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NEWS AND NOTES. The English Mail.--The ordinary Wveekly mail for the United Kingdom closes to-day, at 12.30 p.m., for despatch per R.M.S. Australia. Perth Weather.-Tho followng shade temperatures were recorded at the Ob servatory on Saturday and Sunday: Saturday: Maximum, 78deg. ; and mini mum, 60deg. Sunday: Maximum, 78 deg.; and minimum, 59.5deg. Home of Peace.-The monthly meet ing of the committee of management was held on Thursday. Present: Mr. F. C. Faulkner (in the chair), Mesdames Kingsmill Bird and Fraser, and the Rev. D. I. Freedman, hon. sec. The correspondence included the following letter:--"'194 Pier-street, February 25, 1904.-To Secretary Home of Peace, Subiaco.-Sir,-I wish to write just a few lines to thank the Home of Peace for the kindness shown to my dear hus band, James Renton who passed away on January 15. I feel that I cannot speak too highly of the unfailing kind ness and goodness of the matron and nurses to my dear husband in his great suffering of six months while in the Home. My husband before he died said we ought to thank God for such an institution and band of workers as are in the Home. Again thanking you for your kindness.-Believe me to remain sincerely yours (signed) Jennie Renton." Five applications for admission were considered, three were granted and two refused. There are now 20 patients in the Home. A cheque for £47 2s. was handed in at the meeting as the result of the late carnival at the Skating Rink. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the proprietor, Mr. D. Hehir. for his kindness in thus assisting the Home. Letters of thanks were directed to be sent to the Colonial Secretary (Mr. W. Kingsmill), for his kindness in having the gardens and grounds attended to. and to the Masonic Grand Lodge of Western Australia, for donating a wheel chair to the Home for the use of an inmate. It was decided that a meet iner of the general committee be held on Wednesday, the 16th inst., at 3 p.m. W.C.T.U.-The monthly meeting of the Perth Union was held at the Leisure Hour Club on Thursday afternoon. The president, Mrs. Ewers, occupied the chair. The reports of superintendents of departments were received, and show ed progressive work was being done. The secretary reported the river excursion held on the 1st inst. had proved a suc cess. It was decided to hold a garden fete at the residence of Mirs. Wans borough, Mount-street, on the 30th inst., in aid of the funds of this Union. Underground Telephoning.--Tho pre sent telephone service in Perth is ad mittedly capable of considerable improvement, and the local au thoritics have, it is understood. on more than one occasion approached the Federal Government with a view to bringing about a better state of affairs. In the opinion of the Departr nt in Perth, an underground system 9'ild be

more convenient and expeditiouns than the overhead one at present in existence, c and the Commonwealth authorities were n some time ago asked to effect the v change. So far. however, nothing ap- t pears to hare been done in this direc- 1 tion. Deliveries by Post Office.-In Wednes- Ii day's issue of the "West Australian," a t correspondent complained thati undue de- f lay had occurred in the delivery of news- I papers which arrived by the mail from r the Eastern States on Monday last. r The Acting Deputy Postmaster-General f states that the staff had recently been I undermanned, owing to the illness of se veral of the employees. . There had, therefore, been unavoidable delay in-the a delivery of the newspapers. Appointmonts.-The following ap pointments have been gazetted :-J. 1 Nairn to be acting clerk of the Local Court, and acting clerk to magistrates, Bunbury; John Rushton to be acting clerk of courts, and C. A. Taylor to be acting assistant clerk of courts and act ting clerk to magistrates, Guildford; Charles Henry Higgs, Chief Inspector, Audit Branch,to be acting chief railway auditor, during the illness and absence of Thos. Patterson, Chief Railway Au ditor; John Lemin and William White way to be members of the Yundamin dera Local Board of Health; A. Robert son to be district architect (N.W. I Coast); C. Palmer to be draftsman in the Mines Water Supply Branch; E. E. Chase to be clerk State Batteries Branch (by transfer fromi the Public Works Department); James Clarke and John M. Rogers to be additional trustees of the general cemetery at Cookernup. Bankruptcy Notices.