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DEATH OF MR. B. V. H, KEANE, M.L.C. The death took place on Saturday morning of Mr. Edward Vivian Harvey Keane, the: recently-elected member of the Legislative Council for the East Pro vince. It appears that Mr. Keane con tracted a cold while prosecuting his can didature in the East Province. The exi gancies of an election campaign pro bably accounted for the trouble receiving slight attention. At any rate, it seems to have subsequently developed into pnoumonia, and the patient became so ill that he was removed to Miss McKim mie's private hospital, in Perth. From the outset his condition was critical. and at 5 o'clock on Saturday morning the pa. tient succumbed, the immediate cause of death having been heart failure. The name of Mr. Keane is a pronrin ent one in the historical records of Western Australia, owing to his intimate connection with a variety of enterprises which have made for the rapid develop ment of the latent resources of the State. He was born in Cheshire, England. in August, 1844, and was, therefore about 60 years of age. He took up the pro fession of a civil engineer, and in 1876 he came to Australia, first trying his luck in Melbourne. He subsequently car ried out some railway construction work in South Australia, and ultimately found his way to Western Australia. where he secured some of the largest railway, con struction contracts in the State. Among these wore the line from Guildford to York and the Midland Railway. Alto gether, Mr. Keane built some 500 miles of railway in Western Australia. He held the position of General Manager to the' Midland Railway 'Co.. and for some years was one of the foremost mea in local commercial undertakings. Latter ly he .was engaged in agricultural pur suite in the Eastern districts: Before entering upon his. successful candidature for the representation of the East Province in the Legislative Council, Mr. Keane was -not unknown in-politics in Western Australia. he having represent ed Geraldtori for four years, 1886-1890, in the old Legislative Council, and sat for Perth during the first year of Respon sible Government. He was Mayor of Perth during the municipal year'1891-2. Mr. Keane was an excellent man of busi ness and of great resource. One of his mcst distinguishing characteristics was his indomitable courage in overcoming dificulties that beset works which he had undertaken. He leaves a widow and a family of three airls and one son. The remains of Mr. Keane were unrich yesterday morning. The funeral was a private one, and the cortege left the residence of Mr. E. H. Dean Smith at half-'a~t 11 o'clock. The service at the graveside in the Karrakatta Cemetery was conducted by the Bishop of Perth (Dr. Riley). The chief monruers were Mr. Vivian Keane (son), Georgo and J. P. K!eane and Keane Bolton (nephews), Me prs. E. H. Dean Smith, F. Staffoid, J.' C. Jull, Darbyshiro. and . Iancock, and Drs. Tratman and Harvey. To the Editor. Sir,-Perhaps you will kindly allow me' to express my personal sorrow at the death of Mr. Edward Keane. He was myv first friend in this State, and always a liud nd encouraging one. When I first came to Western Australia, some ten years ago, I brought a letter of in troduction to him from his brother-in law, Sir William Howard Russell, the famous war correspondent of the ''l'imes"' in the Crimean campaign and the Indian Mutiny, who was a good friend of mine in IEngland. To knuw Dr. Russell, to give him his more. fami liar title, is to love the grand old vet eran, happily still hale and hearty, cherry and humorous as only an Irish man can he. thoueh now an octogen; and Mr. Keane possessed much the same geniality of manner and dis position, springing from the same larg heart.adness. It may, not be generally known that Mr. Keane was of the family the head of which was, for his distin guished services in India, created Lord Keane of Ghuznee.--Yours. etc., TRANT CHAMBERS. Perth, July 10.