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:CHARGE OF SFLEEP-STEALI G. THE NORTHAM'CASE CONTINUED. SAt the Criminal Court yesterday, the ..trial was continued, before the Chief-Jus tice and a jury of 12, of Alfred Beel, Frank klearaden, and Andrew 'Thomp son, on a' charge of having on December ,30 last stolen 280 sheep, and on January ;13Jlast :300 sheep, the property, of W. T. SLoton, the Mayor of Perth.. The pris S?,oners were also charged on both counts ' .with receiving. The "Cro'Yn,Solicitor, Mr..It1 B. Burn. ,side; prosecutel, and Air. Beresford ap i·earea for' the prisoner Thompson. heel .a[ic rtearaden were undefended. : Briefly, tae case for. the Crown was that.the sheep were msissed from one of th-t paddocks of the Sprid? Hill.station,. near Nortnam.: 'A number bof sheep,' bekring the sainfe brands'aid':earmarks asithose missed by Mr Loton, were con signed by persons'who signed. thmselves Leslie bros., to various auc?ioneering ~firms at Kalgoorlie. "Mr. Loton subse ".quently clainmed the shpep as his pro perty. Early in January, Beel intro :' duced Hearnden to a business man at Northamn as Mr. Leslie, and produced a cheque for £156: signed by Cheney and Co.. the name, of ,ope of the. Kalgoorlie firms to whom some of the sheep had been consigaed.' Hearnden endorsed the S.'cheque as 'Fred Leslie, foi- Leslie Bros." On Janauary 13, the accused Thomison, iuquired at the Northam goods sheds for -trucks in which to consign sheep,, William Henry Gobey, a. member of the firm of Gobey, McPherson and Co., Northam, continued his evidence. He was.cross-examined at some length by the accused, Beel, in regard to their business transactions. Saul Solomon, a farmer, residing at' SNortham, gave evidence of certain bisi ness trausactions which he had had with the accused'Beel. Walter Davis. a wood-cutter, deposed that he had worked for the accused Beel. '. The document produced had been signed -by Thompson at Beel's house, aen tl,e signature swas witnessed by the witness. He had seen. Thompson at Beel's house about.eight weeks before Christmas and-up to January 16. " George'Hungerford, accountant at the National Bank at Northam,' said that on January 8, he cashed a cheque of Messrs. Gobey, McPherson, and Co. 'for £134 1ls. 6d., payable to Leslie bros. He paid the money to the accused BHearn den. Frank: Reid, a dairyman at Northani, gave evidence as to accused Hearniden having stayed at the house of the accused B?eel E'dward Paley, a. railway official, gave evidence to the effect that on, December 31 last, the accused Hearnden went. to the 'West Northam goods 'shed for the putrose of consisting some stock. Constable Gollon, stationed at North am, deposed to having accompanied De tective Kavanagh to the accused Beel's house in January last. Kavanagh read a warrant for 'the accused's arrest. They found in Beel's house the documents pro duced., I Detective James Portei deposed to the arrest of the accused Thompson in Perth. / Josenh Condon, a labourer, deposed that he was at the accused Beel's house at East Northam early in December last. Beel said that he had had charge of a paddock for over three years, and that he also had charge of over 1,000 sheep. He said that he wished to send some sheep to Kalgoorlie, and that he be- longed to Leshe-Bros. Beel further said that he would pay the witness 8s. per day until the sheep were delivered. He asked the witness to go to the railway station to ask the stationmaster if he would put two bogie trucks into the siding for some sheep for Leslie Bros. The witness went to the station, made the necessary inquiries, and returned and told the accused that the trucks would be there. By the accused Beel: You did not ex- pel me from the paddock for having robbed another man. Detective Kav- anagh "shouted" me a drink in Perth, but he did not mention this case on that occasion. / . Frederick Bull, shorthand reporter for the Law Courts, gave expert evidence in rrgard to the similarity between the handwriting in the telegrams produced in the case and other documents written by Beel. Detective Kavanagh, of Perth, dcposed to thi, arrest of the accused'Hearnden in Melbourne on February 27 last. Detective Hornsby, of Kalgoorlie. gave evidence to the effect that he had re ceived certain sheep from Mr. Loton, and he took charge of them. The man mentioned in the present case. who hiad passed himself off at Kalgoorlie as Leslie, had not been arrested, because he could not be found. Several other witnesses were examined for the Crown. For the defence, the accused feel call ed several witnesses, who did not answ?tr to their names. He mentioned, in par ticular, two witnesses whom he said were important, and whom he would like to call. The Crown Solicitor said that ne would do his bpst to have the witnesses in attendance on the following morning. The Court then adjourned to 11 a.m. on the-next day.