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CYCLE BREPAIS. The Finest Workshop in the Coleay at ARMSTRONG'S CYCLE AGENCY FISHER BEARD and CO.'S SALE 85?&L ogn aIraL

Special Advertisements. THE . TWO GREATEST SALESMEN ON EARTH ARE AT 'THE. BON MARCHE STORES. QUALITY' AND PRICE ARE WORKING FOR US. The WHOLE STOCK is a VAST SEA of BARGAINS. The ADVERTISED ITEMS are ONLY the SPRAY. SPRAY NO. 1-Feather and Gauze FANS, Is., is. lid., 2s. 6d. SPRAY NO. 2-Sample Lot of Children's PINAFORES, from Is. to 4s. lid.. SPRAY NO. 3-Sample Lot of Ladies' Wool VESTS, from 9d. SPRAY NO. 4-Ladies' Coat. and Skirt COSTUMES. worth 75s., to go at 19s.6d. .SYRAY NO.- 5.-Black and Black and White SILKS. worth 6s. 6d., for 2s. ld;. yd. SPRAY NO. 6-Black UMBR'ELLAS, Is. lid., 2s. lid., 8. -lid. to 10s 6d. SPRAY NO. 7--Black.Alpacca Plain and Fancy SKIRTS, 7s. lid., 9s. lid., 10s. 6d. SPRAY NO. S2-Child's Cream CLOAKS, Fur Collars, 10s. 6d. for So. lid. SPRAY NO. 9-Job Line of Fancy Dress TRIMMINGS, Id. yard. SPRAY NO. 10-Rich Silk Fancy RIBBONS, all Colours, Is. lld. yard; for Gd. SPRAY NO. 11-Lace and Velvet COLLARS and BELTS, at Quarter Pri~es. 'SPRAY NO, 12-Tables of FLOWERS, Wings, and Ornaments, 6d. each., SPRAY -NO. 13-Steel Cabin TRUNKS, 22in. 11. Sd., rising Is. every 2in.?i SPRAY NO. 14-Boys' Astrachan Military CAPS, worth 4e. Gd., for Is. lid. SPRAY NO. 15-Double-Width ART SERIGES, worth 2s. Sd., for Is. Sd. SPRAY NO. 16-Evening NETS, .with Chenille Spots, e. G6d., for ls. lid. yard. SPRAY NO. 17-Newest Novelty VEILINGS, Half-prlce, ed., Gd., is. yard. SPRAY NO. 18-Half-Mourning Silk RIBBONS, 2s. 6d. forles. - SPRAY NO. 19-All-Wool VOILES, for Evening, Ss. 6d., for Is. Gd. SPRAY'NO. 2--Gent.'s UMBRELLAS, Beet Frames, Half-price, 4. lid., 5e. lid. SPRAY NO. 21-Newest Val. LACES,, worth up to 2s. Sd., for Sd. and Gd. dos. SPRAY NO. 22--Job Lines of STATIONERY, CUTLERY, BASKETWARE. SPRAY NO. 23-Ladies' Silk HANDKERCHIEFS, 6d. and 9d. SPRAY NO. 24-Alpine Felt HATS, trimmed, 1s. SPRAY NO. 25-Real Crocodile PURSES, d. SPRAY NO.-26-Evening Dress NETS, 44in., worth Si. lid., for. s. SPRAY NO. 27-Reversible Black and White and Red and Black FLANNELETTE, 8s., for 3s. lid. doz. SPRAY NO. 28-Melton UNDER? SIRTS, Braided, all Colours, Sn. 6d., for is. Sd. OUR TWO SALESBME : QUALITY and PRICE! QUALITY and PRICE! SPRICE has a Loud Voice. QUALITY has a Ioud Voice, but a Duet of - "QUALITY and PRICE" brings down the House at ' '. BON MARCHE STORES. C?: , CHARLES MOORE. AN)D cO., (THE ?OPULAR HAY-STREET