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Sesson 1892,the most successful in the annals of the South Australian Lacrosse Association, has ended. It should prove Interesting to give some particulars of the clubs and of the players who have most assisted

in inakug the past season so successful. Thelroquois dob first came into the field In IS9I and sained jear, the club'has gained the premiership, oi the iten who have done most to place the "squaws" in their ■■! tih'it% position D. Fowler, their captain, stands first, his play having beat always consistent; his long throws and neat dodging have done much to defeat the forward players ot the opponent dobs. As ywp^n Us command over hifl men "*"t done muoh in helping the team to victory. S. o. Smith, by bia good throwingZand splendid rurning from the back lines, plaoes hfinsUf as one of tie most serviceable men in the team. H. E. Hll Is certainly the beat goalkeeper in Conth Australia, and perhaps ranks above any goalkeepura in Australia, it is therefore needless to [say .what> large share he had in the victories Eccred by bis dub this year. E. S. Hill, as borne, hu ako done good work. His throwing, catching, dojging, and checking are very good. A. H. Hill, forward, is a most nri?flfl?h player, and Us play throughout the eeason has been good, and although he ha« not thrown as many goals as his brother, B. 1. Hill, his play has been quite as service able to his club. E. 8. Keckwick. centre, has proved very serviceable, and Us speed is such that he been able to outran many of his opponents. B. Lord, B. B. Scott, Holmes, and Orr hare also pnt in useful work. The latter player fox a first yeas man has done very nelL The chief goal-throwers of the team are:—B. J. Bin, 18; &D. Smith, 9; 0. Holmts.9; H. M. Orr, 9; and A. B. HOI, 6. The University Club started lacrosse in 18S9, but did not, like the Ircquais, aesame a prominent posi tion in their first year, bat in the two succeeding years they gained the premitrahip, and in this, the tfcird year, nearly achieved the same distinction. This dnb contains perhaps the best ill-round team of rlayers, and consequently many people expected the students to again come out on top. lo Valentine belongs the pride of place in this team, and as a im*mni it would be hard to find a better; he is fast, and his we of the crosse is very clever. Dr. Michie has played well, but in some matches did cot stem at his best, although as an all-round player he is one of South Australia's foremost men. J. E. H. Winnan, too, has put in some splendid work, his throwing and catching being very good, while as a goalkeeper he tanks next to H. E. SOI. Winnallis the captain, and in his m«M£pmwi|: of the team has shown very good Judgment. J. G. Cavenagh-Malnwarlng, the home ot the •Vareitiep, has played w*D throughout, his dodging, throwing for goal, and catching, rank this player as one of our best forward men. J. J. gangster, t^r*™"". has been a very sure plaj er, being fast, and throwing, dodging, and catoh inefgocd, and has done much for his dub during the pan season. Dr. Powell, centre, is a sure player and neatly always puts in good work. Unfortunately he broke his arm in one of the earlier matohte of the year, and thus his dub was handicapped considerably for the greater part of the season. Of the new men Bnasen, atanatian, and Chappie have played well. Itonle and Bayley, forward and back respectively, have also been serviceable on many occasions* The Hortb Adelaide Glnbhu gained, third position on the list by jranmlant, practice and training, and the team has much Unproved on its form ot last jear« F.C. Oonueh, the captain, plays point, he throw? and catches well and has put in useful work right through the season. D. Hay payed in several positions and has always been useful in this season's matches. Bis throwing, ryt!*1"!:, and dodging have been good, and alto gether he has shown himself to be one of the best in the team. G. O'HalloraD, baok, dodges and throws well and always Stioks to his man. A. E. Ebbs, whether playing centre-back or forward, always works well, while he is gifted with plenty of wind, and his throwing tor goal! catching; and dodging have been excellent. F. ?""""i centre, though a new player, has done very well this season, but is not yet an ader. tat using hiscrosse. Joyner, goalkeeper, defends his goal well; his raining and throwing are also good. E. Gearing, a new payer. played back during the season and gave promise of devriopingintga One player when he has gained more experience. Of the others O. Lord, gotmringham, and Parsons have played well throughout. The Knlgbtsbridge dub first started theg-mein 1807, and though the team has performed brilliant feats at tots it has not yet gained that, much -canted honor, the premiership. This year the prospects looked bright and supporters of this dub expsoted that their representatives would gain the premiership. In 1888, the tint year of the association, this dob was last on the lint, in 1889 third, 1690 last, 1691 third, and this jear fourth. W. G. AuM, the captain, is one of the best baok men in South Australia, and for his team he plays point. He excels in throwing, patching, and picking op, and at times dodges well. In every matoh played by the team this year he baa done the lion* share of the woilc H. S. Adamson, goalkeeper, is very clever at de fending his goal with his crosse, but he does not ass bis body and hands enough. In this one or tiro goal keepers beat him. but with the crosse, I think, he excels other goalkeepers. He throws and catches better than any????? v the t^ft™ A. W. England, centre, dodges very well; hit run ning is also good, and he hat played well throagboot Ult «-a« v. C. B. Crffcins. poi't, throws at goal very smartly Bia dod}ii{?, luonu-g v.d caching ate good Durii £ tee *eafor? be *£8 thrown 11 ko&1«, a, dna? bencf giratetrvice t>h*team. A. £. Ksdtbiuru, fotwaid, is f«at. Mirowi weil at ecal. "«• h«« tbinw" « «oti« noting the season, and has eeMom frtn found wanting. A. H. Clark, has played both forward and baok during the mason, and has been of great eerrfot to

