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PROBATES AND ADMINIS TRATIONS. The following were issued from the Probate Office during the-past wpek: Probates.--Archibald Nathaniel Howell, late of Perth, law clerk, to Ellen Howell, sworn value £2,624 7s.; Erlen Murphy late of Kallaroo, spinster, to Alfred . illiam Edwards, sworn .value. £8 ; Stanley Spencer Reid, formerly of Boul- der, but late of South Africa, lieutenant in the Fifth Western Australian M.I., to the West Australian Trustee Executor, and Agency Company, Limited, sworn value £200; Robert Watson, formerly of Winderah, South Australia, farmer, but lately of Boyerine, near Wagin, farmer, to Annie Louisa Watson, sworn value £1,021; Henry John Sweetman, late of Fremantle, formerly shipwright, to Elizabeth Sweetman, leave being re served to Charles Hall, the other execun tor, sworn value -£870 : Webster Syl-, vester Marwiek, late of Yangadine, near. York, farmer, to Alfred Beard and Jo seph Prinster, sworn value £7,203 13s.; Henry Martin,lar of Upper Swan, farsoa er, to Chares Morey (Sydney Chester, the other executor having renounced), 'sworn value £1,682 'Amiable Duperou zel, late of York, retired farmer to Julia Duperouzel, sworn value £1,4 1; Jolhn Brennan, late of Kalgoorlie labourer, to William Brennan, sworn value £32; Jo seph Farley. late of Perth, Inspector of' the Criminal Inv stigation Department, to Annie Elizabeth Farley, sworn value £2,435 10s. lid. Letters of Administra= ticn.--Eardley Oswald Shields, late of Menzies, to William Herbert Sl'ielld, sworn value £817 13s. id.; John Septi mus Scott, late of Perth, Government supervisor, to Elizabeeth Scott, sworn. value £553 17s. 11d.- George Willough by Colley, late of Kalgoorlie, miner, to Andrew Colley. attorney of George Col ley, sworn value £130 8s. 2d.; Sarahn Ann Heaney, late of Fremantle widow, to Sarah Jane Heaney, sworn value £30 ; Alfred Perkins Curtis, late of Perth,: gentleman, to Audrey Matthew James. Conrad Curtis, sworn value £4,292 19s.:;, Robert Clarke, late of Menzies, coach buildei', to Catherine Began Clarke,, sworn value £1,417 18s. Id.; Alfred E?. win Webster, late of Fremantle, chem ist, to Eleanor Mary Webster, sworm value £1,000; James Dowie, late of Boulder City, miner, to Kenneth Dowle, sworn value £20; Walter Darwin, ltte. of Kalgoorlie, miner, to Thomas Pres- grave, sworn value £198; Norman McCallum, late of Nan Geenan,labourer? to Henry Resistance Clarke, sworn value, £15; Janet Bradshaw, late of Bculder, married woman, to, Robert Bradshaw, sworn value £74 4s. 8d.; (sealed from South Australia) Walter Kessell, late of Thebarton; South Aus tralia, accountant, to Bertha Kessell, e .crn value £500.