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ST. BRIGID'S CHURCH. THE FOUNDATION STONE LAID. ADDRESS BY BISHOP GIBNEY. An interesting ceremony was perform ed yesterday afternoon, when the Most Rev. Dr. Gibney blessed and laid the foundation stone of the new St. Brigid's Church, in West Perth. The event at- tracted considerable attontion, not only on the part of those living in the loca lity, but among the people of the Roman Catholic community in Perth generally   and others. Within the limits of the walls as yet only partially erected was a very large assemblage of both sexes, young and old. Among others to be seen were, Mr. J. L. Nanson, Minister for Pub lic Works. Mr. C. J. Moran, and Lt.-Col. Campbell. Festoons of multi-coloured bannerettes waved overhead, in token   that the occasion was one of rejoicing to those , belonging to the Church. Fortu- nately. the day, which had begun with dismal overcast sky and frequent show- ers had brightened decidedly after noon, and the ceremonials themselves were carried out in the most enjoyable wea- ther conditions. The proceedings com nwaced in the school-church. John btreet. where the Rosary was said at a quarter to 1 o'clock in the presence of a large congregation. This having been concluded, a procession was formed out side the building, consisting of the H.A.C.B. Societies of Perth. Fremantle, West Perth, and Subiaco, together with the junior branches of the same societies, and the Irish National Foresters of Perth, Freomantle, and Midland Junc tion. The procession, which was mar- shalled by Lieut.-Col. Campbell and Mr. M. O'Dea. proceeded from John street along Fitzgerald-street to the Aberdeen street entrance to the new church. The voung girls. as is customary on the occa sion of the May procession, were dressed in a hite, with veils and flowers, and car ried numerous sacred bannerettes. On reaching the church they took up seats at the side of the platform erected for the accommodation of the Bishop, the priests and the principal visitors. His Lordship the Bishop, on arriving at the new church, first made a stoppage at the spot where the altar is to stand and here prayers were said and a blessing pro- nounced. He then moved round to the Fitzgerald-street front of the sacred edi- fice, where the foundation stone was awaiting its final placing in position. The stone having been lowered into the niche prepared for it. His Lordship per- formed the rites usual on such occasions, saying the customary prayers and be bestowing his blessing upon the building to be erected upon the foundation he had formally laid. Mr. R. L. Ward, of Messrs. Ward Brothers, the contractors for the building, presented His Lordship with a silver trowel, suitably inscribed, to be retained by him as,a memento of the event. The Bishop and his attendant priests then traversed the entire length of the intended church to the platform near the altar spot, and here took his seat whilst another portion of the afternoon's doings was gone on with. The priests with him were the light Rev. Monsignor Bourke, V.G. (parish priest of St. Bri pid's, West Perth). Father Keogh, V.G.. Father Crowley (Highgate Hill). Father Verling (Subiaco), Father O'Neill (Cot tre.le), the Very Rev. Father Hunt, C.SS.R., the Rev. Father MecCallion (Glendaloch), the Very Rev. Father Cox (Superior of the Oblate Fathers,. Fre mantle). Monsignor Bourke presented the Bis hop with an address of welcome from the parishioners, which was read aloud by Lt.-Col. Campbell. The address is a handsomely-illuminated one, the orna mentation being most artistic, both-in design and in execution. Bishop Gibney, in acknowledging the presentation, said he accepted from Lt. Col. Campbell. on behalf of the parish ioners of St. Brigid's, over which his old and esteemed friend. Monsignor Bourke, presided, with honour to himself and with glory to God. the handsome address which had been prepared for him. He   was delighted with it. He thought he pre'ferred its words to its art, though. undoubtedly, the artistic work in it was worthy of being exhibited anywhere where painting was admired. He accept ed it with the greatest pleasure, and would all his life look with pride upon it. He well remembered the small cottage which had been used in the early days of the West Perth parish, and in which the school was first held. The parishioners at that time were not numer- ous. and the scholars were only 13. He, had said at the time that if anything would grow it would be a parish under the patronage of St. Brigid, and the nuns who represented her in Australia, and surely it had grown, and in a manner which was a great joy to him. He accepted all the com- plements conveyed in the address, not as catering to him personally, but to the high office which he held. He did not expect any man or woman living to pay him any personal respect, other than what he might deserve as a citizen; but he recognised that God had given him work to do in that district, and if he did not perform it he would be untrue to the trust rposd in him. As they were doubtless, aware, there was just as great a work going on in other directions, and he took equal interest in them all.