Stae dab. EOr Jong u.rowine is-verj" good, wnile m goal-throwing, too, ha has been eucoeaeral. 12 or the 48 goals thrown by the dub coming from his crosse. B. F. Auld, forward, dodges and runs very wen, but has not been verysucoeeefrd at goal-throwing, enly 8 goals oom'og from his crosM. Bis services to the dub this year have been valuable, hii play being frequently very brilliant. H. E- Hodge played iv only a few matches, but in these showed his worth. He is a very cool player, dodees and catches well, and throws very quickly: his position is toft or right defence. Of the others E E. Cleland has not done bo wen as in past yean, but nas at times very brilliant. He is a good thrower, and catches wen. P. Wilson and P. yon Bertoucb, back men, hare not kept up their reputations of past years, though at tunes these players did well. The Adelaide dub, the oldest team in South Aus tralia, has not yet succeeded lin gaining top place, though three times (in "88, •8?. and'9o) has this dub occupied second position on the list but this year the dub is fifth. This team at times has given as fine exhibitions of the game as oould be seen in Adelaide, bnt this eeason the play of the veterans hat been ot a very "in and out"nature. A. Wilkinson, the captain, is one of the oldest and best lacrosse players in Adelaide, h's position bsing generally at one ot the homes, where bis dodging, throwing, catching, and checking have been of infi nite service to his team. Sometimes he plays back, and here, too, his play Is of equal benefit to the team. During the eeason be has played better than any other man tor the Adelaides. S. A. Davenpoit, another eld p'-ayer, is always to be found at point, and his long throwing has relieved time after time when the dub has teen hardest pressed. At point it would be hard indeed to find a better man than S. A. Davenport. P. Heath, defence player, is veiy fast, and nearly always puts in Rood work. During the season he has proved himself one of the most reliable men in the team. A. C Thomas and T. Eel), back men, have at an times worked fcart, but are not such adepts at the game as the mtti above mentioned. W. Stow, goalkeeper, is a new man thU yeir, but he has played wen. B. Evans, a home player is an adept at tuing his crosse; his shooting for goat, catching, pasm?, and checking being very good. Throughout the Eeason he has done well for the *h?umwi having thrown 11 goals for bis team. C. DeMole, home, has dene verr well this seuon, and with Evans and Wilkinson has done most of the goal-throwing for his team. J. Stront and C. Bose are both new men. The former has done very we? during the year, and Bose also has worked hard. C Bisohbeith and F. Everett are not new men, though the former has been away fr. m Adelaide and until this season had not played for somo time. When he has appeared he has played well. Everett is very fast, but is not an adept with the crosse. The Beathpool Club, as our readers know, is a new dub, «"H mjeL of tjhw mmii composug the* team had never hmHi«H a crosse before tins season, bat next year this dub MfrTTiV* be higher on Hie list. J. A. Henderson, |foffflicg > >?*« done a lot of hard work during the season. IBs throning, catching, and dodging are very good, and next year if he can be spartd from the defence he should be heard ot as aa attack, hecanse he is a very eood thrower for goal. A. C. Knox, defence, has also done a great amount of work this year. His throwing is good, and as % de fence player he should shine next year. B. H. Haycraft, point, is the longest thrower in the team, his play throughout Hie year has been v-,ry good, and like Knox he should next year be a ye y strong defence player. Harerave has dose well as a forward player, and has given promies of developing into a Siat-class player. He runs and dodges well. Newland, forward, has thrown three coals during the seasoo, and his general play has been good. Encwies, defence, Is very tasi-, and nest year will prove a stnng player for his team. Dalnood, point, is the captain ot the team. He has thrown B goals during the season, but he does not play with enough dssh. Tte following is the final eta<? of the acoring-ust :■—

roquoia _ Caraty _ irfgbte u idelaidfs _ feathixxrfa _


11 11 10 10 10 10


8 7 6 4 4


1 1 1 I

2 8 S e 6 10


17 Ifi 13 0 8

67 IB SO 18 41 21 48 31 32 37 7 UO 235 'J35