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DEATH OF MR. F. T. CROWDER, M.L.C. A feeling of sincere regret will be felt throughout the State at the death of Mr. F. T. Crowder, M.L.C., which occurred at his residence at Cottesloe Beach last night. The deceased gentleman was   seized with a sudden illness only recent- ly, but within the last day or two it was generally understood that his condition was hopeless, and he expired, as stated, last evening, the immediate cause of death being uraemia. Mr. Crowder had   been closely connected with the public life of the State, and in the Legislative Council, which was his special sphere of activity, he performed useful service. The mere record of his vote was not his conception of his duties to his constitu- ents, and the close attention which he gave to the measures which came before the Upper House and the acumen he had gained in an active commercial career in the State gave his opinions considerable weight. Prior to his entrance upon political life, he was for a considerable period a member of the City Council, and in that capacity performed useful ser- vice. He was from time to time con- nected with different commercial con- cerns in different parts of the country. and his death removes one of the most prominent figures from business circles in the State. Mr. Crowder was the re- presentaive of the East Province in the Legislative Council, being returned for that constituency in: November of last year, after a brief absence from active politics. He formerly represented the South-East Province in the Legislative Council, the date of his election, being July 16, 1894.