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NEWS AND NOTES. The Eastern Mail. -The ordinary weekly nmail for the hastern States is notified to close to-day (Thursday), at half-past ?10 a.m., for despatch per R.M.S. Ormus. The Weather.-The following shade temperatures were recorded at the Ob servatory yesterday :-Maximum, 69.6 dog. ; and minimum, 60.8d? . The Go vernment Astronomier Mr. W. E. Cooke, writes undei' yesterday's Cdate as fol low:-'The weather .throughout the State is mostly-fine; but it is in a rather unsettled condition, with scatered thunderstorms. Pressure is high over. the Great Bight, with falling gradients to the north-west coast. Present con ditions are likely to continue, and the forecast for, to-morrow (Thursday) is, therefore: Mostly fine, but weather is in a rather unsettled condition, and scattered showers or thunderstorms are to be expected." The Western Australian Year Book. The Government Statistician (Mr. M. A. C. Fraser) has adopted the New Zealand system of bringing out the Year Book in sections, instead of as in the past, wait ing until the whole of the parts were ready before issuing the publication. Under the old practice, considerable time necessarily elapsed before -all the sections could be got together, and valu able information contained in the earlier parts was thus held back until the whole volume was completed. The parts are now broughtout as advance copies, with a view to having them bound into one volume when all the necessary informa tion is obtained. The first section of the "Western Australian Year Book" for 19024 has come to hand. It is divid ed into two parts, viz., "History," and "Desciiptive." The history of the State has been brought up to the end of 1903, and the descriptive portion deals with the physical features, forest resources, climate, etc., of thb State. Attached to the Year Book is an exoellently-arrang ed and valuable map, in which the agn cultural, pastoral, mineral, and timber districts, lighthouses, stock routes, rain fall belts, and the agricultural lands at present open for selection, are clearly indicated by means of coloured sections. On the same sheet is a sketch map of England and Wales, showing the relative size of those countries and Western Aus tralia, and a separate map, showing the timber areas of the State. The whole map is the work of the drafting division of the Lands Department, which is to be congratulated on the result. Other sec tions of the Year Bodk will, it is ex pected, be available very shortly. Liquor Reform.-The Associated Churches of Christ Temperance commit tee held a meeting in the Albert Hall, North Fremantle, on Tuesday evening. Addresses were given by Messrs. D. A. Ewers and H. J. Banks to an attentive audience on the best means of liquor re form, and, at the close of the meeting. the following resolution was carricd unanimously:- "That, in the opinion of this meeting, the time has come when: the control of the drink traffic stwuld be put in the hands of the eluetors of each district, giving them the di ect veto on New Zealand lines; and. fur ther, that thls meeting is opposed to State management." Doctor and Lodge Patient.-The fur ther hearing of' the case of Dr. Badock v. J. Baird, claim for £2 10s., for ser vices rendered, occupied the attention fo Mr. R. Fairbairn, R.M. at ttne Fre mantle Local Court yesterday morning. The claim was for medical attendance, which the plaintiff held was outside of his ordinary lodge practice, and the doc tor was subjected to a prolonged cross examination by Mr. J. D. Moss, who appeared for the defendant. The case had not been concluded when the Court adjourned. Subiaco Mayoralty.-A well-attended meeting of the supporters of Mr. Austin Bastow, one of the candidates for the Mayoralty of Subiaco was held at the King's Hall on Tuesday evening. A committee was formed, with power to add to its number, with the object of furthering Mr. Bastow's candidature. Sons and Daughters of Temperance. The quarterly meeting of the Good Samaritan Division, No. 1, was held at the Temperance Hall. Fremantle on Tuesday evening last. Bro. d. E. Palmer proposed-"That this meeting heartily supports the suggestion of the