DRAPEBRS.) THIS DAY. THIS DAY. NOW is the TIME to SECURE SEASONABLE DERAPERY from all DEPART , MENTS at GIFT PRICES. Children's Cream and Coloured HATS and'OODs, in great yariety, usual price 79. lid. to... Gd. each; TO-DAY, SB. lid; each. Cream and Coloured Silk or Wool HATS- and BONNETS, usual price 3s. lid., 4s. lid.'each; TO-DAY, lIs. lld. each. -- - Ladies' Stitched Felt Alpine HATS, Trade Price 12s. 6d. each; TO-DAY, 5.s. ld. - e a c h . -' . . . A Large Assortment Coloured WINGS, worth 2. Gd. each TO-DAY Is.. ech. Ladies' Black Velveteen HATS, coloured satin linings, Trade Price 3s. lid. each; TO-DAY, is. lid. each. Children's COATS and TUNICS, cream, fawns navye, peacock,' brown, honest value at'10s. 6d. each;. TO-DAY, 5s. lid. each. ' - Ladies' Nursing CORSETS, usu;l price 5s. Ild. pair; TO-DAY, 8s. lid. pail. Sample CORSETS. assorted sizes, worth 5s lid, pair; TO-DAY, 2s..lid. pair. Ladies' Velveteen Shirt BLOUSES, violet, blak, scarlet,' navy,, royal, peacock, Trade Price 7s. 6d. each; TO-DAY, 5s. 11id each. Ladies' Tweed COSTUMES, Coat and Skirt, wonderful value, .worth 29s. 6&:-cos tume; TO-DAY, 19s. 6d. Costume. ' Ladies' Black Figured Lustre SKIRTS, fullsize, Trade Price 13s.'6d. each; TO DAY, 9s. lld. each. Ladies' Flannelette WRAPPERS, honestly worth 6s. lid. eacl; TO-DAY, 4. 6d. - each.. " New Check Dress'TWEEDS 42in. Wide, assorted colours, a gift, honest value at S 2s. Gd .yard; TO-DAY: 9jd. yald. - Double-Width Dress'SERGES, fawns, grays, browns, maroons, etc.; Trade Price - Is. 3d. yard; TO-DAY, 71d. yard. . Special Purchase Coloured SATEENS, cream, blue, pink, sky, green, usual price S5s. Gd. doz.: TO=DAY, 2s. lid. doz. Blousing FLANNELETTES, assorted colours, wonderful value, Trade Price, 5s. 6d. doz.; -TO-DAY, 2s. lld! dos. - Turkish Roller TOWELLING worth 6d. yard; TO-DAY, 44d. yard. Table DAMASKS, 64in. wide, half bleach, very heavy, worth is. 8d. yard; TO ', DAY, is. yard. : Pink FLANNELETTE, good cloth, usual price 3s. lid. doz.; TO-DAY; 2.. lld. donz. 8-4 White BLANKETS, weighty and warm,, cheap at 48. lid. pair; TO-DAY, .3a. lid. pair. - Brown Turkish TOWELS, extra large, 5ft..long, Trade Price is. 6d. each; TO DAY, is. each. 54in. Heavy White Twiil SHEETING, worth itad. yard; TO-DAY, s8d. yard. White Turkish TOWELS, special value, usual price lb?d. each; TO-DAY, 7id. each. CHARLES MOORE AND CO., HAY-STREET, PERTH. +FOY AND- - GIBSON. ARE 'GIVING ROYAL BARGAINS ROYAL BARGAINS ROYAL BARGAINS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT -

