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A Thrilling Finish

Doubles to Pike and Munro Chatham Scores Again

SYDNEY, April 7.

Tho Randwick A.J.C. carnival concluded

to-day in fine weather. The attendance was good. Details:

ROUS HANDICAP, 7 furlongs.

HIQH, V. M. White's br g, by High

Force-Kanzu, 3yrs., 8.7 (D. Munro) 1 WHITTINGHAM, "G. Lightford's" blk

g, 5yrs" 10.8 (M. McCarten). Ü LA VIXEN, D. Plerce's b m, 5yrs" all.

31b., car. 8.0 (J. Stajiton). 3 Other starters: Vista (J. Pike), Bill Wedgewood (W. Dale), Deputy Ruler (F. Hickey), High Degree (E. Bartle), Balti- more (A. Knox), C.amargo (D. Webb). Irish Bald (J. Pratt), Fleet (S. Shelton), My Peter (E. Britt), Royal Forest (L. Wat- kins), Carmlee (J. Donkin), Sly BootB (J


Betting: 7 to 2 agst Whittingham; 9 to 2 Ballimore; 7 to 1 Vista: 8 to 1 HIGH, Bill Wedgewood, Camargo; 16 to 1 La Vixen.

Dividends (for 10s): Win, £1 13s 6d Place, £1 6s, £1 Is 6d, and £3 9s.

The field had covered almost a furlong before High took charge from Baltimore and La Vixen, and at the half-mile High led Baltimore by a length, then Vista and My Peter, followed by La Vixen, Whitting- ham, Irish Bard, and Fleet. La Vixen Improved her position on the run to the turn, and entering the straight the order was High, Baltimore, and La Vixen, then Vista and Whittingham on the rails, and My Peter. La Vixen was behind the paee maker at the furlong, and Whittingham flnishlng fast. High, however, stalled them off to win by a nock, with two lengths be- tween second and third. Then came Balti- more, High Degice, Vista, Camargo. and Bill Wedgewood, with Royal Fotest last Time, lm. 261s.

C. W. CROPPER PLATE, 6 furlonfls.

(W.f.a.), £1,000.

CHATHAM, A. E. Blalr's b h, by Wind-

bag-Myosotis, 5yrs., 9.0 (J. Pike) .... 1 CLOSING TIME, J. T. Jamieson'» b h,

9.4 (E. Bartle). 2 GOLDEN WINGS, C. T. Kcoble's ch g,

8.11 (A. Ellis). 3 Other starter: Tom rinch (D. Munio),

Betting: 7 to 2 on CHATHAM; 6 to 1 agst Closing Time; 7 to 1 Golden Wings;

25 to 1 Tom Pinch.

Dividend: Win. 13s 6d.

Chatham was the last to leave the machine, and when the Held had settled down Golden Wings was two lengths out from Tom Pinch and Closing Time, wita Chatham about four lengths from the leader. At the half-mile Golden Wings led from Chatham and Closing Time, and this order was maintained into the straight. Chatham ran to the front at the Leger and won by two and a half lengths, with one and a quarter lengths between second and third. Time, lm. HJs.

FERNHILL HANDICAP, 1 mile. £450.

(For Two-year.olds.)

SYLVANDALE, "Miss Lorna Doone's"

b c, by ëilvlus-Labergonotte (imp.),

8.11 (J. Pike). 1 THEO, E. Moss' b c, by Llmond-Mira

bele II. (Imp.), 9.0 (M. McCarten) .. 2 ARTFUL CLARE, Hunter White's b f,

by High Art-Malvina. 7.10 (A. Shel-

ton) . 3

Other starters: Queen Helen (D. Munro), Curator (M. Maxwell), Robber (G. Browne), Irving (A. Knox), Turbulent (E. Britt), Contact (J. O'sullivan), Llmyrls (W. Cook), Naissant (H. Hayes), Pantheon Girl (C. Maher), Princess Delrdrl (R. Parsons). Merrie Miller (J. Parr), Rogerio (J. Tyler). Croupier (W. Fellows), Weilmoringle (J. Duncan), Clonmel (E. Whitbread).

Betting: 5 to 2 agst Theo; 11 to 2 Turbu- lent; 8 to 1 Llmyrls; 10 to 1 Queen Helen, Merrie Miller, Contact, Artful Clare; 12 to 1


Dividends.-Win, £7 7s. Place. £2 7s,

£1 Is, and £1 4s.

Curator, Llmyrls, and Princess Deirdri were badly away, and Rogerio had charge when the field settled down from Queen Helen, Croupier, Irving, and Naissant. At the six furlongs Croupier led, followed by Sylvandale and Rogerio at length Inter- vals, then coming Queen Helen and Theo. At the half mile Theo received a che'-k. and the order was Croupier, Sylvandale Queen Helen. Irving, and Rogerio. There was no alteration entering the straight, and at the leger Sylvandale had charge from Theo, who had mado up ground fast after entering the home turn. Sylvandale »tailed on* Theo to win bv 11 lengths, with ÎJ lengths between second and third. Then carno Turbulent, Merrie Miller, Rogerio, and Crouplpr, with Weilmoringle and Rob- ber last. ? Time, lm. 30Js.

THE KINO'S' CUP, 1} miles.

ROGILLA, L. Hahrh's cb K. by Roger

de Busli--Speargilla, Syrs., 9.3 (0.

Munrn) .. .. ...... .. .. .. .... | PETER PAN, R. R. Dangar'«, 9.5 (J.

Pike) ..... .... .... t KUVVERA, "J. Smlthden's," 8.9 (M.