Commissioner'of Porlee, in his annual report, in recommending the closing of hotels at 10 o'clock." Bro. T. J. Wl liamson seconded the motion, which was supported by Bro. G. Hayman, and carried unanimously. Kelmscott-Armadale Parish--Bishop Riley will lay the foundation-stone of the ArmadaleChurch on Saturday afternoon, October 1, at 4 o'clock. At 5.30 a public tea will be held in the Armadale Insti tute, followed by a conversazione.from7 to 9. The Bishop will speak. Timber Merchantd Employees.--A meeting of the Metropolitan Timber Merchants Employees' Union was held at the Fremantle Trades Hall on Tues day night. It was resolved that all meetings in future should be held at the Trades Hall. The case of an alleged breach of award by the employers was mentioned, and it was pointed out that the matter had been amicably settled. .Condemned Premises at Fromantle, The requirements of the Central Board of Health, in connection with premises at Fremantle which were condemned during the recent outbreak of plague, having been carried out, the Board, at a meeting yesterday afternoon, Becided that the places in question were fit for re occupation. The Hailstorm at Mounmt Barker-It appears that the hailstorm which passed over Mount Barker and other portions of the Great Southern district on Tues day afternoon, did considerable damage to the railway line between Mount Barker and Kendenup. A washaway occurred between the two places men tioned and the mail trains, both from ierth and Albany, were delayed for several hours, while a gang of per manent way men repaired the damage. The mail train which left Albany at 7 o'clock yesterday morning, was delayed for about four hours. It was expected to reach Perth at about.5,o'clock . this morning. Returned Soldiers' Rei-ion,-It han been decided to hold the niext remunion of returned South African soldiers on December' 2L lhis date a has been fixed in deference to the wishes of the returned officers and. men residing on the goldfields and in the country die tricts, many of whom[ will be visiting, Perth about Christmas time. The re ,union will take the form of a smoke social. The movement has the support of Lieutenant-Colonel. MoWilliams, P.M.O., .and many other officers who saw active service in South Africa. A meeting will be. held at the Criterion Hotel cn Wednesday evening next, when a permanent committee, consist ing of a representative from each of the various cops, will be appointed. The Agent-General,--The appoint ment of Mr. Walter James asAge Ge neral and Conifmercial Agent for the State was confirmed at yesterday's. meet, ing of the Executive" Council.. The ap pointment will be duly azetted to morrow, and Mr. James will then imme diately resign his seat in the Legislative Assembly as the member for East Perth. Mr. James will leave' for London next Monday week. Laad Revenue.--The following return shows the land revenue for the month ended: September 25, the figures in pa rentheses representing the return .for the corresponding'period of 1903:- Sales £1,628 (£2,629 19s. 3d); rents, £36,149 lis. Sd. (£31,553 12as. 4d.); tVm ber rents £6,977 10s. (£8443 2s.); tim. her, licences, £334 6s. 2d. ; fees, £840 11s. 5d. (£1 010:8s. 5d.);, other sources, £86 9s.. 8d. (£5 5s. 9d.). Totals, £46,013 19s. (£43,702 7s. 9d.)." Thenet increase for the year is 5* per cent. Fremantle Electoral Rolls. - One of the delegates at the fortnightly meeting of the Fremantle Trades Hall Associa tion last' evening, stated that he had received a notice to attend at the Revision Court to show cause-why his name should not be struck off the elec toral roll for South Frimantle on the ground that he did not now reside in the district. As a matter of fact he was still a resident of South Fremantle, and had not changed his address for four years. Anoth6r delegate cited the in stance of a man who had received a si milar notice, though he had lived in one house for seven years. It was decided, on the motion of Mr. Edgar, seconded by Mr. Counsell, that the Association should protest against the action of the Electoral Register in objecting to the names of electors being on the roll who had not changed their address. The chairman stated that persons who had been objected'to could, by.sending word to the Electoral Registrar, stating their claims, avoid the necessity of attending .the Court. House. of Mercy Annual. Fair.-The committee of the House of Mercy regret that the attendance at the annual fair, held in the Town Hall, was not so large yesterday as on previous occasions. They feel sure that all friends of the institu tion will be sorry to hear this, and that they would do their utmost to secure a much larger a1tendanoo this afternoon and this evening. The Tailoring Trade.-At the fort nightly meeting of the Fremantle Trades Hall Association last evening, the de legate from the Tailors and Tailoresses' Asssociation reported that since the different unions had passed resolutions calling uponi their members to patronise those firms which employed union hands only, 10 non-unionists had joined the Association. It was hoped that b?efore