-The following bankruptcy notices have been gazetted: -Receiving orders: 4. . A. Marshall, publican, Coolgardie; E. J. Bickford (trading as E. J. Bickford and Co.), fur niture warehouseman, Perth. Applica tion for Discharge: Cornelius Sullivan, miner, Diorite King. First meeting and public examination: E. J. Bickford, trading as E. J. Bickford and Co., fur niture warehouseman, Perth, 22nd inst. Public Tenders Accepted.-The follow ing tenders for public works have been accepted:-Lamb and Natt, Kookynie Hospital, new laundry, £114 16s.: Law and Atkins, Black Adder Creek, bridge and approaches, £359 3s. 5d. ; W. J. Fin layson Sussex - Busselton - Yallingup road, No. 5, £675 16s.; E. Fryer, Rott nest, Government cottage fencing, £112 12s. 3d.; R. White, .Upper Warren, bridge and approaches, £476 19s. 4d.; R. White, Albany, Upper King River bridge and approahces, £517 2s. 7d.; H. Blomfield, South Kalgoorlie school, £1,856 17s. The Mail Steamer -The P. and O. R.3LS. Australia, homeward bound passed the Leeuwin at 20 minutes past 6 p.m yesterday, and should reach Fremantle at about 7 o'clock this morn ing She will berth at Victoria Quay, and will remain in port for about six hours. New Companies.-The following new companies were registered at the Sup reme Court last week:--State: See Wah and Co., Ltd., capital £1,000 in £1 shares, office Dyer-street, West Perth. Foreign: Felton and Guille aume, Carlswerk Actien-Geselleschaft, power of attorney to Messrs. W. James, J. B. H. Darbyshire and R. R. Pilking ton, office St. George's-terrace Inspection of Cattle.--The Chief In spector of Stock (Mr. Weir), who has just returned from a visit to the Gerald ton district, states that all the cattle on Mr. Brockman's station were progress ing favourably when he inspected, them. This was especially the case in regard to the valuable stud stock, several head of which had previously exhibited slspi cious symptoms. Mr. Burges's cattle, which had been in quarantine, were looking well, and showing no signs of disease. The stud at the Chapman ex perimnental farm were healthy and, as there was no likelihood of infection being conveyed to that district, inoculation was not deemed advisable. Public Reserves.-The following areas have been set apart as public reserves for the purposes mentioned:-Avon (Minkadine Sp.); 100 acres, camping; Nelson (near Greenbushes), .97 acres 3 roods, racecourse; Williams (Wageegur rup), 10 acres, cemetery; Nabberu (Wil una) 10 acres, cemetery; Quindaning (Williams), Williams Location 4281, 19 acres 2 roods 20 perches, water; Chid low's Well Lot 78, 2 acres 2 roods, ag ricultural hall and local governing pur poses; Kpojonup, 320 acres, resting place for travellers and stock;. Swan, 750 acres, townsite (Mariginiup); Albany, Sub. Lot 169, 1 acre 25 perches, storage yard (Albany-road Board); Nunngarra, Lot 76, 1 rood, post office; Coolgardie goldfield (Jaurdie Hills Well), 100 acres, water; Goonialling, Lot 38, 14 acres, re cration; Tenterden, Lots 5, 6 and 7, 2 acres 2 roods 30 perches, school site; Mount Barker, Lot 154, 9 acres 3 roods 25 perches, gravel; Victoria (Arrina), Locations 2894 and 2895. 120 acres, townsite; Wagin, Lot -576, 8 acres, camping; Kalgoorlie. Lot 582, 38 per ches, Amalgamated Society of Carpen ters and Joiners; Pingelly, Lot 343, 1 rood 38 perches,Roman Catholic Church; Yunndaga (North Coolgardie goldfields). Lot 24, 1 rood, Methodist Church of Australasia; Yunndaga (North Coolgar die goldfield), 40 acres, townsite; Mount Margaret goldfield (Kirkpatrick Well), 100 acres. water; Nunngarra, Lot 19, 1 rood, Methodist Church of Australasia; Williams (IFHo Rnna Snka\ Inf

