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Stroif Fimsh by Sabiaco.

Revealing more dash and determination than West Perth in the last quarter. Subi aco gained a meritorious 29 point victory at Subiaco Oval vesterdav. and a. lanre

crowd was treated to a lively and, at times, clever display of foobau. West Perth began in good style, using the long kick down the centre, marking well and play Ing strongly all-round. Subiaco had been misjudging the ball in the air, kicking badly and losing in key positions but in the second quarter it improved consider ably and paved the way for what was to be a comfortable win. A dominating factor in the game was Bowe's play in the centre, where, in the first quarter, his predecessor had been beaten, while Subi aco's ruck, with Mills most prominent, inspired the whole of the team to greater effort. The match was umpired by G. Owens. Although Subiaco, urged on by the tigerish Roe, was first' to score. West Perth soon swung into fast, straight ahead play. Ford was in excellent form and N. McDiarmid, pressed into the side owing to Marlnko's unfitness, shaped sur prisingly well at half-forward. Usually safe men like the Dailys and others for Subiaco were misjudging rnaritu and the aide's kicking was poor. West Perth, on the other hand, was defending strongly and playing soundly across the centre and in the ruck. At quarter-time West Perth led with 4.3 to 1.2. With Bowe now in the centre on Bever ldge, Subiaco began the second quarter promisingly and the play became strenu ous. Fortunes fluctuated, but improved forward play, made easier by Bowe's ac curate stab-passing, enabled Subiaco to gain a lead of 7.7 to 7.4 at half-time. West Perth scored two more goals quickly and Subiaco, although it pep pered the opposing defence lines, could not make headway for a period. Mills, however, was a persistent battler and West Perth's forwards were beaten by the backs, with the result that at threequar ter time the scores were 9.13 to 9.5 in Subiaco's favour. From end to end the ball travelled in the last quarter as each side tried to get the upper hand until condition told in Subiaco's favour. The Subiaco men began to break away from their immediate op ponents and West Perth lost its sureness In the air except when Benton and CKeeffe leapt for the ball. West Perth could not check the scoring of its op ponent and the game ended as follows:— SUBIACO ? 12.19 Olpts.) WEST PEBTH .. .. 9.8 (GBpts.) Scorers.— Subiaco: Bancroft, 5.3; Mills, 2.2; S. Daily, 2.1; Merson, 2.0; McLeod, 1.1; Stehn, 0.3; Hambleton, Peers, 02; Donovan, Gilbert and Roe, 0.1. West Perth: Tyson, 4.2; McDiarmid, 2.1: Ford, 1.3; Rainoldi, 1.2; Buttsworth, 1.1. For Subiaco Bowe and Mills were out standing. Bowe made most of the open ings In the centre and MOb marked well and played strongly in the ruck and in attack. Donovan, fun of pluck, did wen on the wing and Strack, Fisher, Roe, Mc CaUum, Bancroft and the Dailys (second half mainly) were the best of the others. McLeod was promising at centrehalf forward. ? P. Walsh, at centre half-back, was prob ably the most consistent and effective West Perth player, although Flemming was very solid in a back pocket. Benton, Ford (first half particularly), Coward (on the wing), Jeavons, McDiarmid and An derson were best of the others.