AunWg, u Uy wu JJu a.d.U artmy uuy i the town with them. Further than that, the masters were helping the As sociation financially. The members de sired to return their thanks to the va rious unions for their support, and to the Press for the publication of the re solutions. I Fremantle Caledonian Society.--The annual ball of the Fremantle Caledonian Society will be held at .the Fremantle 1 Town Hall to-morrow night. Special arrangements have been made by the Society this year, to insure a successful gathering, and as a large number of citizens have intimated their intention r of being present, a highly enjoyable evening is anticipated. The Society have engaged a special band. A small charge will be made for admission to the gallery. The New Fremantle Theatre.-Tues day's and last night's performances at the new King's Theatre, Fremantle, 3 proved that the new building has much 1 to recommend it on the score of com fort and, convenience. At the conclu sion of Tuesday's performance, a large number of ladies and gentlemen gather ed at the Freemasons' Hotel, at the in vitation of Mr. Bpnyard, and a number of congratulatory speeches were made. The enterprise of Mr. James Gallop was warmlycommerided, and for the theatre a bright future was predicted. To-morrow, Messrs. James Gallop, Ju lius Knight, John Gunn, and R. Stew art will be entertained at the Mayor's l Parlour, Fremantle, by the Mayor, Mr. F Frank Cadd. A Mining Case Stated.--In No. 3 Court yesterday, before Mr. Justice McMillan, the case of Thos. Sampey v. SRobert Richard Howie and Otto Kleintz was heard. Mr. Fora ter, who appeared for the plain tiff, said this was a special case, stated by the Warden of the East Murchison Goldfield. The particulars were that -Howie and Kleints were the holders of an alluvial reward claim, and applied for a lease of a larger area, including Sthe claim. The plaintiff had applied for forfeiture, on the ground that the claim was not worked on February 22, 23, 24, and 25, of this year. The Warden found that no work had been done on the days mentioned, but that Howie had been in attendance at a Court of Justice on the last three days, and had, therefore, fulfilled the labour conditions. He also found that, on February 22 no work had been done at all.- The War den asked whether the claim was urged in the application for the larger lease, and whether, in the event of his finding that the ground was liable to forfeiture, he had any discretion in the matter, under Mining Regulation 106. His Honour reserved his decision. Death of an Old Resident.-The death is recorded of an old resident, in the person of Mrs. SarAh Ledger, wife of Mr. David Sowden Ledger, and mother of Messrs. J. and E. Ledger engineers, of this city. The deceased

arrived hes som 22 years ago, and during her residence in this State, she made many friends, more especially through her kindly sympathy witlh those who were sick or in distress. She. leaves a family of six daughters and two sons, also a largo number of grand children, to mourn their loss: The funeral took place yesterday, and the cortege, which was a long one, proceed ed from the deceased's late residence, Burley, 354 Lord-street, Perth, to the Church of England Cemetery, Karra{ katta, where the remains, which weroe enclosed in a massive polished jarras casket, with steel bronze mountings,, were interred. The Rev. F. H Petrie officiated at the graveside. The pall, hearers were Messrs. W. T. Russell E. Bailey, A.. ood4, J. Telford; G. B, Pickett, and S. Joyce. The chief mourners were:-Mr. D. S. Ledger' husband of the deceased; Messrs. J. and E. Lodger, sons; Mr. T. V. Jor.? don, brotherh Messrs. L. Childs G. Slawson, C.Hyde, and C. Mu?rson, sons-in-law; Messrs. WI!iam, Joeph: Edson, and George Banks, grandsonsa; . and Mr. J. Butler. Numerous wreath and floral tributes were sent. Tw. funeral'.arrangements were carried outL by Messrs. Bowrs and O'Dea. Tonight, in the Cottesloe Conga.,? tional Church, the Rev. G. Hirring will lecture on the "Old and New Far East." Seventy lantern views, many oaf them war pictures, will