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THE HON. E.J. STEVENS, Who has retired from the Legislative Council of Queensland after a quarter of a century's membership, and who for many years previous to his nomina-<*> tion to the Upper House was promin-<*> ent in the political life of the State as a member of the Legislative Assembly.

MASK.hI) BY XATURK.—A H-IDDKX RECORD REVEALED. Forty-nine years ago a surveyor's reference mark was cut on the side of a tree on the shore of Lake Doonella, in the Tewantin . district. Later the mark disappeared, to be located again in August of tin's year, hidden beneath a mask—not bark, as usual, but of solid wood. T,he mask was carefully cut away, in the form of a shield, revealing the original inscription unimpaired, ibut the wood in growing over the marks had moulded itself into them .'is sharply as if cast m metal. The photograph on the left represents the outer side of the shield, that on the right the inner side, bearing a faithful production ot the original survey marks-in reverse, of course. On page 36 Mr. Surveyor A/bbott, who located the marks this year, furnish*.-, some inter e*tin<j details of this example of natural obscuration.

A VETERAN OAR&MAX. William Ueach, who won the sculling championship of the world in 1884, and between then and 1887, when iie retired, successfully defended his title no fewer than seven times. Mr. Beach, who, celebrated his 70th birthday this month, ■was a visitor to Brisbane for the scul ling carnival, at which he acted as umpire. Regent Studio photo.

, . 'NIK lIKAKT OF PARIS-AX AKHIAL VIKW OF I/ILK I)K LA ClTlk. hn?t hn 1 1 l"?. un ">"e J,??'*'t.?^raph. taken recently ,or - 1/Illustration" by the r..n.,,a?ni.. Aerie...... Francais. shows , ,„• „f the most inter.^tin- portions ,>f tlu- Frei.eli capital \t the "how" of tl.o boat-shaped .sand ennosed withni the V l 8 the Place IM.:ml that is the imposing collection of hui'd:..^ lon.m.a tl.o I'alais d, .1,,5t:,-o in.-1nd..., the Ch •'. of St Chap'lie Next come the. Tribunal de Commerce and the iVeJd-ture of l'olue ; beyond these the extensive Hotel Dieu, or city ho.spital. with tho , M ,on space of the "Pace" ofVuc! to the riX enabling