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A search has been made during the last two days for Mr. Frederick Caterer, the well-known and popular principal of the Glenelg Grammar School, who has been missing from his home in

New Thebarton since Monday morning. So far, however, the efforts that have been made by the police and the friends of the missing gentleman have met with little success. Mr. Caterer left home on Monday morning and proceeded to the Victoria-square railway station, catching the 8.55 train to Glenelg. After alighting from the train at Miller's Corner he bade the enginedriver "Good morning" and made a remark with reference to the weather. This was at a quarter past 9 o'clock, and he was then seen to proceed along Rodolph-terrace in the direction of the school. He, however, did not put in an appearance there, and must consequently have walked straight on to the Military-road and then on to the Military bridge, where he was seen at about 9.30 a.m. by Mr. J. Yeates, a fisherman, with whom he exchanged greetings. It was reported to the local police that Mr. Caterer was seen in Augusta street, Glenelg, at between 2 and 2.30 on Monday afternoon, but some doubt was cast upon the statement. It has, however, been corroborated, so that the mystery is further complicated. It is also understood that Mr. Caterer was seen on Monday afternoon near Henley Beach and in the evening at Woodville. Four mounted-constables, two foot police, and two blacktrackers, under Corporal   Allchurch, have been diligently searching for any traces of the missing gentleman, but up to Wednesday night had been   unsuccessful in their efforts to discover his whereabouts. The quantity of rain which fell on Monday and in the evening injured the chances of the blacktrackers picking up the trail. The sandhills in the direction of Henley Beach and likewise those towards Brighton have been well scoured. On   Wednesday morning the two trackers started from the Military-bridge, the spot on which Mr. Caterer was last spoken to, and followed a trail which led towards Woodville and thence on to the Semaphore, the traces being lost near the Convalescent Home. A plain   impression of a boot was recognised by Mr. S. Caterer as that of his father, but whether it is the footstep of Mr. Caterer cannot be   positively stated. Two parties of private   individuals from Glenelg were organised, and were out all the day searching high and low, but with no success. The following description of the missing gentleman is supplied by the police :—52 years of age, 5 ft. 8 in. in height, has a sallow   complexion, a serious face, broad forehead, dark brown hair, wears a moustache and short side whiskers, has blue eyes, a medium-sized nose, and walks with one shoulder higher than the other. At the time of his disappearance he was dressed in a black frock coat and vest with dark trousers, a thick brown overcoat with a cape, black, hard square-crowned hat, and is also wearing a pair new boots with broad toes.