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PERTH GAS COMPAN?. HALF-YEARLY MEETING. The half-yearly meeting of sharehold ers of the Perth Gas Company, Ltd., was held at the offices of the Company, Wellington-street. on Friday afternoon. Sir J. G~. Lee Steere, one of the four di rectors, presided over a fair attendance, and in his introductory remarks P3id a tribute to the memory of the late.chair man of directors, Mr. IT. T. Crowder. The report for the half-year was in the following terms:-"Your directors have pleasure in presenting their twenty-se cond report and balance-sheet for the half-year ending May 31, 1902. Net profit, £6,307 I-s. 3d.; balance from last half-year, £1,230 17s. 8d.; total, £7,538 8s. lid., which they recommend to be appropr ted as follows: - Half-yearly dividend at the rate of Is. per share on 100,000 shares (free of dividend duty). £5,000; reserve fund, £1,500; balance forward, £1,038 8s. lld. The continu ously increasing demand for elec tric current has compelled your directors to provide for the supply by importing new plant cap able of duplicting the present generat ing power. The greater portion, of thi:, has arrived, and is now in course of erec tion, but, unfortunately, the stranding of the s.s. Deptford with the engine and dynamo on board will delay operations for about four months, when the repeat order cabled for is expected. Your di rectors are greatly encouraged by the in creased sale of gas for cooking during the past six months, and they confidently ex pect this will continue to improve more. rapidly in the future, as the public be come better acquainted with the many advantages to be gained by its use, com pared with wood or coal fires. It is with sincere regret they record the death of a member of the Board-the Hon. F. T. Crowder, M.L.C.-with whom they were associated for a long period. The late gentleman always took an active part in the development of the business of the Company, and for the past twenty years held the responsible position as chair man of directors. You are requested to elect two directors in the place of Mr. S. Hymus and Mr. F. Craig, whh retire by rotation, and are eligible for rbelection; and one in place of the late Mr. F. T. Crowder. Also auditors in the place of Messrs. O. L. Haines and Co., who retire, and are eligible for re-election. The dividend as above will be payable at the Company's office on and after Satur day, 'June 28, 1902." The balance-sheet showed the follow ing figures: - To-Capital (£100,000), 50,000 shares fully paid up to £1, £50,000; 50,000 shares paid up to 6s. 'd. each, £16,666 13s. 4d. (£66,666 13s. 4d.) ; Bank New South Wales, £16,281 9s. 9d.; reserve fund. £8,500;* deposits on ac counts, £1,000; unclaimed dividends, £76 10s.; balance. £7,538 8s. ,lld.; total, £100,063 2s. By--Gas department: Land and buildings, £11,213 14s. 8d.; plant and machin Vry, £30,625 6s. ld.; meters and fittings, ,£4,195 16s. 6d.; coal in stock, £599 5s.; oil in stock, £381 ps. 2d.; residuals in-stock, £18 is. (£47.033 7s. 5d.). Electric department: Land and Buildings, £5,362 Os. 10d.; plant and machinery, £32,712 17s. 11d.; meters and fittings, £6,323 18s. (£44,398 16s. 9d.); suspense, £2,917 18s. 10d.; stores, £307 is. 2d.; office furniture, £237 17s. 6d.; book debts, £5,168 Os. 4d.; total, £100,053 2s. The Chairman moved the adoption of the report and balance-sheet. He thought the shareholders were to be con gratulated on the position of the Com pany. He referred to the magnitude of the operations of the Company, and said they had, during the last year, spent, in. wages and salaries and all other expan diture, £51,000, which included £211 a: week for wages and salaries. Their re lations with the City Council had proved very disagreeable. They had done every thing they could to try to conciliate the Council and work with them, but they, seemned unable to get on in a friendly manner. There had been a dispute as to the amount of rates they were liable for. According to the Council the Company owed £1,186 for rates in dispute during the last two years. The Company had refused to pay that sum, and had tried to come to an understanding. It was likely they would, on the advice of the Company's solicitors, state a case for the Supreme Court next month. The dis pute affected the Company seriously, for the amount they would have to pay for water depended''largely upon the 3udg ment as to the ratdes they would have to pay. The Company, had done all the. could, also, to come to some conciliator arrangement with the Council as to street-lighting. The Company's. pro posal was a good one, and they only ask ed for a fair profit. The Council disap proved of having dealings with the Cou, pany. and what the ultimate result would be he did not know. The Com pany had sent their electrical engineer to England to get fresh electrical ma chinery, and on his report it was order ed. It would have been in working or der now, but the vessel in whicli it was shipped was wrecked. They had conse quently to refuse to supply more electric light until the machinery arrived. ;ThIe new boiler would be in position in a fort night, and when the additional plant was ready they would be able to supply dou ble the quantity of light they. could at presesit. There had been a decrease in the gasreceipts. The gas receipts were smaller in summer than in winter, and two other reasons were. that so many people had taken to the use of the incu descent gas light, and that electric liguht was much more largely used. He re ferredl to the laran la~mn ornessel ne +1,,.

foot of the Beaufort-street Bridge; It was a 300-candle power incandsdeitj light, and wouild cst only 0}d. per hour. He had no doubt this would be the sort used for city lighting purposes in the future. The report and. balance-sheet were unanimqusly adopted. Messrs. S.'Hymus and.F. Craig were re-elected directors. Mr. E. C. Shesn ton was appointed director in the place of the late Mr. Crowder. The auditors (Messrs. O. L. Hainas and Co.) were re-elected. Sir Geo. Shenton moved, and Mr. R. A. Shell seconded, a vote of thanks toi the directors and the officers of the Conn pany for the work they had done. The motion was carried, and the meeting closed.