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THE SIXTH CONTINGENT. AT KARRAKATTA CAMP. At last the members of the Sixth Con tingent. have been supplied with uni- forms. On Thursday evening these were delivered, and yesterday each man was handed his khaki-coloured clothes. The men were paraded in their uniforms during the afternoon. Yesterday, being Good Friday, no active work was indulged in. Until the troopship Ulstermore has finished coaling operations the authori-   ties will be unable to fix upon a day for the embarkation of the force. It is an- ticipated, however, that the contingent will sail on Wednesday next. A batch of 50 men from the camp have been en- gaged in assisting to get everything on the vessel in thorough ship-shape order for the reception-of the horses and men, and with the view to facilitating the em- barkation. A number of the men are being given occasional leave in order that they may be enabled., to spend a little time with their friends before leaving for South Africa. COMPOSITION OF THE FORCE. Hereunder is given a list of the officers and men composing the Sixth Contin- gent for South Africa. A few alter- ations have been made to the list as origi- nally published in the "West Austra- lian." Some of the men whose names   appeared on the original list have been found unsuitable, and their places have been filled by others. The non-commis- sioned officers have been chosen from the ranks, and the greater number of them have seen active service with other con- tingents. The force comprises 232 officers and men, which, is the largest contingent yet contributed by this State for service in the Boer war. When this force leaves, the total contribution by this State will have been 930 officers and men. With the present contingent there are three captains, including the medical officer;   10 lieutenants, 13 sergeants, 3 buglers,   and 198-rank and file. The list, which is as follows, gives the name, age, birthplace, and occupation of each man in that order. In the majority of cases the place ol enrolment is next given, and service, if any, follows - COMMANDING CFFICER. Captain J. Campbell., MEDICAL OFFICER.   Captain Reid. "A" C0MPANY.   Lieutenant W. H. Young (command- ing). No. 1- Division.-Lieutenant A. E. Maley.   No. 2 Division.--Lieutenant F. W. Bell. No. 3 Division.-Lieutenant S. Reid. No. 4 Division.-Lieutenant H. B. McCormack. "B"" COMPANY. . Caiptain R.. Williams (commanding). No. 1 Division.-Lieutenant B. E. Burdwell. No. 2 Division.-Lieutenant J. F. Hawkins. No. 3 Division.-Lieutenant R. Clif- ton. No. 4 Division.-Lieutenant R. E. Wright.   Supernumerary.-Lieutenant C. Wood row. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS.   85..Sergeant-Major Nathaniel Hart. Served with previous contingent. 214. Sergeant-Major W. R. White, 24 years, Perth, bootmaker. Served with previous contingent. 114. Quartermaster-Sergeant. Charles Cobb. Served with previous contingent. 3. Farrier-Sergeant A. Geale. Served as farrier-sergeant with First Contin- gent. 215. Saddler-Sergeant Flynn, 27 years, Perth, saddler. .No previous ser- vice. 126. Siddler-Lance-Corporal E. H. Stokes;. 24 years,- saddler, Bunbury. Served 18 months with Bunbury Rifles. 209. Sergeant and Orderly-room Clerk. -T. R. Joyse, 28 years, Victoria, clerk. No previous service. SERGEANTS-"A" COMPANY.   No. 1 Division.-112. H. J. Lough- ton. Served with previous contingent. No. 2 Division.-119. C.. Dickman. Served with previous contingent. No. 3 Divisidn.- 83. A. J. Watson. Served with previous contingent. No. 4 Division.-2. F. W. Bretag. Served with Second Contingent. SERGEANTS--"B" COMPANY. No. 1 Division.- 96. K. R. Campbell. Served with previous contingent. No. 2 Division.-99. J. B. M. Thur- ston. Served with previous contingent. No. 3 Division.-208. G. H. Paul. Served with previous contingent. No. 4 Division.-59: H. Trebilcock. Served with previous contingent. CORPORALS-"A" COMPANY. No. 1 Division.-39. J. Morrison. 25 years, England, tauner. Served With York (W.A_ Infantry.