SADDLES, BRIDLES'and CLIPPERS Stock Saddle, strong plated tree,. pig skin seat, knee and thigh pads, complete with mounts, 57s. 6d. Strong Farm Sad dile, best finish, complete, 70s. Queensland, Stocl Saddle, with horseshoes and straps on pads, complete, 85s. Special Queens land Stock Saddle, large knee pads, open Chamnell solid nickel irons, Queensland girth, 95s. Single Rein Bridles, 4s. 6d., 7s. Gd. Double Rein Bridles, 10s. Web Girths, Ss. pair. Split Leather Girths, Ss. 6d. Queensland Girths, Gs. 6d. Horse Rugs, ute lined, 5ft. 6s.; 5ft. 6in., 7s.; 6ft., Ss. Fancy Check horse Rugs. 5ft., 7s.; :5ft. Gin., 8s.; 6ft., 9s. each. Web Surcingles, Is. 9d. each. Rollers, 2s. 6d. Horse Clip pers (Martin's), 4s. 6d. The Caulfield Clip per, 4s?. Cd.

AMAZON CLOTHS and DRESS TWEEDS. Ell-wool Scotch Tweeds, is. 6d. yd. Dark Tartans, 1i. Fine Check Cash meres, 2s. Gd. yd. Plain Cloths, 9}d., Is., Is. 3d. High-class French Robes, 19s. 6d. each. Stripe Serges, Is. 6d. yd. French Cashmerettes, is. 6d. yd. French Ama zons, ls. 6d., 2s., 2s. lid., Se. 6d. yd. French Poplins, is. 6d., sle. 9d., 2s. 3d., 2s; 9d. yd. All Colours in French Serges, Is. 6d., yd. Navy Serges, 10}d., is.. ls. 6d., le. 9d., ls. lld., 2s. 3d., 2s. 6d., 2s. lld., Ss. 6d. yd. Check Worsteds, les. -11d. vd. Cheviot Serges, Is. yd. Freeze Cloths, Is., 2s., 2e. ed. yd. Fancy Dress Goods, 10s. 6d., 18s. 6d., 19s. 6d., 21s. the dress. Heavy Cape Cloths, 2s. 3d. yd., Dark Tweeds, s. d., is. 6d. yd. New Styles in Zebeline Cloths, 19s. 6d. to 70s. the dress.

FOY & GIBSON, HAY-STREET, PERTH. R. BECHTEL AN.D CO. SADDLERY SALE. Horse RUGS, lined throughout, 5ft. Sin., 6e. Horse CLOTHING Serge Suites, 33s. Waterproof BUGGY RUGS, 6s. aIiding SADDLES, Hogakin Seat and Pads, with Fittings, 55s. Riding BRIDLES, from Se. 3d. Big Ring N.P. BITS, from s. Sd. oIBARNESS, Buggy, M4. Gladstone BAGS, Bullock Hide throughout, from 22s. 4d. LEGGINGS, Black or Brown Kip, 6s. Bolt and Nut LEADING HAMES, 4s. 6d. Felt SADDLE CLOTHS, Extra Heavy, 8s. 6d. CLOSE. WEDNESDAY, 1 p.m. OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY. 121 BARRACK-STREET, and 28 DUKE-STREET. THE COLISEUM, HAY STREET, PERTH.. The LARGEST and MOST UP-TO-DATE HOUSE FURNISHERS in the STATE.




G AS ILLUMINATIONS. LARGE VARIETY DESIGNS: DRAKE and STUBBS, Hay-street, Perth. DONALD J. CXIPPE., UNDERTAKER, 616 Hay-street, Perth, and at Hannan street, Kalgoorlie. The most Up-to-Date Funeral Furnish ing Establishments in the State. The Lat est Designs in Wreaths, Domes and Cresses always on hand at both establish meats. B O \V Ir A a?n U "' J,: A L Undertakers, Wlheelwrights. Coch builders, Blacksmiths, etc., 195 Pier-streot Funerals at prices to sui all classes. Tele I-hYemsea

Ieupgi of your heart, you brew goo-t ale. tRA1rN8PXAUu (Winter' a Th {HEN EXHAUSTED NATUI; ]eqluires A GENTLE STIMULANT. -SWAN RIEWEILY PI1IZ1: ALP: or STOU'S SWAN BIZLWEILe, kER'I'f[. ORUiRR PIUOI.TLY A'rz1'uNIus, '1'O. Offices I MOlE's .CHAIIAuuu, ST. GUEO1LGE'S TEBEACE. `lil~lrios 14.1

