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NEWS AND NOTES. The Eastern Mail.-The ordinary weekly mail for the Eastern States is notifid to close to-day (Thursday), at 9 a.m.,fordespatch by the IM.S. Omrah. A Building Mishap.--A portion of the scaffolding at Messrs. Foy and Gibson's premises collapsed on Tuesday, and fell on a man named John Larkin, who was standing below. He was rendered un conscious, and was taken to his home, in Newcastle-street, wherehe was attended to by Dr. Tratman. A Painful Accident.-While in the act of disp gin g some goods from a lorry .in George-street yesterday morn ing, a cabinet-maker named Alfred Moody, employed by Messrs. Foy and Gibson, met with a painful accident. He fell from the lorry to the ground with such force as to break a small bone of the left leg. The Fire Brigade ambu lance was called into requisition, and Moody was conveyed to the Perth Pub lie Hospital, where, his injury was at tended to. Dr. A. J. Saw:-Dr. A.. J.Saw, of'St. George's-terrace, who has just returned from a prolonged visit to the old coun try, announces that-he.has resumed prac tice. Fremantle Tramway Board.-The weekly meeting of the Fremantle Tram way Board was held last evening, there being present Messrs. R. J. Lynn (in the chair), E. Solomon, C. S. Nathan, and H. Bennett. The, secretary reported having written to the attorney for the owners of the land adjoining the car barn site, in High-street, string that the Board had decidedto take over the land required to complete thesite at.l,960, that amount being the compensation agreed upon. Messrs. Noyes Bros. wrote stating that they were proceeding with the prepara tion of the plans for the car-barn build ing. A, letter was received from the Fremantle Trades Hall Association ask ing whether the car-barn, and other buildings were to be-erected by day lab our or by contract. It was urged that local labourshould be employed as much as possible. On the motion of Mr. Nathan it was resolved that a reply should be forwarded to the effect that local labour would be engaged where-' ever practicable. Mr. Bennett moved and Mr. Nathan seconded that the engi neers should hoe requested to submit all tenders to the Board before they were accepted. East Perth Electoral League.-A re presentative meeting of members of the East Perth Electoral League was held at the Kensington Hotel last evening. The object of the meeting was to discuss what action was desurable in the uinte= rests of the League, in view 6f the divid ed opinion on the recent East Perth municipal election. It was resolved that no member was guilty of disloyalty to the League, owing to the fact that no positive proof could be given that a candidate, the direct choice of the Lab our Party, was in the field. A commit toe wis appointed to consider the ad visableness of the League becoming a branch of the National Political Lea gue. Alleged Theft.-A man named Thos. Callaghan was arrested last night by Plainclothes-constable O'Reilly on charge of having stolen as an agent, the sun of £2. Druids and the Eureka Stockade Ce lebration.-At a meeting of the Pros perity (Subiaco) Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids held at the Victoria Hotel last Tuesday evening, it was re solved that tl'e lodge should take part in the procession in connection with the Eureka Stockade celebration. Homo of Peace, Subiace.-A meeting of the general conmmitteo was held on Tuesday afternoon. There were pre sent.:--The Right Rev. Bishop Riley (in the chair), Lady Bedford, Mesdamies Kingmiill, Bird, Fraser, Oct .Burt. Lo ton. Lefroy,. E. Shonton, Nanson, Brown, Trethowan, Wilkinson. and Stubbs, the Misses Moaro and Lefroy, the Rev. A. S. Wilson, Dr. Wilkinson, Messru. Armstrong, Stubbs, F. C. Faulk ner, hon. treasurer, and the Rev. D. I. Freedman, hon. sec. Apologies were received from Mrs. Castiean. the Rev. T. Bird. Canon Lefroy, Sir Edward Wit tenoom, and Major Hobbs. The report for the period since last meeting showed that five applications for admission had been granted, that two deaths had occurred, and that there were 25 pa tients in the Home at present-nine women and sixteen men. Miss Moore was thanked for a cheque for £10 which she handed as the Home's portion of the result of her sale of work. On the mnotion of Mr. Armstrong, seconded by Mr. Stubbs. it was decided to fence the whole of the land. The University of Adelaide.-A meet ing of the committee of the West Aus tralian Centre will be held at the office of the Inspector-General of Education on Friday next, at half-past 3 p.m. The object of the meeting is to consider what terms can be offered to a lecturer from England next winter, and any. other bu sinc~ s that may be brought up. Garden and Strawberry Fet.-The annual garden and strawberry fete in connection with the Claremont Metho dist Church was held on Tuesday even ing last.,. at "Minderup," Claremont? Ave nue. and proved a great succe-s. The

