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it O »" A R T T O W It.


January 2.-Sussex, barque, South Seas', from a whaling voyage% with 60 tun« sperm oil.

January 3. - Australasia, barque, 482, Lindsay, London, with general cargo and 212 bounty immi-

grants. Cabin-Mrs. Lindsay and Dr. McGregor, Surgeon-Superintendent. The emigrants consist of 136 adults, 71 children under 14 years of age, and 9 infants under 12 months. There have been no births, but four deaths on the passage.


Wild Irish Girl, Sydnoy. Glencoe, Port Albert.


F/ancis, Sydney-60 tons coals, 2 tons rope, 15 gigs wire, 15 gates, 13 bis matting, 6 ess Eau de

ilogne, J. Frey ; 49 csks beef, 56 pkgb boin grieves, 9 csks beef, oi ¡gi »al cargo

Reindeer, Melbourne-1 trnk weiring apparel, 4 ess hardware, 4 ess boots and shoes, 106 bxs pipes, 8 ess nutmegs, 1 cs walnuts, 8 kegs oil, 2 bis 17 c-s drapery, 4 csks oil, 3 trnks, 1 cs boots and shoes, 77 . bdls shovels, 3 ess cocoa, 3 tres beef, 1 keg, 1 cs, 1 bx hardware, 2 tons zinc, 10 ess matches, 60 csks chalk, 12 ess cigars, Oi 1er.


Glencoe, Port Albeit-1 qr.csk sheny, 1 hbd brandy, 1 qr esk port wine, 1 hbd rum, 2 ess geneva, 1 cs brandy, H. Geirand ; 10 ess biaudv, 5 ess gin, 6 ess champagne, 50 bgs salt, 60 bgs bran, 3 cases jam, 2 ess anchovies, 1 cs siudines, I pel harness, 6 ess wine, 1 trnk boots, 400O shingles, 4000 palings, 10,000 laths, 2000 foot boards, 200 pes battens and joists, b. A. Stiattou; t empty packages, 43 pkgs apparel, Sec, 6 bg* rice, 1 esk vinegar, 2 chests tea, 3000 palings, T. Lmp.

Micquane, Port Albert-1 hhd gin, 1 qr-csk wine, £ qr-cslcs sherry, 1 qr-csk whiskey, 5 ess champagne, 1 hhd rum, 8 csks bl mdy, 9 ess geneva, 1 ts gin, A. Nicholas.

Wild Irish Ghi. Sydney-10,000 palings, 40,000 ft timber, Mailing Brs; 9 tics beef, F. A. Downing; 3 ess hai du are, G and T. Dugald.

Retriever, Twofold Bay-3500 ft timber, 1 case fttrnituic, John Archer.

Ocean Queen, Sydney-SO 000 ft timber, 14,000 ' palings, 114 bgs lune, J Mallett.

Nautilu«. Geelong~6 hhds ale, 19 ditto, J. A. ,' Corrie ; 10 bgs onions, 7 bgs potatoes, 25,000 palings,

F. A. Downing.

titUtTOESVO!;, ARKIVALS.-Januaby 1.

Jane Elizabeth, schooner, 54, Blake, Velbourno. Pió Nono, schooner, 300, Mcgchlen, Loudon.


Eliza Frances, barque," 290, Suter, Sydney. Pas- tengers - Mr., Mrs. Connor and family.

Jamjart 1.

Dobsons, schooner, 112, Dobson, Melbourne

Eales ofPdotafje - The Lieutenant-Govemor has fixed the rate ot pilotage as follows :-Port of Ilobait Town-sailing vessels 6d. per registei ed ton ; steamers 3d. per ditto. Port of Launceston-sailing vessels 9d. per ton ; steamers 4¿d per ton.

Deputy Harbour Master.-Mr Henry Harburgh has been appointed Deputy Harbour Master at Hobart Town, in the room of Mr. George Pitt.

It is stated on tho authority of a private letter from home that the new Wellington, bound to this port, was wrecked off the coast of Africa on tho 29Ui July last.