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ýT.'BRIGID'S PARISH. PROJECTED CRRmcH BUILDINa. A large and enthusiastic meeting was held in St. Brigid's Schoolroom, West. Perth, after 10 o'clock mass yesterday mo"nimg, there being fully 300 people present. Tho Very Rev. Monsignor Bourke, V.G., presided and informed the people that they had been called toge ther to discuss the matter of building a chureh and presbytery in West Perth for the newly-formed parish of St. Brigid's. The Right Rev. Dr. Gibney had, he sqid, on Easter Monday proclaimed the dis trict, and had appointed him (Monsignor Bourke) the parish priest. Continuing, he said that the people were much in debted to the Nuns of St. Brigid's for their kindness in changing the school into a church and back again into a school on so many occasions for the convenience of parishioners. It was now for the people to find the means which were required to build a church and presbytery. Mr. O'Dea said that he wished, on behalf of the people to thank the Bishop for pro claiming the parish, but much more for appointing the Very Rev. Monsignor Bourke parish priest. le felt sure that if the matter had been left to a vote of the people they would have unanimously selected Monsignor Bourke. He moved that a committee of 10 lanmes and 10 gen tlemen, with power to add to their num bers, be appointed to think out the best scheme for raising the necessary funds. Major Canpbell seconded the motion, which, after being supported by others present, was carried unanimously.