snacious nwlau, which was again kindly lent for the occasion by Mr. T. H. Cooper, was well filled. All arrange ments ware in the liands of the Ladies' Guild of the church, the office-bearers being Mrs. A. S. J. Fry. president.: Mrs. J. A. Miles, secretary; Miss Whatty, treasurer: with Me.-damcs Cooper. Craw ford. Allanson, Landridge, Newman, O'Grady, Sage, Sara, Trenoiveth, Ware and Webb as the committee. Punc tually at S o'clock the Rev. A. S. J. Fry, in a neat little speech called upon Mr. H. M. Saunderd, :Mayor of Clare mont. to declare the fete open. This having been done, the Mayoress was pre sented with a beautiful bouquet of car nations by Miss Rita Fry. On the mo tion of Mr. J. W. Langsford. 2I.L.C., a hearty vote of thanks was accorded the Mayor. An enjoyable musical enter tainment was provided. consisting of an instrumental ducet by Miss Blackwell and Mr. L. Preston; songs by Miss Ada Baker. Miss Wrimht, Mr. Lionel Preston, and Miss Pearl Pearson : and violin solos by Miss Holt. Mr. W. E. Bold made an efficient aacomoanist. The members of the Claremont Choral Society. muster ing strongly. repeated three of the part songs sung by them at their concert the previous week. Music was discoursed at intervals on the lawn by- the local

brass band. The grounds were bril liantly illuminated with two Kitson 7 lamps. The st~herry and cream and refeshment stalls were largely atnris ed, and the trust- funds of the church I should materially bonefr.from. the-splen- 4 did efforb put forth by the ladies' Guild. Subiaco and Leederville Water Sup ply.- t the instance of Mr. Gill, M.L.A., a return ging information re Garding the water supply of Subiaco and < L.ederville was laid on the table of I the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday by 1 the Minister far Works. The return sets forth that there are 643 water ser- m vices supplied in Loederville. The char- f goes for the supply of the water are as i follows:-£2 minimum per annum on metered proemises '£1 minimum per hndf year on three-roomed tenements; water per meter at 2s. per thousand gallons. The number of services in Subiaco is 1,424. The charges are- -Water rate of Is. in the £ an the annual value of all assessments. Water is supplied to metered premises at 2s. per thousand 1 gallons. The total revenue received 1 from -Leederville and Subiaco respec tively from January 1 to September 30, 1 1904, was: Leederville, £1,563 15s. Id.; Subiaco, £2,090 14s. 7d. The unmber of meters supplied to each municipality was: Leederrillc, 400: Subiaco, 417. Lay Pleading.-fIn the Legislative As- sembly yesterday Mr. Wallace Nelson . presented a petition containing 47 sig natures, and praying for certain amend ments in the Legal Practitioners Act, 1893, and the Local Courts Bill. Chief of these was the request that every per son should be given the right to appear and plead in any and every proceeding and matter of law and justice; or in the event of personal inability to plead for himself that by written authority he might empower an employee, relative, or other person to appear and plead for him. The petition was received and read. The Weather.- The followinshadeo temperatures were recorded at the Ob servatory yesterday:-Max., 75deg.; and min., 54deg. The Government As tronomer, Mr. W. E. Cooke, writes un der yesterday's date as follows: -"The weather still continues fine throughout the State, and very hot in the tropics.; inland, over the goldfields, higher temperatures are recorded, but in the S.W. and S. from Gernldton southwards it is cloudy and moderately cool. The barometer at the Leenwin is falling, and a change may be expected shortly. The forecast for to-morrow (Thursday) is]-Mostly fine throughout, and warm to hot inland, becoming un settled in the south-west very shortly." Funeral of the Late Mr. H. W. Har man.-The funeral of the late Mr. H. W. Harman, manager of the Canada Cycle and Motor Co., Kalgoorlie branch, took place on Tuesday morning in the Congregational portion of the Midland Junction Cemetery. 'The remains were enclosed in a massive polished jarrah casket, mounted with silver-plated han dles and plates. The cortege started from the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Miller, the Crescent, Midland Junc tion. The chief mourners were Mr. A. W. Harman (father of the deceased). Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Miller (uncle and aunt), Mr. A. F. Miller, Miss H. Miller, and the Misses M., B. and A. Hambly (cousins). Numerous wreaths were sent. The Rev. W. Touchell offi ciated at the grave. The funeral ar rangements were carried out by Mr. A. Douglas Jones, of Guildford. A Case of Suicide.