardian, Bro. J. Olsen; Right and Left Supporters to SN.G.. Bros. Dunn and Christopherson; Right and Left Supporters to Y.G., º Bros. C. Strenber and Coy. Rearet was expressed at the untimely death of f Bro. H. A. Stirling. and the Lodge de cided to go into mourning out of respect l to him: A social was held at the close, i when several toasts were honoured,

amongst them being "Success to Our Or phans' Home," the foundation-stone of which is to be laid by Lady Bedford on February 22 at Cottesloe. Musical items were rendered by Bros. P. Ives, Smith, Strenber, Murfin, and Taplin. Presentations on behalf of the members of No. 9 were made by the Grand Mas ter to P.G. Bro. J. Smith. P.G.'s jewel; and P.G. Bro Hynesa secretaryv's jewel. "Auld Lang Syne" brought to a close a most enjoyable evening. A Returning-Officer's Expenses.-At a meeting of the North Fremantle Coun cil last evening Mr. W. M. Sandiland'c. who acted as Returning-officer to the North Fremantle municipality at the last' municipal elections, submitted, through his solicitors, a detailed account of expendse incurred while acting in that capacity. The account submitted, which amounted to £3 3s 2d., incllded the following items: -Refreshments after appointnment as Returning-officer. 8s. 6d.; train fare to Perth, cab, and other expenses, 12s. 6d.; refreshments after nominations, 7s.; refreshments after declaration of poll. 12s. 6d. Some amuse ment was caused as the various items for refreshments were read out. After some discussion. Cr. Price moved that the account be paid, on condition that the items for refreshments were de leted. It was finally resolved to in form Mr. Sandilands that the Council was prepared to pay £1 Gs. lld. only, providing a receipt for solicitors' fees Kas' handed to the Council. Probates and Adininistrations.-The following list of probates has been issued by the bupreme Court :--Russell Scott, late of Kalgoorlie, clerk, to Sydney James Yea, £101 14s. 7d.; Henry lieorgo Studsor, late of Upper Swan, farmer and grazier, to Edward Cockram, £600; Lewis Evans, late of Boulder, fitter's labourer, to Thomas Morgan, £61 3s. 7d.; Harry Thompson, late of Leeder ville, gentleman, to Ann Thompson, £3,410 10s.; Michael Bryan,. late of East Frdmantle, packer, to Ellen Bryan, £7; Robert Henry Cowling, late of Trafalgar, miner, to Adolf Carl August Ruben, £595; John James Lane, late of Subiaco, commercial traveller, to John Blaney Murphy, £152 17s. 7d. The fol lowing have been granted letters of ad ministration:--Denny Lane, late of Boulder, ironturner, to Minnie Lane, £.518; Nathan Elias Knight, late of Claremont, Customs clerk, to Annie Harriet Knight, £1,467 Os. 2d. ; Frank John Barden Thompson (otherwise Frank John Barton Thompson). late of Fre mantle, engineer, to Henry William Thompson, £60; Alvyna Strickland, late. of' South Perth, married woman, to George Thomas Strickland,£79G 4s. 4d.; James Jeremiah ,O'Connor, late of East Fremantle, newsagent, to Amelia Jane O'Connor, £115; Morgan Williams, late of Kalgoorlie, miner, to Thomas Wil liams, £265 9s. 2d.; James Matthews Moulton, late of Boyadine, farmer, to Sarah Moulton, £169 10s.; W"liam Fo: ley, late of Broome, corporal of police, t. the West Australian Trustee, Exe cutor, and Agency Co., Limited, £475; Benjamin O'Sullivan, late of Bodlder, minor, to the West Australian Trus tee. Executor, and Agency Co., Limit ed, £77 16s.: Herbert Winslow Har man, late of Kaleoorlio, cycle agent, to Alfred Winslow Harman, £212 Os. 4d. Church of Christ.-The annual busi ness meeting of the Lake-street Church of Christ was held on Wednesday even ing. Mr. D. M. Wilson being in the chair. The secretary reported 46 ad ditions to the Church membership by faith and baptism, 53 by letters of trans fer, and five formerly baptised; total, 104. The losses by letter and revision of roll were 67, leaving a net increase of 37. and a present menmbership of 322. All the agencies of the Church were in a healthy condition. The resort of the treasurer (Mr. E. J. Hart) whwed tot:d receipts for the year £861. which in cluded £34 for foreign missions, £144 10s. for home missions, and £284 for the building fund. Tlip cost of enlarging the chapel, which was completed early in the year, and which had doubled the seating capacity, was £787; of this, £587 had already been paid