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East Fremaatle's Attack Stroaf.

Perth failed to extend East Fremantle at any stage of the game at Fremantle Oval on Saturday, when it was beaten tnr tt: W_ James and Fordham replaced

Q. Mann (nineteenth man) an d Lyons on the East Fremantle side, while Perth's substitutes for Ransom and Brown were Lamb and Trainor. Despite the fact that several of East Fremantle's side were.only partially fit, Perth never looked as if it was likely to provide an interesting finish. East Fremantle kicked the fin five goals, and hi the second quarter it kicked four goals with no reply from Perth. It was obvious that some of Perth's players form weak links hi the club. Its centre line failed badly, and the whole side, Judging on Saturday's display, needs sharpening up hi pace to the baU, ground play, and kicking. East Fremantle's attack was its best feature, and its rock was its weakest Th* foot ball, generally, was below, league stan dard, and for this Perth was mainly at fault.' The teams were: — EAST FREMANTLE.— Backar Hi Do*. J. Munro, HeskeU. Halt-tacks: Jarvis, Fordhaia, Butcbinson. Centre*: Benbert, C. Doi*. Migro. Half-forwards: Truscott, Kingibury, DanleU. Forwards: D. Munro, G. Voig, W. James. Rock: MartieMen, Donegan, Medina (rarer). Vine* teenth man: G. Mann (replaced JfartUsm. in jured, in second quarter). PERTH.— Backs: U Walsh, Love, Lamp. Half backs: O'Callaghan, Fitzgerald, WomaU Centres: H. Davey, Puddey, Trainor. Half forwards: G. Davey, Gook, Hefhecimrton. For wards: Oliphant, Dewar, Barton. Rnckt II Janris, Robson,. Keightley (rarer). Nineteenth man: Crooks (did not play). UMPIRE.— Kneale. . ' East Fremantle quickly developed team work, and a neat goal by Kingabury paved the way for % commanding lead. In dash and ground play Perth was markedly inferior, few of its men dis playing confidence or the ability to handle the ball with certainty. Truscott was playing brilliantly on the half -for- ward flank, and Bast Fremantle had scored four goals straight before Perth opened its account with a point. Perth's centre line was doing practically nothing against the promising Seubert, C. Doig and Migro, the last-named displaying fine dash and disposing of the ball welL Kast Fremantle's «*nrnhtnntinTft was in marked contrast to Perth's disjointed football, which was mainly the result of wretched kicking. Scarcely s- Perttr player was showing the slightest form, although the whole team was physically extending itself. Towards the end of the quarter, Gook came brilliantly int» the picture with some capital high mark^ ing, which was flnishfri off by two goalC one from a magnificent kick. Others, however, missed: easy shots, and Perthfe defeat was already fairly certain at quas* ter time, when the scores were: — East Fremantle, 6.4; Perth, 2.5. Perth slipped irtill further when Pti**1! goaled against it. Its weakness hi all parts of thefield m«*lt^ *&*$ Frematwie to play and combine easuy. Perth Has ngn-H doing most of the rhtirtng. sayi only Gook, Oliphant, Hetherington sfnd Wormald were playing up to league stain dard. For East Fremantle. Troacott was playing most attractive and telling foot ball, and kicked his club's r-gMh *ad ninth goals. G. Doig's goal made .the goal tallies ten to two in East «fre mantlgs favour. Apparently easing off, East T*fpnianfitt was not perturbed', by Dewsr's sudden success (two goals), for it immediately replied with two further goals. O'Callaghan, however, added a goal for Perth before the interval, rnfking the scores:— East Fremantle, 13 J3; £ ert£ 5.6. f Too many scrimmages prevented a free flow of the game, and play was practically' confined to the goal '? wing. Cook's spectacular marking stood flut in bold relief to his team's poor disposal and lack of speed. Three goals *r O. Doig and another by Truscott kept Bast Fremantle uvan almost unassaJlablf: posi tion, from which goals by Oliphant; Dewar and Robson failed to shake it. Maintaining its superiority. East Fre mantle had increased its half-time lead by a goal at the last change, the scores being:— East Fremantle, 16.15; Perth, 8.12. ' Gook opened for Perth to dashing style, with Truscott quite his equal for East Fremantle. Two more goals were scored by East Fremantle, and,; on suf ferance, Perth scored equally f/ith its opponent for the rest of the qaurter. Gook, KeighUey, Hetherington, O'Cal laghan, and Wormald were idling * forlorn hope, and the concluding stages were lacking hi incident and were tame indeed. Final scores:— EAST FBEMANTLE . (lSSpto.) PEBTH ? 12.14 (SCptS.) Goal-kickers.— East Fremantle: G. Doig (8), Truscott (5), Daniell (4) .Kings- bury, McGlinn, D. Mnro. Perth: Gook (3), Dewar (3), O'Callaghan (2), Bob son (2), Burton,, and Oliphant. For East Fremantle, Truscott gave a fine display at half-forwand, with ex cellent ground play, tumin}g and kick ing. Kingsbury, DanielL and G. Doig lent valuable support. Among the backs, HaskeU was most prominent with strong reliefs and powerful kicking. Of the re mainder McGlinn, Donefan, and D. Munro were most prominefit. Gook was easily Perth'* best niayer. Oliphant marred otherwise, good football by poor kicking, which w»a general en the Perth side. O'Callaghan, Wormald, and Hetherington were theAbest of a poor remainder. ??; /