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-ýST. BRIGID'S WEST PERTH. r. hlW ROMAN- OATHOLIC CHURCH. Plans and specifications have been pre paied fori new church at St. Brigid's, West Perth; tob-. erett -don tho corner of Fitzgerald and ; Aberdeen streets. Mbtiisiginor Bourke, V aG e&a weeks ago called a meeting. of -the -parishioners to inaugurate a bu·ilding fund, for this purpose. His appeal b nae met with so much success; -hat he ýas instrocted the arc.hit.ectafor the; work,?tenssrs. A1L F. a J C. Cavanagh to call for tender. fo, the oerection u of t:hei first ;potion of the hchurc esarly' this ;month:"nter.. ?; The comiplete "design- comprises a uanilding in.the sh?i e fi a Latin Cross in plan;, with nave aind aide aisles and tran seps, ;and' terminatingr , with sanactuary anda vestries: .The .portiou to be now carried out included .the nave and, ide aisles, sa fa ats the transept,: and will: h.ecapae iof a-coiifinodatsng abhoit. 600 people: "The ;width of tbiq nave and awisles ;wll bes 4fto h and the height of the nave walls,33ft :to the ropf. The p?inoipal' mateiuals tised, ir the con aItrotiion will= be cenpt c;nicrete in the foundations -and the beat pressed bricks in: the:wallstand lare ainand ore gon in ,. ro? f Th a? aoeried win roof wo'vered with green Vermont sladeis. The 'milnb tr ianicewill u bo t fi?m Fitz geraldostrtethI- and another is pirovided from Aberdeen streetTer interior of - the chirch will 'e treaitedwith columns I and arbbes drnding the ntve said aisles anid the rooes' will be in open timber work; The choir gallery, which is, aip proa?hinied by a. staircrase near the maul entrance, :will be the full width of the nave, and 24ft idee pand will b car-. ried on girders The. front rail will be carried, otin jarrah, to correspond with the rest oA th wood work of. the interior. fxternally, the elevations are .desig.h. ed in a quiet and tasteful manner. ,The Fitzgerald-street elevation is in/gahle form, ornamented byy a large . rose. wiii doe, with tracery filled with lbad lighfs. cross on an 'enriched apex. A turret for; beside the" gable for a' belfry. The main entrance is through a porch, which is finished in haritony with the uable The front wing 'walls of the side aislet help to .broaden this elevation, aind the effect obtained is very pleasing. The sanctuary. had testrie will be temporary. -structures;, finished very plainly outside; bhutthe interior "will ho finished to corrrespond with the church.