1i1o. .i IY SIG.-JUI. a. warT. oerven with previous contingent. No. 3 Division.--84. S. L. Shaw. Serv ed with previous contingent. No. 4 Division.-101. J. M. Cunning ham, 24 years, Adelaide, printer. Served ,two years Perth Artillery, 12 months with First Contingent. I CORPOP.ALS-"B" COMPANY. No. 1 Division.-98. F. S. C..'Brown. Served with First Contingent. No. 2 Division.--6. E. McManamny, Served with previous contingent. No. 3 Division.-216. W. C. Mills. Served with First Contingent. No. 4 Division.-217. J. A. J. Kyle, 27 years, Perth, accountant. Served with previous contingent. LANCE-CORPORALS-"A" COM-i PANY. No. 1 Division.-218. J. K. Gawath, 35 years, East Kimberley, station mana ger. No. 2 Division.-19. P. Skinner, 20 years, South Australia, brass-finisher. Served three years Perth Infantry; two years Perth Senior Cadets. No. 3 Division.-95. C. A. Forsberg. Served with previous contingent. No. 4 Division.-102. W. J. Norris, 28 years, Victoria, assayer. No previous service. LANCE-CORPORALS-'B" COM PANY. No. 1 Division.-- 19. D. Y. Gibson, 45 years. Bridgetown, carpenter. Served 12 year.. with Hussars (Eng.) No. 2 Division.-173. H. G. Wright, 35 years, England, prospector. Two years Fremantle Artillery; one year Perth Artillery. No. 3 Division.--26. J. C. Gast, 21 years. Melhourne, labourer. Served 12 months with Kitchener's Hbrse, South Africa. No. 4 Division.-100. J. H. Minchin. Served with previous contingent. TROOPERS. 1. Bruce Earnshaw Bird, 21 years. Canning. clerk ; Perth. Five months Albany Volunteer Artillery. 2. See non-comminissioned officers. 3. See nou-commissioned officers. 4. Gearge Finmore, 21 years. Victoria, harman: Perth. Three months Perth Inf:antry. 5. Tho=. Wilkins Aigic. 25 years, Bal Inrat, printer: Kalgoorlie. No pre vious service. (i. lHerbert Edgar Blumenthal. 22 years, London, clerk and commercial tra veller: Perth. Served two years Mid-I dloe,: Rifle Volunteer Corps. 7. Charles lRiddeil, 28 years. South Austrolia, miner; Kalgoarlie. No previous service. 8. Weumyss Maniey Guthrie, 26 years, i Victoria, agent : ' Kalgoorlie. Served with Victorian Cadets. W. William Keegh, 31 years, Victoria, cler k; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 10). .ohn W'ill:anm Dough:ey, 23 years. Victoria. traveller: Kalgoorlio. Served with Victorian Mounuted Rilles. 11. John E. Lee, 20 years, England.

clerk; .Perth. Eighteen months with 1 Perth Civil Service Corps. - 12. Alfred Davis 22 years, Victoria, labouiter: Perth. No previous service. 13. Robert Norman Wallace, 20. ears, I Victoria, salesman; Perth. Twelve months Victorian Militia. t 14. Benjamin Fisher, 23 years of New South Wales, labourer; Perth. No pre- vious service.   15. James Francis Murray, 32 vears, s Victoria, blacksmith's striker; Perth. Two years Fremantle Artillery. i 16. Walter Garland, 25 years, Victoria, i labourer; Perth. • No previous service. 17. Percy Stanley, 20 years, New South Wales, accountant; Perth. One year Now South Wales Cadets. 18. Arthur Blanck, 21 years, South Australia, carpenter; Perth. Two years Perth Artillery. 19. See non-commissioned officers. 20. Frank Page, 21 years, South Aus tralia, blacksmith's striker; Perth. Nine months Fremantle Infantry. 21. George Bright, 21 years, Victoria, labourer; Perth. No previous service. 22. Arthur Jones, 21 years, Fremantle. horse-driver; Perth. Twelve months Fremantle Artillery, eight months Fre mantle Infantry. 23. Henry William Sadleir; 28 years, Victoria, agent; Perth. Served with goldfelds battalion. 24. Otto Techow, 22 years, Victoria, engine-driver;' Perth. Served with goldfields battalion . 25. George Oughton, 29 years. Vic toria, bookkeeper; Perth. No previous; service. 26. See non-commissioned officers. 27. Sidney James Shirley. 21 years, New South Wales, storekeeper: Perth. Three months Fremantle Infantry. 28. George Henry Pearce, '21 years, Victoria, storeman; Perth. No previous. service. 29. John Nickoll, 24 years, Victoria, clerk; Perth. Served with Victorian Cadets. 30. Ernest Pentzin, 34 years. Ger many. farrier; Perth. No previous ser vice. S31. George Henry Lawrence, 26 years, South Australia, rough rider; Coolgar die. No previous service. 