-The.adjourned in quest touching. the cause of death of Norman D. Hawkesworth was held yes terday afternoon by Mr. S. Stuhbs, J.P., and a jury. Dr. Foster, of the -Perth Public Hospital, deposed that he had examined the deceased at about 2 p.m. on November 18. There was a hole in the roof of his mouth, such as might have been caused by a revolver bullet. Questioned whether he had shot hinself, the deceased nodded his head. Death ensued at about half-past 5 o'clock on the day of his admission into the hos pital. A verdict of suicide. was re turned. . Victoria Institute for the Blind.-His Excellency the Governor and Lady Bed ford have kindly promised to visit the Victoria Institute for the Blind, May lands, on Saturday, December 3, in the afternoon. The occasion will be used to throw open to public inspection the new buildings and new furnishings re cently added to the premises, and a large attendance is anticipated. South Perth CounciL- -nbsequent to the meeting of the South" Perth Muni cipal Council on Tuesday, a gathering of a pleasing nature took place. The Mayor, Mr. A. B. Wright, who is retir ing at the end of the municipal year, drew attention, in saying farewell to the councillors over whom he has presided during his term of office, to the progress of the municipality. He pointed out that a glance at the year's disbursements. showedthat the Council had spent near ly £3,000 in road construction, and he considered that this was the way to ring the suburb favourably before the publie. In the Eastern States he had heard it said that South Perth was one of the most progressive of the suburbs, and hlie trusted that the Council would see that their municipality would all ways warrant such an opinion. He enlo gised Cr. Downing for the sterling work he had effected during his period of offce as Acting Mayor. The healths of

the Miayor ani ur. Uownia~. wno is also retiring, were enthusiastically honour ed, and in responding the latter gave some advice 'to his fellow-councillors in regard to future work. The health of the Mayor-elect, Mr. S. Curtis, and the new councillor, Mr. H. M. Henning, was also honoured, the gentlemen nam ed responding suitably. Germany and a Wife's Property. - During the hearing of a case of alleged trespass in the Supreme Court yesterday the question of a married woman's abi lity to hold property was raised. It had been stated at one part of the-case that the plaintiff, who is a German, claimed certain chattels on the ground that they had been given to her by her relatives while she was in the Father land, and this ground seemed to be put forward by her counsel as a good one for conceding her claim. The Acting Chief Justice reminded the learned coun sel that at common law in the British Empire the goods of the wife belonged to the husband, and it was only in those places where the Married Woman's Pro perty Act had been passed that a differ ent law obtained. He did not see how he could direct the jury that the things the wife brought from Germany belong ed to her, and not to her husband, un less the learned counsel could show that legislation similar to the Married Wom an's Property Act was in operation in Germany. and that the fgoods were the separate property of the wife. The learn ed counsel said hle would look up the on the subject. Case Against Freomantle Harbour Trust. Commissioners.-In the Full Court yesterday, before Mr-. Justice McMillan and Mr. Justice Burnside, the hearing was continued of the appeal in the case in which the Fremantle Har hour Trust Commissioners had been pro ceeded against hr P. C. McGoough for (ldmages for personal injuries, declared to haie been received by him as the re sult of falling over a lever and rails on - the Fremantle Wharf. The case came cn for hearing at Nisi Prius. before the Acting Chief Justice and a jury, in July last. Judgment was entered for the plaintiff for £1,035 with costs. Against this judgmer't the defendant Coinmis sioners appealed. Mr. Barsden apnear ed for the appollants, and Mr. R. S. payvnes. K.C., with him 'Mr. M?axwell, for the respondent. At. the conclucion of the argunment yesterday, their Hon ours reserved their decision. Injured by Door Slamming.--Throuch the slamming of a railway carriage door by a porter at the East Fromantlo Station., Mrs. Richardson had her fin Sgers injured, and in the Supreme Court. she sued the Commissioner of Railways for £250 damages. The case came on last month before Mr. Commissioner Roon and a jury. At the close of the plain tiff's case counsel for the defendant ap plied for a nonsuit., on the g??nmod t:at the plaintiffs evidence disclosed contri - htcry nerligence on her part. THis Honour decided in favour of the apeli ration, and withdrew the case from the I jury. Judgment. was then entered for I the defendant. Against this decision