water; The Barrier (near Collie), Loca tions 1434 and 1465, 22 acres 3 roods 10 perches, water; The Barrier (near Col lie), Locations 1460 and 1461, 10 acres 3 roods 27 perches, mining; Bunbury. Lot 125, 1 rood, police; Clifton Agricul tural Area, Lot 37, 5 acres, hall site and recreation ground; Ravenisthorpe (Phil lips River goldfield), 50 acres, explo sives; Boulder, Lot 1893, 5 acres, school site ; Goomalling Lot 39, 6 acres 3 roods, State hotel; Nelson (near Greenbushes), 200 acres, townsito Boulder, Lot 1953, 1 rood, municipal drain; Boulder, Lot 1956, 1 rood, pipe line; Lawlers, Lots 147 and 148, 2 roods, local governing purposes; Claremont, Lot 145, 1 rood, Baptist Union of Western Australia; Claremont, Lot 146, 1 rood, Presby terian Church; Kalamunda, Lot 85, 34 acres 3 roods 20 perches, park lands and recreation. City Court Proceedings.--At the City Court on Saturday, before Mr. W. A. G. Walter, Acting P.M., Sydney Ed ward Ellis, on a charge of stealing, and Charles Parkes and Mark Mead on a charge of horsestealing, at Wanneroo, were remanded. James Clarke and William James Taylor were sen tenced to three months and two months' imprisonment respectively, on ca charge of stealing, and on a further charge of stealing, with violence, were committed for trial. With refer ence to the case of Son Herman, who was charged with being the keeper of i common betting house, Mr. Walter re served his decision for a month, pending the hearing of an appeal case, which the same defendant had taken to a higher Court. Greenhills Railway.-A York corres pondent, writing on the 10th inst., remarks: "The traffic on the Greenhills railway has increased considerably with in the last few months. The trains are always well loaded with chaff and corn, and last Wednesday the loading was too much for the ordinary trains. A special engine was despatched to Greenhills for 16 trucks of live stock, which ran through to Rebb's Jetty the same night. These trucks were loaded with prime fat sheep and pigs from Mr. J. S. W. Parker's Dangin Estate. Dangin is on   the route of the proposed extension of 3 the Greenhills railway, and the quality of the sheep was a favourable indication of the character of the country were they were fattened." W.A. Deaf and Dumb Institution. i The monthly meeting of the committee of the institution was held on Tuesday. SPresept: Deani Goldsmith (chairman), Dr. G. F. McWilliams. M.L.A., Rev. Thos. Bird. Rev. A. McCarlie, Messrs. F. Illingworth, M.L.A., and J. C. Port, Lieut.-Colonei Haynes (hon. treasurer), and Mr. H. H. Witchell (secretary and superintendent). It was decided to re - open the lip-reading class in Perth for adult deaf persons after Easter. A vote I of thanks from the committee was ac corded to Dr. McWilliams in connection with a recent donation to the institu Stion. Reports were received concerning the various non-scholastic classes at the

school, and arrangements were made for certain re-'adjustments in their manage ment. The chairmani and hon. treasurer were appointed a house finance commit tee. Accounts amounting to £89 4s. 10d. were passed for payment. Export of Grapes.-Arraniements have been made for a trial consignment to London of twenty cases of grapes from Mr. C. Cook's vineyard at Chid low's Well. The experiment is being mado with the assistance of the Govern meent. who will take charge of the fruit front the time of its beilng placed on board the steamer at Fremantle. The variety that will be sent is Known as the "Bridal," and is described by the grower as a very fine late-season table grape. Mr. Cook has already tested its quali ties as a grape adapted for packing, he having, before coming to Western Aus tralia, successfully sent consignments from Sydney to New Caledonia and Tas mania. Salutary Sentences.