illustrate the leo. tire. A competitive general division er nation for the positions of telephone a tendant (male and female) and telegra messenger in the Postmaster-enera' Department in this State will be held a? Perth, Albany. Bunbury, Geraldton, Kai goorlie and Northam, on Friday, Januarp 13 next, for which applications will be received up'to November 5. Full parti,. culars are advertised. Messrs. B. C. Wood and Co. announc .elsewhere that they will sell, at thei'. mart, 116 William-street, a' large' assorbl ment of household requisitesand sundriea?.. at 11 a.m. to-day. Mr. Chas. Sommers announces that he will sell by auction today, at 3 o'olDoc on the premises, 25 Chatsworth-.rad,! Highgate Hill (close to Beaufort?treeý tram), a brick and stone villa residence._ The auctioneer states that the propert has a frontage of 99ft, with aplendi4d lawns and gardens. The West Australian Trustee, Rx , tor and Agency Co., Ltd., announce th sale by public auction at an early. dated?b the Moimt Fisher Station, situate near Roebourne, and belonging to the late Mr· Jas. Fisher. They state that the etoc?' includes, in addition to between three ands four thousand sheep, a large number o0 cattle and horses. A meeting of North Ward rspy will be held to-morrow (Friday) even aini " at the Brisbane Hotel, when a requisitIo - will be presented to Mr. JamesGsorge? asking him to seek election as a co mciý l for the ward. The fourth term of the I5dland Junl fion Technical School will commence on Tuesday evening, October 4. The clases in mechanical drawirig and machine de sign, practical plane and solid geometry and elementary mathematics will be held as usual on Tuesday and Thursday even rugs, and other classes will be started ' the occasion warrants. Further informa tion can be obtained from the instructors in charge on the evenings named, or by personal application or letter to the see cretary, Perth Technical School, StZ George's-terrace, Perth (telephone 87S& Perth.) Further particulars are adven. tised. The weekly concert in the Frmatl Sailors' Rest' was given on Tuesday even ing by Mrs. Burnett., The following lad-i ieeandgentlemen assisted: Mesdames aDir. ham and Burnett; Misses Little, Elliot? (two), Johnson, Manning, Skewes, Mebss. Grieve and Dawes. The chair was takeni by Mr. W. Good. The medical superintendent of the Pro mantle Asylum acknowledges with thanks the receipt of a parcel of reading matter from Miss Byers, of Mountstreet. Perth, Under the auspices' of the Fremantlq Lodge of the Theosophical Society, a 1?. ture will be given this evening n thue lower room of the Rechabite Hall, Parry street, at 7.45. The subject will be "Treer will and Necessity." A few of Miss Dakin's oil paintings are now being exhibited in the windowi do Messrs. Dobbie and Co.. of Hay-street,. and are worthy of inspection by lovers o1 Art. Amongst them is a painting of Pora CampbelL near the scene of the wreck bo the Loch Aid. The Loch Ard, a passen4 gen ship from England with 180 paseeuý gers, besides the crew, was lost in a gal in the middle of the night, striking on the Pinnacle rocks outside'the port. and became a total wreck. All hands were lost, with the exception of a young sea man (Tom Pearce) and a young l ady' (Miss Carmichael). who floated on spas during the night and drifted into Port Campbell Harbour in the early morning.. This picture was the ninth prize' of Miss Dakin's Art union, and fdll to the lot of His Excellency Sir Frederick Bedford. The fourth term of the Perth Technical, School will open on Monday, October . Classes will be held as usual in the che4 mical and physical laboratories, art school, also in blacksmithing, fitting and turning, carpentry, engine-driving, photo.' graphy, etc. No admission this year ex cept to students well advanced in their respective subjectas. Further particulars are advertised. On Friday last a musical entertain. ment was given at the Women's Home. Murray-street. by Mrs. J. Miller, who 'alsd entertained the inmates with refresh' nuents. Songs were rendered by the Misse? Sadie and Esther Harris. Laura Sommers,, Bonnet and ML. Franklin. Messrs. Brobkg and Cusworth. Recitations were given lib Misses D. Franklin and C. Bressler. Many dolin edlos by Miss R. Millard; pianofogrte solos by Mr. R. T. Miller and a piano forth, duet by Miss.L. Millard and .T. S Miller. Miss Sadie Harris and Mr. J. S Miller played the accompaniments. Th old folks seemed thoroughly to enjoy thd entertainment.