Speeoal Advertisemnts. "W ESTERN. MAIL," SATURDAY, JUNE 29. CONTAINS the FOLLOWING ILLUS TRATIONS: TOPICAL CARTOONS UNDESIRABLE IMMIGRANTS --the RABBITS. MAKING the PUNISHMENT PIT the CRIME. A PLAYFUL PAIR-SENATE. and HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES. The DUKE'S PROGRESS THROUGH HAVELOCK-STREET. "And He DID EAT of the"PORBIDDEN FRUIT." A MODERN COLUMBUS--Mm PE THERICK'S DISCOVERY of KING EDWARD'S ISLAND. The MINISTER of LANDS' "GRAND CHANCE"-Mr. SOMMERS andthe RABBITS. The FUNERAL of the LATE MR. ALEX. FORREST, C.M.G., M.L.A. The Funeral Leaving Mr. Forrest's laet Residence in. St. George's-terrace. The Late Mr. Alex. Forrest, C.M.G., M.L.A. Bringing the Coffin into St. George's Ca thedial. Scene at the West Door of the Cathedral. TheB FREMANTLE DOG and POULTRY SHOW Committee of theShow. Interior of the Show. Mr. S. J.. McClintock's Rough Collie. Miss G. Knox-Peden's Collie Champion. Mr. J. Mulcahy's Irish Terrier "Idolator." Mr. Neewman Hall's Fox Terrier."Hop secotch." Mr. C. Candy's Beagles "Dexterous" and "aofty.r' : Mr. J. F. Vaughan's Brdwa :Leghorn Chamuion. Mr. A.'Dumble's British Red Game. "THE GREEN PUNT"-By. ALFRED 'PARSONS4 Miss NANCE O'NEIL at the THEATRE ROYAL; . Mr. McKEE RANKN'of the NANCE O'NIIL. do. The .FIRST of the FOE-RABBIT FOUND NEAR LAKE LRFROY and SENT to the ZOO. The Late Mr. S. P. PHILLIPS, Who Died at Culham, aged 82. A GROUP of JERSEY CATTLE. The ARAB PONY ",MARVEL." WHEN HOURS DO GLIDE sandscape). ERECTION of the FIRST POLE for KALT. GOORLI? ELECTRIC TRAMWAY SYSTEM. . ;KALGOORIE COMMITTEE of AMAL. GAMATED MINERS' ASSOCIATION - ofW.A. . COMMITTEE of the BULONG MINERS' INSTITUTE. H.E.H. theDUKE Sof CORNWALL and YORK-After a Portrait by the Hon. John Collier. / The PENNY FLEET on the THAMES Opening of the Season; there are 96 Boats in all. . , . FIRST on the" ANTARCTIC CONTI NENT-Mr. C. E. TORCHGREVINCK. Mr. R I).. iRDK IPi;NG. LEADER and LEADERETTES.-The Po litical Situation, Inter-State Parlia ments, Fremantle Strike. Federal Politics, Suppression of Sweens, Rich Man, Modern War. FEDERAL PARLIAMENT. MINISTERIAL TRIP to the MURCHI SON. : FEDERAL POLITICS. The ROYAL VWIIT. The MIDLAND RAILWAY-Suggested Repurchase by the State. "WESTERN ECHOES,"' by 'Yaraga dee." STOIRYTELLER.-"The .! Cankerworm," by Geo. Manville Penn, Chapters XXXVII to XXXIX.' Short Stories: "On the Terrace," *by Jean Dickson; "The Sailing of Captain Kidd," by Paul B. Neuman. . LADIES' PAGE.--Fashion Notesby "Sig ma," Women' and. :Fashion, Diet Dont's Domestio Servant Problem, Girls who Don't Marry, Ladies who Smoke Cigars. SOCIAL ITEMS.-Notes by "Sigma," Ball at Claremont; Prize-giving at the Girls' Orphan'gs, Weddings, etc. CHILDREN'S COLUMNI.-Story, " A' Visit to Grandmother," by Rose Blanche Bergin Beebourne. FARM and STATION:-Notes, Insect