off. All the Church income is raised by the direct giving of comunicants only. and, in view of the fact that nopew rents ore charged. no public collections taken up, and no indireem methods of raising funds. such as lbazaars or fairs, adopted, the financial statement was considered liighly sitis factory. Arrangements were made for asphalting the chapel yard, and for the election of deacons. The evangelist, Mr. Ewers. urged as a motto for 1905, "One Hundred Souls for Christ." Dredging of Princess Royal Harbour. -The dredging which had been carried on in Princess Royal Harbour during the last four years ceased last month. It was then stated by the Minister for Works that the "Banjo" scheme, which provided for a minimum depth of 33ft. at low' tide, had 'been fully completed. The charts at present issued of this har bour, however, show a ?lepth of 30ft. only. Last week Mr. C. C. Keyser, member for Albany, wrote requesting the responsible Minister to issue instruec tions for a survey of the new work, in order that fresh charts, showing the increased depths, might be issued. Dur ing the last few days Mr. Keyser inter viewed the Premier and several of the Ministers. emphasising the necessity for the immediate undertaking of this work. An assurance has now been given that the survey will be commnenced at once,

been issued. Funeral of the Late Mr. John Mews. -The funeral of the late Mr. John Charles Mews, of Fremantle, took place yesterday at the Karrakatta Cemetery. There was a large attendance of mourn ers. and the pall-bearers were the Mayor of Perth (Mr. Harry Brown), Messrs. Bull, Manning. Stirling, Randle, and Strickland. The chief mourners were-- Messrs. John and Walter Mews (sons), S. A. Mews, W. A. P. and A. Green, E. C. Mitchell, and J. Mitchell (grand sons), and J. Green, F. Lawrence, and J. E. Mitchell (sons-in-law). The late Mr. Mews was an old pioneer, having ar rived in the State in the ship Rocking ham as far back as 1829, and was a high ly-respected resident of the Port. The burial service was carried out lby the Rev. Winm. Burridge, of Wesley Church, Fremantle, and the funeral arrange ments were in the hands of Messrs. A. E. Davies and Co. This morning, at 11 o'clock, on the pre mises, "Fairlawn." 758 Hay-street west, Messrs. Eben. Allen and Co. will conduct an auction sale of valuable household fur niture and effects; also a handsome up right grand'piano ("Sostenuto"l. nearly new, which, it is stated, cost £75. The committee of management of the Home of Peace, Subiaco, desires to ac knowledge with thanks the receipt of the following donations towards providing Christmas and New Year comforts for the inmates:-Mr. Thee. Whittle, goose; Mrs. Crabbe, ham; Mr. Padbury, 12 dozen soft drinks; Miss Bolt, Jellies and biscuits; Brown and Burns. cake; Mr. G!owrey. two dozen ale.; Mrs. Nansen, two ducks; Lady Bedford, a ham and cakes;. Mrs. H. Brown, two plum puddins; Mrs. J. B. Roe, one dozen tinned fruit; Mrs. . C. Fraser, 2llb. roast beef; Mrs. Oct. Burt, fruit blanc mange; Sister Hodgins, £1; Mr. W. T. Loton, b3 3s.; Mr. Shanks, cakes; Alexandra Tea-room, two large cakes; Mrs. Trethowan, fresh fruit; M. Edmonds and Co., six bottles- wine; A Friend, eggs; Mrs. Wilson, a duck and a cake; Mrs. F. Wilkinson, cakes and scones; Friend, eggs; Mrs. Gee. Rae, cakes; Committee of Management. aftcr. noon tea; Beverley Friends, per Miss A. Close, goose and turkey. The annual meeting and installation of officers of the P.A.F.S. Oxford Lodge, No. 6,. Leederville, was held in the Masonic Hall, Cambridge-street, on Tuesday night. After the auditors' report had been received and adopted and the balance-sheet read the following officers were elected for the en suing half-year:--W.M.. Bro. E. Proud; D.M. Bro. D. Crawford; secretary, Bro. F. S. Farrall; treasurer, Bro. J. Brown; Elder, Bro. H. Bicknell; Inner Guard, Bro. A. E. Bicknell; and chaplain, Bro. F. Balding. The balance-sheet showed the finances of the Lodge to be in a satis factory condition. A vote of thanks to the Grand Secretary brought the meeting to a close. Arthur Short and Co. direct attention to their auction saio to-day at 11 o'clock. when they will sell, at the mart, 509 Hay-street, on account of Mr. Mlendela witz, a large assortment of j-ewellery, etc. Every line, they state, is to be sold without reserve.