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SoHth Frawuide Eacomccd.

' Typically South Fremantle in the -tigerish nature of its attacks, and In the frenzied efforts to prevent the reduction of its commanding lead, a weakened

ream caused rather a surprise by defeat ing West Perth at Leederville Oval on Saturday. West Perth certainly had three leading men absent, but it fre quently looked lifeless and badly lacking in pace against the South Fremantle ? - side, which, once set into full motion, : played vigorously, determinedly, and, occasionally, systematically. But for in accurate kicking for goal. South Fre ' mantle would have won by more than 22 points; it had a marked advantage in the ruck, and was seldom beaten in the race for the ball. When the Havward brothers, W. Smith, Strong and Whita ker are again available for selection, South Fremantle will be herd to beat, . while West Perth will need to shake off its-lethargic air if it hopes to figure pro minently, in the competition again this year. The teams were: — -SOUTH FREMANTLE. — Backs: Back. E. Lawn, Hapan. Half-backs: Brown, Dodd, Caddy. Centre*': Whitmore, Mill*, Lewinirton. . Halffor V/.varda: Pead,' White. Matthews. Forwards: Rich, irdson, Poole. Roach. Rack: Alexander. Ditch mrn, J. Soil; (rover). Nineteenth man: A. ??'? Aletherell (did not play). WEST PERTH.— Backs: Forbes, Flemminjr. Tcavons. Half-backs: Tetley, P. Walsh. O'Keefe. . . Centres: Sheridan, Drew, Coward. Half-forwards: Flegg, McDiarmid, L. Walsh. Forwards: Ya tea, Tyson, Buttsworth. Sack: Fold, Harinko, Bain ildi-- (rover). Nineteenth man: Bridges (re* - placed Tyson at three-quarter time). UMPIRE.— O. Cook. At the start of play, West Perth. was far superior in high marking, and its backs had little difficulty in beating off the attacks. A marked fault (later recti fied) on the part of South Fremantle's players was the unnecessary bounce when going through, but at last the intelli gent leading of Poole, the goal-sneak, was made good use of by some of his colleagues, Doig in particular. Across the centre, where Drew was outstanding, ? West Perth, had an advantage, but it 1 found Dodd difficult to pass, and when , White began to strike form at halffor ward, South Fremantle was far more successful. At quarter-time, South Fre mantle's reward for extra pace was a lead of 4.7 to 4.1. -South Fremantle was the more vigor ous' in the second term, and its ruck men did well. Bad passes spoilt its play and* on the other hand, West Perth kicked too high to the man. In the centre, Mills was now distinguishing him self for South Fremantle, and an injury to Drew handicapped West Perth. Hasan was a great battler for South Fre mfintle, but West Perth, making good use of its scoring opportunities, kept well in the picture. White was a dashing player for South Fremantle, and Pead and Lewington were most effective, West Perth having best service from Ford, Yates, Jeavons, and Tetley. At half-time the scores were 7.14 to 7.3, in South Frpinantle's favour. , After the interval, Flemming, the goal keeper, went into a pocket, and Tetley took over the task of watching Poole. In quick time Tyson added a goal for West Perth, and it was mainly Ditchburn's sureness in the ruck and air that held South Fremantle together. Two goals were added by South Fremantle, and the side's backs guarded the forwards zea lously. Had not futile short passes been adopted, South Fremantle would have placed the issue beyond doubt there and then, but it was fortunate in still being, yards faster, and West Perth, although better served than before by Marinko, could not score at the critical stage. The bell rang with South Fremantle well in front— 12.19 to 8.4. In the last quarter, West Perth was top late into its stride, and South Fre mantle's centre line was strong. When South Fremantle was in an almost un assailable, position, West Perth improved, and Ford (goal-sneak in place of Tyson)

kicked four goals, a poster and a be hind. His efforts kept some interest in the game, which ended as follows: — SOUTH FREMANTLE .. 16.23 (119 pts.) WEST PEBTH .. .. .. 15.7 (97 pts.) . Scorers.— South Fremantle: Poole, 5.7; Matthews, 4.3; Doig, 2.4; Ditchburn, 2.2; Richardson, 2.0; Hagan, 1.1; Pead, 0.3; White, 0.2; Roach, 0.1. West Perth: Ford, 8.3; Tyson, 2.0; Buttsworth, 1.1; Flemming, Rainoldi, Drew, McDsrmid, 1.0; Yates, 0.2. South Fremantle fielded a number of serviceable players. Ditchburn's sure marking, good kicking and passing, and solid work in the ruck made him ex tremely valuable. White was an in spiration to the side at half-forward, and Back made few mistakes in defence. Poole played cleverly at full forward. Dodd was a determined half-back, and Matthews opened- up the play in attack by leading out nicely. Hagan was' a great trier, and Doig's roving was gritty arid effective. Mills played a fine game in the centre after quarter time, and Lewington was very reliable and nippy on the wing in the second half. Pead gave one of his best displays in league football. For West Perth, Ford was the best player. He was not outstanding hi the ruck, but excellent marking and kicking earned him distinction in the forward area. Jeavons, in a back pocket, was a model of consistency, and Yates roved well. Until hurt, Drew and Flemming played strongly, and Tetley worked hard in defence. Coward, on the wing, snowed dash and skill, and on the other wing Sheridan did well for about two quarters before Lewington gained the upper hand completely. Buttsworth and Rainoldi were prominent early, and O'Keeff e and McDermid occasionally did good work. ; .-