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Brilliut Ittrd Quite Effort.

In an exhilarating third quarter ;in which it «— Hnffl high-pressure tactics with football of the best standard, the Swan Districts team overwhelmed Subiaco

at Bsssmflesn on Saturday. Although against the breeze in this quarter, they kicked 35 points to Sumaco's four and had the game won at three-quarter time. It was a victory for team-work and a triumph for Chandler, Swan Districts' captain-coach, who made Judicious changes in placing* and steadied the team when it was «''»»?—* to let its seal spoil its Judgment in the early stages. The teams were: — SWAN DISTRICTS.— Backs: Zilko, ? Eacton, w.n/Uii Half-backa: Mclnnemey, Horny, Sin clair. Centra*: Krepp, Htmt, Mosey. Half forwarda: Sweet, Chandler, HaH. '. Forwards: Park. Taylor. Gorn. Sock: Arery, 'Penberthy, SveeUpple (raver). Nineteenth man: Hol-k- worth (replaced Swcetapple. split flnger, at haU BUBIACO.— Ba«ka: Btrack, L. Daily, Fiefcer. Half-backs: HcCalhna. Green, Roe. Centres: Peers, Bowe, Donovan. Half-forwards: Toll, Mills, Jennings. Forwards: Gilbert, Bancroft, Merson. Rock: & Daily, Bant, Hiableton (rarer). Kine teaath man: Switanr (replaced Bambleton, in jured shoulder, in last quarter). DMPIRB.— T. Sparrow. ,/ In the first quarter Subiaco had the help of a light breese and, having the can in the centre of the field, took: the ball into its half-forward lines many times. Swan Districts' half-backs had the better of their men for the most part and were well supported by their fun backs, but when the team took the baU forward the players' eagerness caused them to crowd their own play and SuUaco's War men relieved with straight through mftfwflg. Both teams were fast but were kicking erratically and most of the play was between the half back lines. Chiefly through ascendancy in the ah', Bowe's Influence at centre and ; better fun-forward work, Subiaco took the lead. In the last five minutes Chandler moved Krepp oh to Bowe, mak ing matters more even in mid-field. First quarter scores:— Swan Districts, 1.3; Swan Districts, having the can hi the ruck, took the ban straight down the field in the first few minutes of the second quarter and, L. Daily (Sumaco's goal-keeper) being taken out wide, Gorn ran in and goaled twice. Swan Dis tricts clapped on the pace and marked and led better, but Just when they took the upper hand they spoilt their play by rushing It. Subiaco's steadiness gave it an advantage. Then Swan Districts came again and Chandler, going forward against L. Daily, who had been a serious obstacle, scored two clever goals, putting Swan Districts in front. Subiaco re sponded with a patch of its best football, establishing a lead which Swan Districts reduced to three points at half-time, when the scores were 13 to 8.2. In th* third quarter Chandler went to centre half-back and put Murray oh the ban. Winning in the ruck and with Krepp scintillating at the centre. Swan Districts swept forward at top pace. They countered Subiaco's marking ability by keeping in front of their opponents, keeping the ban low, knocking out and Tnfphfffltogr Their n«-M«g greatly im proved, they led excellently and produced pretty chains of passes, a highlight being % transference from Chandler to Murray to Hunt to Krepp to Park which took the baU from goalmouth to goalmouth with rat Subiaco's touching it. Swan Dis tricts' forwards surprised with the man ner in which they played systematically to position. Subiaco was thrown right iff its game and, badly rattled, could lo nothing right. What opportunities it had were spoilt through muddling play ind wretched kicking. Third quarter ?cores: — Swan Districts, 12.10; Subiaco, 16 ' ' Sutilaco battled hard in the last quarter but was a beaten side and could make no headway. Swan Districts, fresher and xmfident, were content to hold then* lead Hrith steady play and the interest went mt of the game. The final . scores rare: —

SWAN DISTRICTS 16.12 (IMpts.) SUBIACO .... .. 12.9 (Slpts.) Goal-kickers. — Swan Districts: Chand ler (2), Park (2), Taylor (2), Gorn (2), Mosey, Murray, Randall, Avery, Sweet apple, Sweet, Sinclair and Holdsworth. Subiaco: Bancroft (4), Jennings (3), Mills (2), Gilbert, S. Daily and Roe. For Swan Districts, none was consist ently better than Murray. He was in valuable at half-back and hi the ruck and, besides doing well in the air, showed, for a big man, exceptional pace and sureness hi ground play. Krepp was brilliant hi the last half; Zilko shone in a back pocket; Chandler, an inspiring type, was a model of accuracy and set many a scoring move going; and Avery did well hi the ruck. Penberthy and Park also were prominent. . Of the Subiaco men, Bowe ' gave a polished display. He was the best man on the ground in the first half, but when Subiaco lapsed the worries of captaincy subdued his play. Roe was outstanding, although lapses in disposal of the ball robbed him of full effectiveness, and Mills was a third who stood out repeatedly. Bancroft, L. Daily, Gilbert and Ham bleton were the best of the others, and Peers showed promise on a wing.