32. Patrick Edward Ryan, 30 years, New South Wales, groom; Coolgardie. No previous service. 33. AlBxander. McCully 'Dixon, 24 years, Scotland, horse dealer; Northam. Served two years New Zealand' Volun teer Force. 34. George John Cook, South Austra lia, labourer; Northam. No previo'us service. 35. James Lane, 29 years, Ireland, la bourer; Northam. No previous' ser vice. 36. Thomas Edward Simpson, 28 years, Gippsland, labourer; Noirtham. Served with Victorian First Regiment and Vic torian- Mounted Rifles. 37. James Wilkie, 21 years,, Victoria, labourer; York. Served with York In fahtry. 38. Henry D. Leeder, 28 years Ade laide, kangaroo hunter; York. Aerved with Adelaide Rifles. 39. See non-commissioned officers.' 40..Charles John Barron, 26 years. Al bany, labourer ;York. Served 18 months York Infantry. 41. Joseph Arthur Coles, 20 years, York, labourer. Served with York In fantry. 42. Frederick Mayes, 21 years, Ade-. laide, labourer: York. No previous service. 43. William 'Hudson Allen, 25 years, ganger; Beverley. No previous service. 44. Charles Robinson, 34 years, Syd ney, stockman; Perth. No previous service. 45. Henry Harte, 21 years, Victoria, butcher; Perth. Served three years Sey mour Cadet Corps. 46.. Oliver Brown, 23 Victoria, tram conductor; Perth. No previous service. 47. Wm. Hurry McKenzie, 27, Vic toria, butcher; Kalgoorlie. No pre vious service. 48. Wi. Barry O'Neil, 22 years Mel bourne, draper; Menzies. 1]Selve months Victorian Field Artillery. 49. Denis Robert Clowes, 24 years, England, miner: Kalgoorlie. No pre vious service. 50. Mitchell 'Alexander Christie, 34 years, Queensland, miner. No previous service. ' 51. Herbert Alexander Blair; 20.yearsi .New Sounti Wales, 'miner; Kalgoorlie.'' No previous service. 52. Alfred 'Percy Abbott, 27 years, England, miner; Menzies. " No pre vious service. ", 5.. David Pine, 20 years, Geelong, la bourer; Menzies. No previous service. '54.George Wm. Liiicoln Mackay 32 years, .New Zealand, prospector; Men zies. Twelve nonths Victorian Militia, two years' Wellington College Cadets. 55. Thlomas Henry Wilson, 22 years. South Australia, miner; Menzies. No previous service. 56. Albert Harrington, 22 years, Vic toria greengrocer; Menzies No pre vious service. 57. Geoffrey Hamilton Gelling, 22 years, New Zealand, miner; Menzies. No previous service. 58. Reginald John Prew, 22 years, England, butchei?; Menzies. No pre vious service. 59. See non-commissioned officers. 60. Samuel Campbell, 28 years, Vic toria, labourer; Perth. No previous servi?ce. 61. Charles Emke, 28 years, Newr South Wales, miner; Collie. No previous ser .ice. 62. John Hosken Close, 24 years, Vie

Storia, bushman; Collie, No previous service. 63. John Evans, 21 years, New South Wales, miner; Collie. No previous ser vice. 6.. Francis Thomas Adams, 30 years, London, coal miner; Collie. No pre vious service. 65. Georee Peter Jacobson, 23 years, Denmark, enginedriver; Collie. No previous service. 66. James Delahunty, 28 years, Vic toria, bushman; Collie. No previous service." 67. John Patrick Hdgan, 25 years, New South Wales, drover; Callie. No 7 previous service. - 68. Robert Devon, 23 years, New South Wales, miner; Collie. No previous ser vice. 69. Edgar Eldridge, 21 years, Adelaide, sawmill hand: Collie. no previous ser- vice. 70. Sidney Nicholas, 27 years, England, no trade or calling: Collie. Served' 17 months Gloucester Rifle Volunteers. 71. Edgar Ernest Mayman, 20 years, Adelaide, labourer; Collie. No pre vious service. 72. Michael Buckle Foley, 26 years, New South Wales, cordial maker; Col lie. No previous service. 73. Reginald Arthur Nankivell, 26 years Victoria, draughtsman; Pinjar rah. No previous service. 74. Joseph Denis Kelly, 26 years, Ire land, survey hand; Collie. No pre vious service. 75. William Rowe, 24 years, South Australia, miner: Collie. Served three years Bendigo Militia. 76. George Robertson. 24 years, Scot r land, bushman; Collie. No previous ser vice. L 77. Samuel Augustus Shearer, 23 years, New South Wales, farm hand: Collie. Served with New South Wales Third Contingent. 