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Ernil .Tannings' early life consisted of a series of struggles with small theatrical troupes, and even bigger dramatic companies, but his biggest lijrht began when he attempted to enter the screen field. Two years of battling casting directors succeed ed in getting him a small, but impor tant role. His success was immediately as sured as a result. From then on [the royal road to stardom was ac complished. "Deception," Peter the Great, "The Loves of Pharoah," and now, his most startlingly human ve hido. "The Last Laugh," have placed him in the fore rank of the screen's male stars, '•The Last Laugh" is a Master Pic ture which will soon be released. Rudolph Valentino can tell some thrilling stories of storms at sea. and many other adventures on the ix-.ean highway. After being expelled from college for an offence that could ea sily have been met by lesser punish ment, he wouldn't face his people and decided to run away to sea. The boat he pirked was an old trading schooner, piying between Italy and America. The ship, by name, the "Giovi" was blown out of its course by ti terrific storm, find when it j finally found shelter it was in the n'M't of Rio de Janiero in the South American coa^t. There he deserted bring modestly satisfied with his ad venture before the mast, and after hiding until the ship had sailed, lie started on the tedious task of work ing his way to the North—attracted !

by the many tales of fortune and fame and the cinema world. There another hard fight awaited him, but he eventually won his way to the top. His latest production, "Cobra" is a Master Picture attraction. '"If there were more pictures like that, there would be less need for censors." This is what two mem bers of the board of censors of Paaa dena informed Harold Lloyd the night he previewed his newest Mas ter Picture production, "Hot Water." "There is absolutely nothing In the picture that we can criticise," one of the censors told Mr. Lloyd. "It is good, clean fun of the highest order, and I think it is the funniest picture we ever have had the privilege of looking at." And in Pasadena they ■ai "what Might be, termed "hard boiu. " when it comes to motion pi- t ures. There was a wealth of romance in the whaling industry of New Eng land back in 18-10. On liie blunt bowed, drop drafted whaling vessels were l:red the hardy Yankee sailors who brought, the maritime triumphs of war and peace to America. Now, of court:).- those braVe times are noliiing but a memory in such towns as New Bedford once briinmi.ig over with (he bustling activities of tlie bluff New England sea people, proud jwith the task of supplying light to the entire civilised world. It is the mighty spirit of the. New England whalers that has been cap tured for the silver sheet in "The Sea Beast," a Master Picture which shows John Barrymore in his great est role. ! There was an old stage job to the

effect that the difference between John Drew and Sydney Drew was that John Drew while Sydney didn't. That was true, too, up to a certaia point in the comedian's career. Syd ney was cut off at the height of ills popularity, and his place was never fitted until a new Sydney came along The now Sydney is Charlie Chaplin's brother, and it appeared for some time that Sydney Chaplin's fate was going to be like Sydney Drew's— that is that he wouldn't draw. Uut the tide of fortune changed, and Syd. Chaplin has mfidfc severjd famous screen comedies. His latest comedy vehicle is, "Oh, What, a Nurse," aj Master Picture which bids fair to j uphold the comedian's reputation for j brilliant comedy portrayals. When Kntherino Susannah Pric hard won the 1000 pounds offered j by Ilodder and Stoughton for a prize j novel, she incidentally furnished the; screen with a vi\^d and njilistic j pictorial version of the struggles and: hardships of the early pioneers who I laid the foundations of the Australia of to-(kiy. "The Pioneers" which

in* been described by the New York Sookview'- as a truthful picture of tlfe time it depicts, has been filmed ft on-Master JHcture? in the rat- Se comry on the North Coast of to the silver sheet. Jameson Thomas was last sec liii lamli nml lived practically all Ins life on the stage. j Ho went to India and Mesopotamia; ■rlurinir the war as a gunner in (,:?> Royal' Home Artillery, and ros.- u. he rank of regimental servant ma- jor . Ho has a big voiro. hut a sma I L, HS ,ache. He was J^Z\ i-ravon drawing. He is an exroll-j ent'artist, and his riressinjr room is linod with exhibits. He lias a good voice, and appeared

as a baritono in luusi( . a , d,r the din,■:!„„ „[ GoorJ'g£?>?■ ! H. was jn.t vvlm, to 8' sav.-^a in N,, v fMint-a. lf ln ?? fc 'r,,?,,,l „„■ c ;ip t,in Frank Hu^ :