McCarten). 8 Other starter«; Hall Mark «. O'sulli- van). Silver Scorn <S. Cracknell), Oro (J. Pratt), Limaren (E. Bartle), Heroic Prince

(W Cook) Miss Nottava (D Britt) Mr Kerry (J Simpson) 1 lrst Balloon (R. Par


Betting 3 to 1 agst Peter Pan 4 to 1 ROGILLA 7 to 1 Llmarch 8 to 1 Mr Kerry 10 to 1 Hall Mark, Kuvera 12 to 1 Heroic I rince Silver Scorn 14 to 1 Oro ¿3 to 1 Miss Nottava 100 to 1 Tirst B Uloon

Dividends Win £2 10s Place £1 Is 6d, 16s and ii 4s

Silver Scorn and Peter Pan were the Hrst to movo and they were followed out of the straight by Oro Mr Kerry and Kuvera At the nine furlongs Oro took the lead from Silver Scorn closely lol

lowed by Mr Kerry and Peter Pan then Kuvera and rirst Balloon with Rogilla Lin arch and Hall Mark next and Heroic I rince 1 ist The order at the mile was Oro a length out from Mr Kerry a length away being Mlver Scorn then Peter I an 1 rst Billoon, and Kuvera with Rotllla and Hall Mark in line with Heroic Prince at the rear Along the back the order was the same but Rogilla Improved his P sltion passing the sl\ furlonts and at the li ilf mile Mr Kerry and Oro were t golher two lengths out from Peter I an and Silver Scorn together then Rogilla and kuveri with 1 lrst Balloon droi ping back just in front of Llmarch and H ill Muk Into the stiaight Oro and Mr Keri y were still on terms then Peter Pan Silver Scorn and Rogilla With a furlong to go Mr kerry and Peter Pan were to t tliur In front with Kuvera on the out

si lo almost with them and Rotllla a Iel bth away next In a great battle Ro sill who becured a run alone, ihe ral s won by a head from Peter I an with Kuveri hilf a head away thlid then Lin arch Mr Kerry Hall Mark and Oro with Silver Scorn and First Balloon last Time 2m 32s

DANGAR HANDICAP 1J miles £450 GIPPSLAND A H Gilders br g by

The Verderer-Golden Lily byrs 8 1

(A Knox) 1 71NGALBA W Booths b g 4yrs 9 2

(J Pike) ¿ BALGAY, J J Leahys b g 6yrs all

31b car 6 7 (B Wallles) 3 Other starters Bllxton (M McCarten) I ightnint March (R. Cook) Confab (J Parr) Roterson (W Fellows) 1 Ickle Bal loon (A Dyer) Hurry Scurry (L Britt)

Betting 9 to 4 agst Bllxton 3 to 1 Tin gilba 5 to 1 GIPPSLAND, 7 to 1 Light- ning Maich 10 to 1 Confab li to 1 Hal

tay ¿0 to 1 Rogerson Fickle Balloon 33 to 1 II irry Scurry

Dividends Win £3 7s Placo 10s 6d

16b and £~ Is

Hun y Scurry went to the front and at the end of a furlong led from llngulbu, Rogerson Llghtnlnt March Bilgay and

i ickle B illoon with Blixten last At the mile Hurry Scurry led Roterson then com Ing llngalla Lithtnlng March, Balgiy t tkle Balloon Confab and Gippsland Cot fib m de a fast run ulont the bick, ind it the h iii i lile Hurry scurry und KogeiBon were together from Lithtnlng VI uoh 11ngalba confab and B lit iy At Li e straight the order was Lithtnlng March B il"ay llntalba and Conl IU and with a furlon0 to to Lightning Much led Til galba and Balgay with Gippsland m ikint a "oin and the latter woi by a h id with i head between second and third then coming Lithtnlng March Blix ten I ickle Balloon and Roterson with Hurry Scurry last Time 2m 30Js

FINAL HANDICAP, 11 milos £650 RIVALLI W ranwans b g by Rivoli -Number tour 8 6 4yrs (R Max

well) 1 MILANTHEON A L Potonski s b h

4yrs S 12 (R James) 2 AUSTRALIA FAIR V McGrath S b c

Jyib all oil) car 7 13 (R. Look) 3 Other startcis Braeburn (L Bartle) nu bino (J Pratt) Myarin (R CarLer) Jimmie Boy (W Look) Gold Digger (A Kno ) Ramrod (L Britt) captain Rado (I Doikln) Ramadan (J O Sullivan) loichlt (R Parsons) Gothlln (H Hayes) Pildy McKy (C Heath) Mainlaw (.Vf


B ttlng J to 1 agst Gold Digger 6 to 1 lui bine 8 to 1 Milantheon louchit 10 to 1 Biaeburn. Jimmie Boy Vustralla 1-ulr 14 to 1 RIVALLI Myarin lb to 1 Captain Rido

Dividends Win. £6 os 6d place £2 os £1 12s Gd and £1 los

Milantheon who was hurdled off was the Hist to show out and ho wont to the tront from Jimmie Boy and Austialla 1 air Rlv illi however, led past the mile from Jimmie Boy Milantheon Austnlla Tair und louchit with Ramadan heading the others The order w is the tame along the back excepi that Gold Digtcr Impioved his pobltlon and at the halt mile Rlvalll was followed by Austnlla bair Jimmie Boy and Ramrod with Touchlt close handy Into the straight Australia fcalr led Gold Digger with Jimmie Boy next Rivatll stalled off Milantheon and Austia Ha bair to win by three quarters of a length with a length between second and third then came Braeburn with Jimmie Boy Captain Rado Ramado and Mainlaw almost in Uno with Gothlln last Time 2m 5s