78. Frank William Secombe, 22 years, South Australia, labourer; Collie. Serv dd 11 months Bunbury Rifle Volunteers. 79. James Ellison Watson, 21 years. SMelbourne, labaurer; Collie. Served three years Victorian Cadets. 80. Andrew Wight. 27. years, South Australia, miner; Collie. No previous service. 82. Charles Scholtz 29 years, Ger many. engine-fitter; Collie. No pre - vious service. 82. John Semple, 21 years, New Zea land. miner; Collie. No previous ser 2 vice. 83. See non-commissioned officers. 84. See ron-commissioned oflicers. 85. See noln-connimissioneld ficcrs. Li 86. See non-commussioned officers. ; 87. John R. Devon, 22 years, New South Wales. hairdresser; Perth. No i previous service. d 88. George Joynes. 28 years, Eng land, farm hand; Perth. No previous I, service. 89. Frederick James Kindon, 28 years. London. clerk- Perth. Served d nine months Coolgardie Infantry, two years New South Wales Naval Artillery. 90. ' John Sanderson, 30 years, Eng

land, mariner; Perth. Served six years r Royal Navy. Ii 91. Alfred Howard Neale, 27 years, Victoria, bank clerk Perth. Served J 10 months Perth Infantry. 92. George Westcott, 21 years, Vic toria. porter; Pinjarrah. No previous 3 service. 93. Stanley George Jeffery, 28 years, England. clerk; Perth. Served 12 months Civil Service Corps. 94. Edward Keenan, 36 years, Al bany. stockrider; Northam. Served 11 I months Boer war with First Contingent. 95." See non-commissioned officers. 96. See non-commissioned officers. 3 97. See non'commissioned officers. 98. See non-commissioned officers. 99. See non-commissioned officers. 100. See non-commissioned officers. 101. See non-commissioned officers. 102. See non-commissioned officers. 103. William Gardiner, 25 years, New South Wales, storeman; Perth. Served five months Perth Infantry. 104. James John Powell, 21 years, .1 England, boundary-rider- Perth. Serv ed three months Guildford Infantry. 105. Cyril Wellington'Carrington, 20 years, Victoria, clerk: Perth. ' Served two years with Victoria Cadets. 106. Philip Giles 20 years, fouth Australia, clerk; Perth. No previous service. 107. ArthurHenry Schultz, 22 years, Queensland, miner Perth. Served 12 months with Victoria Field Artillery. 105. Oliver Edwin Fry; 20 years, South Australia, draper; Perth. No pre vious service. 109. Walter Richard Birch, 23 years, chainman, Wellington, N.Z. Served with First Contingent. 110. James Henderson, 25 years, Vic toria, glass-blower; Perth. No previous service. 111. James Pollard, *20 years, Guild ford, labourer: Perth. Served six months Guildford Infantry. 112. See non-commissioned officers. 113. Hugh Hackett, 21 years, New castle, electrician; Perth; Served 12 months Perth Infantry. 114. See non-commissioned officers. 115. Richard Walter Spencer, 21 years. Albany, mill hand; Perth. No previous service. 116. William Nichol, 21 years, Vic toria, farm hand; Perth. No previous service. 117. Ernest Arthur Rutherford, 22 years. Victoria. painter: Perth. No previous service. 118. Edward Arthur Timms, 19 years, Victoria. electrical improver; Perth. Served two years and a half with Guild ford Infantry. 119. See non-commissioned officers. 120. James Carr, 31 years, Victoria, miner; Kalgoorlie. No previous ser vice. 121. John O'Neill. 26 years, South Australia, labourer- Northam. Served three years Mounted Rifles, South Aus tralia. 122. John Rogers. 32 years, Eng land, platelayer;. Northam. No pre vious 'service. , 123. Frank Montgomery, 34 years Ireland. policeman: Northam. Served seven years Irish Constabulary. 124: David John Shaw, 29 years, Vic toria., bushman; Bunbury. No previous service. 125. See non-commissioned officers. 126. Alfred Fairweather, 22 years, South Australia. journalist; Bunbury. No previous service. 127. William Bushley, 24 years. miner, Victoria. Served with First Contingent. 128. Walter Edward Russell, 27 years,. Adelaide, bushman; Binbury. No previous service. 129. Edward Cassidy, 24 years, Vic toria, mnill hand; Bunbury. No pre vious service. 130. Henry Buswell, 20 years, Bun bury, -labourer; Bunbury. Eleven months Bunbury Rifle Volunteers. 