He sometimes went to Kalgoorlie, and when he did he felt his heart go out to the people there, because they were good. great-minded people. and were   don:g a nohle pork. The same applied to the people at the Boulder. He hoped to i.:e thl1n.. w church progre.Cs rat-el . aI: d a:ia it was comphleted he ,onuld give the righit rev. arch-priest a yca, grate i:: order that he might recoup him tif after lhi. faithful labours. (Alp platte.) The Very Rc-v. Pather Hunt preached ?s appropriate senmon, taking as his t. xt the words. C'on!lt. !et us build up the- wall, of Jers:lenm, and let us be no a disgrace." I-fl commenced with a relcc.-net to 1sei rapid growth of the We--t I'Pe:r par:-h. and to the satifac tory fea-t thlt a at i-t the idea of build i:,g ; church had approachedl o Mluse to i calatii 'hat the foundation stotne hot at m:illi bhr-' laid. In that way '.e part-n o:::r-, ,fi i et Perth had acted i i.u .rda, i et i with the crids of his text. II11 !.n;.' . i the :*. r iitttiur to soo the' labi ".; .:f ,'burth,?, fr" Highgate Hill - : 1-, " :" :t i~it' t.- ken, and aide to - ., r,, m,.ntia i edific-s orcre , v pol ~.!:. ite ,f t e,,t Ciathiedral. nsti, the preent Jli-;op as 1Metropoli ta. ' hie St. lrn :d', church. whe, *- ,.:*:r. . c .iu., Ib- se.ond to none in '".-:: A :-: rh:.,, aid would only bhi surpe -d ,!i tih. nI w e ;atl:edrid he Ih,, .-.! f..r %'::!- e.-, . .ted. II, pointe'd out that th. i-a". o : I': cer,-,lmny ladl been I m,.-: h1:l:pily e'i..;;. hecause in the filr t. pa"2 'u. o i, the Fea-t of :Ihe Pa'· ·-'I. a:'d. -'eanodly, becau-e it wa; in tit m ;,t'i .;1 Mary. He hoped :rthat the cto, k i", St. Brigi's parish would be abundantly ble",',d, and that it would prosper moare than ever with the atdvan tace o' it, new church. 'lIe proticesion afterwardl returnle to the -hot,!-'hurch. wh.,re the Ilenedi?t:ion of th,. 3.!:,t Holy ISacraent was pro nter.nced by his Lordship. The I:..a church i, to Ie a lirgo and is! -c,.0 '.difice. of canlo nt, concrete, and brickl;. in ;he old fGothice styl'., a.mdi witl ,- -eI a to great a"dvatage upon its conspiunOus sit,.. at the lttersection of Aberth-en and Fitzgerald streets. As an ornamne,*nal structure it will un doubtedly adil materially to the attrac tie'..- *. . t I"ealitv. ad., indeed, to th---* ro the. c'v of Perth. Tlha work now conitra"ted for consists of about thr-., luart".rs of thlr full design. Inl addition. t!lere' is a tnwer and belfry pro v:..! for w hich will be under'aken at a later date. 'Thie church is to have tlrhe.i--. i:ie-. nd u ill have -eating ac e..,::n?c let:o.: for 7.,0 peoia le. ''!.e win dous will he mullio?,:l a'nd ortnament-.d -ltt t ri';!-"r I11 i ellltit concrete. The r,., v ,: bte ii. 'pen (Gn'tiu roof. con stru?,"c-tdo rI fr.!on :l ji:rrahli, coveredi au(.,t; it 11u ri \Vn'ti greetn -litt. Th, ant-uir). chapel., ad; are Ito i.. I itlei rrry builling of jarrah. 'fh,. arch,".e*"- :,an- )h1-r.. 11. F. Cr.t antoa. " II.I.B.A.. andti .IC. C ,'aC ;h, -hilo thI'e ointtritors are llls-r. t i:nrld Bro. .Mr. P. Fallon is acti ag :s clerk of the works. It is anticipated that the building will be completed..some time before .