the plaintiff .yesterdAy appealed to the Full Court, .composed of 'Mr. Justice McMillan and Mr. Justiao Burnside. Mr. J. D. Moss appeared for the appel lant, and Mr. A. E. Barker, Assistant Crown Solicitor, for the. respondent. Ar gnment had not been completed when the Court adjourned to the following" day. Breaking Up the,Home.~The Acting Chief Justice, a jury, and the necessary complement of counsel were again en gaged in No. 2 Court yesterday. in what practically amounted to settling the question of the ownership of the Rosa nove Lares and Penates, including a fryingpan, mincer, saucepan, kettle,. sew ing machine, and various articles of fur niture. In effect, the plaintiff, Mrs. B. RIosanove, claimed £30 ilamages for trespass, the alleged trespasses being Hamilton Macrae, Ltd.. in the person of their managimn director, Mr. Louis Sullivan, who conducts their fiananciers' and money-lenders' business. Hamil ton Macrae, Ltd., advanced the plain tiff's husband certain moneys upon a bill of sale over certain chattels present in his friuitrer and confectioner's pre mises, and including certain effects his wdifewas bringing over from Broken HilL Later on a certain bill drawn by plain tiff's husband for £20, endorsed by two other-nprsons, was presented by a fourth -who wanted it discounted-to Hamil ton Macrae, Ltd., and that obliging com pany charged him £10 for its kindness in acceding to his desires. In August last, some time afterwards, Hamilton Macrae. Ltd., through their managing director, seized under their bill of sale, and upon a claim being made by a Mr. and Mrs. Ogelmann, under a time-pay mont agreement, in respect of the furni ture. and household effects. hostilities ensued between the time-payment poo plas and Mr. Sullivan, in which, it was alleged, the assault was delivered by the former, the result being-wounded, Mr. Sullivan. In the police court proceed ings which ensued, Mr. and Mrs. Rosa nove became witnesses for the O0el Imanns, and subsequently Hamilton Mc rae, Ltd., by the agency of Mr. Sulli van, breathing out bill of sale and satisfaction, principal and interest still being claime.d as due. had another seizure, and, it was contended, gathered to themselves cer tain goods which belonged to Mrs. Rosa move, and did not form part of the goods included under the bill of sale. Amongst other things in support of this conten tion, it was claimed that the shop was distinguished with the name of Mrs. Rosanovo as the proprietor, whereas the defendant company'switnessessaid it was the sterner member of the family whose name appeared over the shop. The Court and jury were asked to award to Mrs. iRosanove £100 for the alleged trespass; a return of the furniture-or £30, its alleg ed value; and -100 for the rotention of the furniture. The heaipg of the case occupied the whole of Tuesday and yes terday, and had not concluded when the Court adjourned to 10 a.m. to-dar. Mr. G. C. Waghorn announces that he rill hold a sale of superior household fur niture at the Exchange Auction Rooms, High-street, Fremantle, at 2 o'clock, this afternoon. The auctioneerstates that the furniture to be offered is almost new and in perfect condition. The auctioneers of Thompson's Lake (Messrs. Gardiner and Learmonth) desire attention called to the fact that only four days remain in which to inspect the pro perty. Details of arrangements are ad vertised. It will be seen that intending buyers need only ring up either of the auc tioneers' offices and seats will be secured in the conveyances daily leasing Freman tie for the estate. M?. Chas. Sommers intimates that he will sell to-day. on account of Mrs. J. Jones who is leaving for the East. at her residence, 91 Adelaide-terrace. near the Ozone Hotel, the whole of her valuable furniture and effects. .Included in the list is an upright grand piano by Ernest Raps, which, the auctioneer states, he can recommend to anyone requiring a good in. strument. The sale will commence at 11 a.m. The weekly concert in the Fremantle Sailors' Rest was given on Tuesday even ing by Miss Langdon. assisted by Misses Carey. Newson, Pascoe. Watson. Newson Brindle. Harris, Messrs. Loughlin, King. Wade. Humble, and Sands. The chair was taken hv Mr. Goode. La 3iascotte Club will bold its weekly dance in the Hibernian Hall, Murray street, Perth, to-night, dancing taking place from 8 to 11 o'clock. Messrs. B. C. Wood and Co. announce elsewhere that they will continue the sale of unredeemed pledges (on account of Mr. H. Seeligson), at the Mart, 116 William street, punctually at 2 p.m. to-day. They state that every line must be disposed of, and that the-sale is absolutely without re serve. Messrs. B. C. Wood and Co. intimate' that they will sell, on behalf of the owner, who is leaving for Enldand, an assortment of valuable household furniture, at the Mart, G16 William-street (removed for con venenneceof sale), at 11 o'clock to-day. The same firm will also offer for sale a number of pianos. comprising instruments by Ronisch, Bechstein, and other well-known. makers. The sale is announced to take, place at half-past 12 o'clock.