131. David Hough, 20'years, Bunbury, farmer;. Bunbury. No previous ser vice. 132. Walter Butler; 21 years,-Victoria, 'bus driver : Bunbury. No previous service. 133. John McCabe, 21 years, England, labourer; Bunbury. Five months Bun bury Rifles. 134: Charles Garrett, 29 years, Vic toria, wheelwright; Bunbury. Three years Victorian Rangers. 135. George Alexander Bailie, 28 years, Viotoria,' batman; Kalgoorlie. No previous 'service. 136. Thomas Boneham, 26 years, South Australia, butcher; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 137. Robert Thomas Hunter, 22 years. Victoria, station hand; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 138. Thomas Vernon Hugh Dann, 25 years, England, "prospector; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 139. William Edward Truscott, 22 .years, South Australia, butcher; Kal goorlie. No previous service. 140. Henry Hasch, 23 years, South Australia, no trade or calling; Kalgoor lie. No previous service. 141. John Henry Pritchard, 21 years, Victoria, mill hand; Kalgoorlie. Six months Goldfields Infantry. 142. Arthur Ferdinand Whiteside, 23 yearJ, New South Wales, station hand; Kalgoorlie. Eight montns Goldfields In fantry. 143. Alfred Hehir, 22 years, Victoria, hlrse driver; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 144. John Thomas Ryan, 51 years, Vic toria electric light fitter; Kalgoorlie. Eight years New South Wales Submarine Mining Engineers.

145. Edmund Freeman, 21 years, Vic toria, butcher; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 146. Albert Edward Stephens, 30 years, South Australia, accountant.; Kal goorlie. Three and a half years South Australian Militia. 147. Charles James Matthew, 20 years, South Australia, blacksmith's striker; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 348. Havelock Pryor, 28 years, New South Wales, accountant; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 149. George McDonald, 23 years, South Australia, horse driver; Kalgoor lie. No previous service. 150. Charles Frederick Hyne, 32 years, 1 England, shearer; Kalgoorlie. No pre - vious service. 151. John Evans, 25 years, Victoria, miner; Kalgoorlie. Two and a half years Victorian Infantry, eight months Goldfields Infantry. 152. James Gregor, 20 years, South r Australia, labourer; Kalgoorlie. No pre vious service. 153. Albert Honey, 22 years, Vic toria, butcher; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 154. Edwin Easther, 26 years, Victoria, horse driver; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 3 155. Henry Francis Watson, 24 years, Victoria, horse driver; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 156. James Cattanach Jones, 29 years, South Australia, clerk; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 157. Charles Ackerley Chichester, 29 e years, England, miner; Kalgoorlie. Se ven months Goldfields Infantry. 153. Cuthbert Harrison Cobb, 30 years, Victoria, fireman; Kalgoorlie. Served with Goldfields Infantry. 159. Michael Daniel Bourke, 25 years, South Australia, station hand; Kalgoor lie. No previous service. 160. Thomas Kevin Cleary. 22 years, Victoria, labourer; Kalgoorlie. Two and a half years Fremantle Infantry. 161. Francis Henry Williamson, 28 years, Victoria, contractor; Kalgoorlie. No urevious service. 162. John Henry Backman. 33 years, South Australia, station hand; Kalgoor lie. No previous service. 163. William Monaghan, 24 years, Vic toria, horse driver; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 164. Hedley Rule, 23 years, New Zea land, assayer; Coolgardie. No previous service. 165. James Eglanting Richardson. 21   years, South Australia, carrier; Coolgar die. No previous service. 166. Cecil Sidney John Marsden, 20 years, New South Wales. fireman ; Cool- gardie. .Nine months Parramatta Cadet Lancers. 12 months Fremantle Infantry.   167. Frank Cecil Leary, 26 years, New   South Wales. miner; Coolgardie. No previous service. 168. Daniel O'Connell, 25 years, Vic   toria, fitter; Coolgardie. No previous service.   169. Edward Read, 24 years, New Zea   land, miner; Coolgardie. Three years SNew Zealand Mounted Rifles. 170. James Synan, 24 yearp, Victoria,