;'' • : , niills Jy^ ? b ex ,]„,.,, un i v 15.000 feet out of ? . ?" ,.,,,,^, ( : ;i . iridly of 50 ,000000 f(lp ? &1 . riliv , irsi ,y students have Vis 11 ; lillf . impost;d John fii'1, 6 ~„,„.l kpr o£ horses t ?™ Ijjrd ( ; ;i ,, lons . for havin a ,, 0 e w 2? Io 8"Ml j... 1.0 used in the "MedicX r fc ' hi: Commencement celebration! tt

ni ii who forwarded tn Wallis, by 11 colac forward made no mis -33!d from a thirty yards' shot right t3b<? „- The "Magpies" had a very in !**• ck in Coppiu (Port Fairy). strcDSJre* (Hamilton), Keppel and I? rfw (Cohden) and Taylor (P. >'orl7 a-nd it was strange to see &?\ Sn<lerful half-back in Les ?ofL .aking UP a po3itaon at McKt' Mif-forward. Time and again lCr" ?"niite ruslwd the play forward rpranS? , forthwith by an ri? ;;!) L impregnable defence line. fllnhl,l - working like a Trojan, Kt' nu ~,' ttfhiml from a free, and a Oli:r. ?r"ore bv nim allDoSt imme" *?% SrUk carried Western j!J . ■. i.,,>.ind3 into double figures. Sfid ftnnegan, and O'Xeill and : * Ji? ;Lm •Warraan^ool, : were, ,ap '^ i for mart work, O'Neill se- Plaaded W? behind for his side; ■;?Ir!nd J'?Tett cleverly stopped an 1 "• , move by XrcKenzie and cffensiu.^ bi -j eonuiig forward !l1 ;r,iiV-' arms from a nice, pass, and f(i rC^t nn fifJli ?oal from a" ; ra,' "V iiiii* Rw-lee came into the picture ■ r' :tt; l"ir - !n d Hill brilliantly in" ln.r'^:fiwna:n lucked a.,behind and p, :, P work bv Baker saw another ■ Ffl'-!o■ " 'nccley's■'forward pass reach ''"/w-ilis' for'sixth goal. Jarrett. !: ] ,nii 'Kabiirts^-pushed■■■forward ■• Ft)-IM-"nttapfc -.but Keppell.aM.Tay a!!lU-'K'.'"i j-,^ bs determinedly, but " 1(- r,;™ .mporaViiv and Turner; (Cressy> ?'l'-' r?noasible- for..seventh.:,... goal. B- -s-. amner ended the Coranga ■'''^,ir-Vad" rViitired ' their -deficit- to-41- ■nl';r"f.-'"fhp snores being:—,.,,. . Western' .Pistrict, 7 goals "13 be "Srangamite, 7-. goals 2 beMnds ,(? '^SL fcandled the leather nicely ■ 'ie',opem.ns,-oMhe -final; term, • ~ whoi it passed to Pierce (Cres l*T-<mmt result,,aud^ Wallis also ;•;,! a .xhance to score, buUhe dan ", ;„ pushed Travelling ?^Vy T ■ ■ from ■■ ■ end -•? ■■ ..end,, ,:the JJarl■'livensd up consgiclerably^and the --.-"n Mippwters were delighted v;tC'tije showinat'Of :their players, es tn'r-HH- w!??n Budse came to light t'; ' t !Wi,ffc C oat.-leavthg va-;defldf: of v,\."- "vrriinr^ ■'Passes, between Fin- V;?-i Koh^-ts sand Budge led to -,';',;.;; i4i n( i for 'tlie'1 "red-legs."-Then :iv'jr advprsariesj, took/,a,,hand,■. be- v a( ; s brin? fredstered ojiicWy pj \;' ( A\-i>7te. Honinur and Dunne. Irv vV'iKflNit better, .finding, the ?>y>?nimr fo rhis side's eighth wliflr " Terang'?" ' fast:/ - rover, T, ra ?' supr.Soniented. with .a minor n " M^niontnriiy. Cbrangamite :'! r 'Jn uhaH^'d" 'through ■■. the- ■' agency :('i\toTm~ FJKr!egan...a.iid Roberts, but : '''.;;,,; ml j 'home." R""i>?'ir''.(' .'"■H-" rn-sn!t in'?. Kenneally.: ; grot the ,;:;.: ore of dse. day—9th goal, for \\>j;:ern Disrrict. and the match ter '■-:;V-jr';' ; ;['in ;i ■TictoTy tov that team jiv" 'ia'poiius after a very friendly s pl intcresu!^ Stfme. The' final ci-rtw?''were:—' ■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■■ :; ■ ■■.': ■■:■■,■■, " Wesicni District, S. goals 17 be •ijjT^ 17! points), "'coratisraniite. S. goals; 4 -beliiads ■ (52 .pill!!.). • ■....■. ~ ~ ,_,... ■• ■..:.- , Far tlu 1 wisining 'team;: K.en,nealy r Tj^ver.''' ■MoKenzie. ■■.'' James,,., ■•Taylor, ni;> Q-xeili and Hargreaves seem ■fti"to have somewhat more to; say !h-r'\lifl'rest of the•■tea.m,,wMle, Jar ; xrt. Ficne-Kn. Rail Down. Wallis, and Ball strove bravely for W'ess.■■ 'The ■■match.: was: in. every Kit s sucoes?. and if a return game1 f.inifl "be '■ arranzed ■"at 'the ■;ehd'-.ot" the f^a'son ir would draw a very large irnwd tosether.. ' ; ■ The ;League' Umpire. Mr./ HoMen. eave a very satisfactory,account, of. :;i*T;jf-!f. find is to be congi-atulated sctordingly.' '■ " ■ ' v ■'' :"; '