-At the Criminal Court, before Mr. Commissioner Roe, on Saturday morning, the hearing was concluded of the charge of breaking and entering preferred againts John Francis Bourke, Patrick Murphy. and John Be han, in connection with the disturbance of a safe at the Governor Broome Hotel on February 14. The Acting Crown Solicitor (Mr. A. E. Barker) conducted the prosecution, and the prisoners were defended by. Mr. E. G. S. Hare. After an hour's retirement the jury returned a verdict of guilty against all three of the prisoners. In answer to the usual question. Bourke pleaded that he had never before been charged with a serious crime. Murphy, in a philosophical dis sertation endeavoured to show his Honour how "simple it was for a poor unfortunate man lociking for a last drink" to find himself laid under sus picion; and Behan protested his inno cence. His Honour sentenced Bourke and Behan to five years' imprisonment apiece, and Murphy to seven years. As the sentences were declared, Murphy exclaimed, "S'elp me G-d, sir, you're sending an innocent. man to gaol." Funeral of the Late Mrs. Cook.-The funeral of the late Mrs. Cook, wife of Mr. J. P. Cook, of H.M. Customs, took place yesterday afternoon, and was very largely attended. The deceased lady who was 36 years of age, was a native of Fremantle. She was a daughter of Mr. F. R. Webb, who arrived in Western Australia 52 years ago, and who carried on business for many years at the Port. The remains were interred in the Con gregational portion of the Fremantle Cemetery. The Rev. William Burridge officiated at the grave. The chief mour ners were - Mr. J. P. Cook, husband; Messrs. George, Preston, Percy, and Reginald Cook, sons Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Webb. parents; Mr. Frederick Webb and Mr. William Webb, brothers Messrs. J. Fowlie. A. J. Caporn, C. C. Passmore. G. R. Cook, Thomas Cook, F. Jones, and J Thorpe, brothers-in-law; and Messrs. David Jones, William Jones, and P. Al bert, cousins. The pall-bearers were - Mr. F. Blinco, Mr. F. Tappess, Mr. A. Jackson, and Mr. W. Sweetman. Nu merous wreaths were sent. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Arthur Davies and Co., Fre mantle. The Fremantle Sensation.-The un fortunate results which followed the visit of the Fremantle detectives and po lice on Friday morning to a house in Tuck-field-street, where it was supposed: the man Duggan, who is wanted in con nection with the' Mundijong assault "case, was in hiding, have been exhaus tively inquired into by Inspectors O'Con nell and McKenna. Statements were taken from the man Slaffki, who occu pied the house, and from Alfred Albert, who was shot my mistake, and all day Saturday was occupied in taking evi dence from the officers who took part in the search At the close of the investi gation the whole of the evidence was for warded to the Commissioner of Police, in Perth. On inquiry from Dr. Badock last evening it was ascertained that the man Albert, who was shot by, mistakes was getting on very well. The bullet went right through the muscle of his tl igh, hut the wound was nbt of a werious nature, and would probably be healed in about a week. Fremantle Trades Hall.-The dancing season will be opened at the Fremantle Trades Hall by a ball on Friday evening, the 25th inst. This large hall, described as well vintilated and having every modern convenience,, is stated to have one of the finest foors in the State. Mr. F. C. Faulkner, hon. treasurer of the Home of Peace desires to acknowledge the following sun.s:-Dr. Newton, .1 Is.; Mr. E. Berry 10s. 6d.; the John. Hunter Co., £1 1s.; Mr. W. Snook, £5; Mrs. Prin sep, 10s.; Mrs. Ed. Solomon, £1 is.; night at the Rink, £47 2s.; total, £56 5s. 6d. Canon Lefroy, one of the treasurers to the fund, acknowledges the following sub scriptions towards the memorial to the late Mr. B. C. Wood:--Mr. A. Wood bridge, £el; Sir George Shenton M.L.C. .5; Miss Moor, £el1; Mr. Geo. Ifhrossell: M.L.A., £1; S.H.. 10os.; L.. £e2; Mr. H. Briggs, M.L.C. a£1 Is.; F. McC., Is.; C. A. Saw, £1 Is.; DIr. Athelstan Saw, £1 Is.; SPeet and Co., £1 ls.; Misses Howes, £1 Horace Salom, 10s. 6d.; Dr. Hhckott, £2 2s.; total, £e18 llse. 6d. Attention is directed to Messra.' Clune and Barker's auction sole to-day, at 83 BBeaufortstreet, near Bulwer-street, con sisting of firstclass furniture, in aood order, the contents of a six-roomed vila.