miner; Coolgardie. No previous ser vice. 171. John Richardson, 20 years, South Australia, miner; Coolgardie. No pre vious service. 172. Charles Robert Richardson, 20 years, South Australia, carrier; Cool gardie. No previous service. 173. See non-commissioned officers. 174. Thomijas Henry Barrett, 22 years, Iunbury, labourer; Bridgetown. No previous service. 175. Fenley James Callendar, 27 years, Victoria, plumber; Bridgetown. Three years Victorian Infantry, 12.months Bri tish South African Police. 176. Percy Henry Dunn, 21 years, South Australia, railway employee; Bridgetown. No previous service. 177. Charles Lanhan Coward, 21 years, Adelaide, railway employee; Bridgetown. No previous service. 178. Joseph Henry Facey, 20" years, Victoria. labourer; Bridgetown. No previous service. 179. Clarence Raymond Doust1 22 years, Bridgetown, stockman; Bridge town. No previous service. 180. James Robert Hatter, 25, New' South Wales, miner; Geraldton. No pre vious service. 181. Frank Pantor, 24, Victoria, miner; Geraldton. No previous service. 182. James Wyatt, 24 years, Victoria, miner; Geraldton. No previous service. 183. John Arnold, 24 years, Victoria, miner; Geraldton. No previous service. 184. Thomas Henry Brooker. 26 years, New South Wales, butcher; Geraldton. No previous service. 185. Robert Morton, 21 years, Scot land, baker; Geraldton. No previous service. 186. Richard Thomas Jenkins, 23 years. Victoria, driver; Geraldton. No previous service. 187. Horace Benson, 28 years, Eng land, constable Geraldton. Eighteen months Sheffield Engineers. 188. George Sidney Blight, 20 years, Victoria, labourer; Geraldton. Four years Geraldton Rifles. 189. Edward Norman Blight, 21 years, New South Wales storeman; Geraldton. Four years Geraldton Rifles. 190. James Morgan, 21 years, Eng land, groom; Geraldton. Eighteen months Queensland Volunteer Rifles, eight months Queensland Field Artillery: 191. Francis Nelson, 27 years, Eng land, miner; Geraldton. No previous service. 192. Martin. Theodore Harkan, 25 years, Victoria, miner; Geraldton. N1o previous service. 193. Matthew Herbert Ford, 22 years, Victoria. baker; Geraldton. No previ ous service. 194. Thomas Arthur Connors, 22 years, Victoria, butcher; Geraldton. No previous service. 195. William Harding 21 years, Nof tham, compositor; Geraldtbn. No pre vious service. 196. Daniel O'Shea, 26 years, Ireland, miner; Geraldton. No previous service. 197. Ralph Brunker Penny, 21 years, England, bank clerk; Geraldton. Six months Geraldton Mounted Rifles. 198. Neil Hepburn, 20 years, clerk, Geraldton. 199. James David Lawson Gardner, 35 years, Perth, miner; Geraldton. No previous service. 200. John Gardner, 38 years, Perth, stockman; Geraldton. No previous ser vice. 201. James Brennan, 28 years, Ire land. prospector; Menzies. No previous service. 202. ,Thomas Siles, 25 years, South Australia, miner; Kalgoorlie. No previ ous service. 203. William Alfred Edwards, 24 years, Victoria, mill hand; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 204. Joseph Greer, 33 years. Scotland, miner; Kalgoorlie. Served with South Australian Volunteers. 205. Denis Callaghan, 30 years, Vic toria. labourer; Kalgoorlie. No previ ous service. 206. Frederick Cook, 27 years, South Australia, labourer; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 207; James. Albert Pannan, 26 years, South Australia, saddler; Kalgoorlie. No previous service. 208. See non-commissioned officers. 209. See'rion-commissioned officers. .210. G.-R. Butt, 20 y.eats, Pinjarr,ah, blacksmith. No previous service. 211. William' Burston, 26 years, car penter. Served two years with Vic torian Infantry. 212. Albert Edwin Kelly, 23 years, la bourer, Victoria. Served with First Contingent. 213. Patrick, Joseph Daley, 29 years, carpenter. Six years, N.S.W. Lancers. 214. See non-commissioned officers. 215. See non-commissioned officers. 216. See non-commissioned officers. 217. See non-commissioned officers. 218.. See non-commissioned bfficers. 219. See non-commissioned officers.