Pests Act, Hints for Farmers by "Rus tic," Dairy Hints, Lord Rosebery's Farming Experiments,-. May. Land Sales, Importation of Fruit, Statis ' ties, Correspondence,etc., Codlin Moth in South Australia, Apple .Importa tion, Re-purchase of Estates t~-.a Cor respondent), the Far North' (interview with Mr. F. Connor, M.L.A), Wool Trade. POULTRY.--Notes by "Langeshan." GARDEN.-Notes by Mi. J. Maddocks. LAW REPORTS. STATE POLITICS. REDUCTION of SUBURBAN RAIL WAY FARES-Deputation to Mini ster. FUNERAL of the LATE Mr. ALEX. FORREST A LADY'S LETTER from LONDON. The FAR NORTH.-Interview witli Mr. F. Connor, M.L.A. FREMANTLE RAILWAY STRIKE Work Ceased on the "Farm." LIBEL on the KING-Action by the Vic torian Assembly. AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC OPTNION. CAMPAIGNING NOTES.-"Mentioned in Despatches." MINING - Notes, Mining Telegrams, Mine Managers' Reports, Latest News from the Fields,. Gold Yield for May, Mount Yagalong Exploration Co., Ltd., Mining at. Northampton-Pro posed Smelter at Geraldtoxr, Prospect ing in South Australia, Princess Royal G.M. Co. SPORTING.-Turf, Race Meetings, Past and Future, Hunting, Football, Cric ket, Cycling, Golf, Bowls,'etc. Lea derette: The Blue Riband of the State. CHURCH NEWS. ENTERTAINMENTS. CHESS and DRAUGHTS. NEWS of the WEEK WAR in SOUTH AFRICA. CABLEGRAMS for the WEEK. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS from the EAST ERN STATES.

Special Advertisements. .THE W.A. SAFE DEPOST CGOMPANY The W.A. Safe sepeait- Company, Base ment West Austrahlian Chambers, St. George's terrace, Perth, is .established to provide, by .means of Fireproof and Burglar-preof Safes and Stroag-rooms, an Invulnerable, Secret, and inexpensive Depository for TITLE DEEDS, JEWELLEhY, and Vainables of every description Writing anld Waiting Roomsfor use of'.Renteri. a reu of.CLarge. TERMS FROM'10s. PER YEAR. HOURS 0.30 A;:M. TO 12.30 P.M., 2 P.M. TO 5 P.M. SATURDAYS: 9.39 A.M. TO 12.30 P.M., 9.30 P.M. TO 1e P.M. INSPECTION CORDIALLY .INVITED. Fullest particulars on application to DUDLEY WARD.. Manager. DB. WILKINSON; DENTIST, Has RETURNED from the Eastern States, and may be Consulted at 400 ST. GEORGE'S-TEBRACE. TDANIKL WhITIE 0 CO. J." Lmrrn), Carriage Builders. 479 HAY-STREET, PERTH. THE BEST SHOP in the COLONY For (OOD VEHICLES at LOWEST PRICES tepairetExected Promptly aid Satisfactorily: Inspection Invited. THEL WESTERN . AUSTRALIAN BANK.. A Branch of this Bank is now OPEN'at KATANNING for the transaction of all ordinary Banking Business. H. D. HOLMES, General Manager. TIHE WESTERN -AUSTRALIAN BANK. - A Branch of this Bank is now OPEN at THE GRANITES (Yundamindera) for the transaction of all Ordinary Banking Brisi ness. n . H. D. HOLMES, S General Manager. Tr EE MAIL STEAMERS. Special Arrangements have been made with Mr. J. Louth, of the Fremantle Rail way Bookstall. for the SUPPLY of the "WEST AUSTRALIAN" and the "WES TERN MAIL" 'to- the British Mail Steamers. Each Steamer will be met at any hour of the day or night.