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F?EMANTLE TRAMWAYS AND ELECTRIC LIGHTING. AGREEMENT ARRIVED AT. WITHMESSRS. NOYES BROS. DETAILS OF THE PROPOSED WORKS. Mr. Edward Noyes, of the firm of Noyes Bros., electrical engineers, ar rived by the mail steamer from the East ern States on Monday, in connection with the construction of electric trams and lighting for Fremantle and East Fremantle. Accompanied by Mr. J. M. Jolly, the local manager for the firm, Mr. Noyes had a conference yesterday with the Mayor of Fremantle (Mr. F. Cadd), the Acting Town:Clerk (Mr. S. T. McMillan), and the Town Engineer (Mr. T. B. Barrett). Speaking to a "West Australian" re porter subsequently, Mr: Noyes said that an agreement had been arrived at between himself and the Councils inter ested for the construction and equip meat of an electric lighting and tram way system for the municipalities of Fremantle and East Fremantle. In the terms of the agreement, Noyes Bros. undertook to provide both systems com pletely equipped and in operating order, within eighteen months. Mr. Noyes however, was hopeful that they would complete their contract within about a year from the present time. The limit of expenditure fixed was in the vicinity of £80,000. Most of the material would be imported from England, and as they did not propose to commence the laying down of lines until all the material was to hand, it was not unlikely that the work would not be begun for six months. As soon, however, as everything was in readiness the work would be pushed on with expedition, and, as before stated, he honed to complete the undertaking well ivithin the contract time. Con tracts would be let at once for the erec tion of the buildings required in con nection with the system. The agreement, which Mr. Noyes stated only requires signature, provides for almost seven miles of tram-line. The power-house and car-barn will be situ ated near the site of the old railway goods sheds at Arthur's Head. From this base a main trunk line will run along High-street, past the Town Hall and over the hill in the direction bf Palmyra, to Marmion-street. From the Town Hall a branch line will pass along Adelaide-street, Cantonment-road, and Canning-road, as far as Morgan-street, which is near the outer boundary of the East Fremantle municipality. The South Fremantle branch will start at Cliff street, going first northwards along Cliff-street to the railway station, thence along Phillaniore-street, turning south at Market-street, and crossing the main High-street line.' The main branch will traverse South Terrace and Mandurah road,to Douro-road. It had been in tended that a sub-branch should go from South Terrace along Hampton street, 'continuing south by way. of Hampton-road. The engineers have, however, recommended that this branch should be dispensed with, and that in lieu a line should be run from the Town Hall corner up William-street, round the Oval by way of Fairbairn and. John streets, and thence along 'Hampton road and South-street to Am herst-street. This alteration in routes has not, however, been finally determined upon. The electric lighting system will be so. arranged that the wharves on the harbour can be conveni ently included in the circuit should an agreement in that connection be mhde at any time between the corporations interested and the Harbour Trust. Referring to the business of his firm, Mr. Noyes said that the officer to super intend the work at Fremantle had not been chosen, but a competent man would be despatched at an early date. His firm had recently completed for Dunedin a system of the electric light ing and trams on the lines of that pro posed for Fremantie. In Dunedin the trams extended over a length of 23 miles, and the whole scheme cost over £200,000. ,A smaller contract for light ing and trams had also been undertaken by Noyes Bros. for the corporation of Invercargill. "We are anxious," said Mr. Noyes, in conclusion, "to establish the same good reputation ,in Western Australia that we enjoy elsewhere, and we have no doubt that this work will be carried out to the complete satisfaction of the people of Fremantle."