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I am, &c., RATEPAYER. Hindiey street, Adelaide.

Sir—In ref[?]s to coffee stalls I quite agree with your correspondent "Coffee Before Nine." I should like to know the reason why the owners of coffee stalls are debarred from

coming to then stands osta StfUoak. fTijnak big fur myself I find it ? gnat *j-* firi •■ t hare been able to so oat at 6 o'clock, awl Ret Cornish pasties fee tea, and thej hmlm enjoyed by myself and family, aad by aaaaw mow Uimt X luis seta feasting aitaaatwSt who have not been dressed wen na?ia,h to enter* mtanranti bat who hare now teaal> ii?t on cold food. Mtbar time win aatalte* tbnntowutnata9o'ciodc. lihgaUUnU know who these stalls have •nnoyad, or what osmpUinta have been lodfftd. Sba aUBs hare been on the streets tor years, aad h**e bre? a great blasting to bwartMla. Ihawn allowed to came at 6 o'dodk. aad ttas ask naJ>lBtf >doek;thatwH too lat«, aad bow it is worse than ever. Many iiiiwilaMn Cmbj?ob sre thinking about retiring to net at 9 o'dock who would have enjoyed a pasty or sasMt&B?f warm, but they bare now to go witaont Cartaa benefit of some one else not knows. Ulna stalls were a Baissnos,or annoyed tfcepnbUo at Inn we sboold haw head of at batea this. Scnw of tb* emawallsn most bawj a friend in * restaorant^ or tnmaWng «| th* sort, that A?e at S e'doek ac hsjf-paw. It is fully half-v>rt 9 before aivbodyoa act aamd. as the ptoprietor oftfaa staUkas to take oat k*? hone and pot it in the stable belora he cms commence baameaL T iliwi sail ?hj m iiisaj thonld be iaoonrcsueneed far the sake of owa or two fric?da womb cob 4nffe?sta?* ssaj injure. They have jost as anaa ncaftaKtW BtreetatSo'«leckaa any lhwn—d ««■ :" rrrnrr tr frrft rsrtt nr sst Branairt Tshiajj of any kind. I think it is naarfe tuwtkat favors were dene away with.