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THURSDAY, MARCH 27. PROCLAMATIONS. Saturday, April 5, and Tuesday, April 6 to

be set apart for observance as bank holidays; setting apart land in the hundreds of Kulpara and Woolundunga for water reserve purposes, in Goyder for cemetery purposes, and in Mun-

doora as a recreation ground: placing the Orroroo park lands under the control of the local district council, and proclaiming a sparrow reserve in Mount Gambier West. APPOINTMENTS Edward Willis Way, Esq., M.P.: the Hon. Allan Campbell, M.L.C ; Edward Charles Stirling. Esq., M.D.; John Sprod, Esq., M.R.C.S. ; Robert Robertson, Esq., L.F.P. and S.; William Gardner. Esq., M.D.; James O'Connell, Esq., L.R.C.P. and S., Edin.; Alex. Henry, Esq..M.D.; the Hon. John Colton, J.P.; the Hon. Henry Edward Bright, M.L.C.; his worship the Mayor of Adelaide; Clement Giles, Esq.; Martin Peter Friedrich Basedow, Esq.; William Gilbert, Esq.; Thomas Graves, Esq., J.P.; and William Kither, Esq., J.P., to constitute the board of management ot tbe Adelaide Hospital. Mounted constable Andrew Holdaway to be clerk of tbe Palmerston Local Court. Francis John Whitby, Esq. J.P., Mount Remarkable: and Joseph William Hillman, Port Wakefield. to be: and George Francis Wyatt, Esq , J.P., to continue members of the local school boards of advice. RESIGNATION. The resignation of John George Knight, Esq., S.M., as clerk of the Palmerston Local Court and Licensing Bench is accepted. LOCAL MILITARY FORCES. Lieutenant George fiotterworth to be cap- tain, and Color Serjteat John Alexander Watt to be lieutenant, volunteer Fora; and the Gawler Mounted Company of Volunteers to be recognised as duly enrolled pursuant to the Defence Forces Act of 1886. THE MARRIAGE ACT. The Reverend Frederick Cnarles Bonfield Fairty, Keyneton. Congregational, has been enrolled as an officiating minister with power to grant licenses for marriages. TENDERS ACCEPTED. Works and Buildings Department. Additional water-closet accommodation. Government Printing Office, A. Martin, £76- 10s. Customs residence. Port Germein, F. Fricker, £479 -17-11d. Purchase and removal of cottages, site of propoted school, Currie-street, Adelaide, Thos, Gawraith; purchase money, £49-10.s. New galvanized iron roof to school and erecting water-closets public school, 0.8. Flat, Edmund l>wi?, £65-14-8.d.   Crown Lands Department. Supply of dog discs for year ISW-1, S. Bchlauk & Co., £610s. per thousand.