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Names of the 90,000 recipients of the Coronation Medals     granted by King George VI were announced throughout the Bri- tish Empire last night. Australia's quota was 6,500, of which 1,300 were awarded in the Commonwealth Territories. Canberra received 99.      

The Medals for the Dominions have not yet left England, and it will be the end of July before they are distributed through

the post to Australians who have received this honour.

The Governor-General and Lady   Gowrie and their staff head the list of prominent Commonwealth person- alities who will receive the medal. In Canberra other awards have been made to departmental heads, the of- ficial chairmen of various organisa- tions, and former public servants who have rendered valuable service to the


Awards in the Territories have been made to the various Administrators

and their principal officers, while

Australians resident abroad who have been included in the list are the Aus-

tralian High Commissioner in London (Mr. Bruce) and diplomatic, Govern- ment and naval representatives at- tached to overseas offices.

The detailed list of persons in Can-   berra who have received medals was announced by the Governor-General (Lord Gowrie) as follows:

His Excellency Brigadier-General   the Right Honourable Lord Gowrie, V.C., G.C.M.G., C.B., D.S.O.  

Her Excellency Lady Gowrie.

Mr. Edwin Abbott, C.B.E., Dr L.   H. Allen, M.A., Ph.D., Brigadier A. T. Anderson, C.M.G., Messrs. H. A. Barrenger, Kenneth Binns, Captain P. V. W. Blacker, A.D.C., Captain L. S. Bracegirdle, C.M.G., D.S.O.,

R. A. N., Mrs. L. A. Bracegirdle,

Messrs. R. A. Broinowski, J. Brophy, H.C. Brown, C.B.E., L. O. Brown.      

Messrs. C. J. Campbell, J. A. Car- rodus and J. G. B. Castieau.

Miss Thelma Caswell. Mr. S. F. Chubb.

Sir William James Clemens, C.M.G.


Messrs. T. J. Collins, J. S. Crapp, L. F. C. Crawley and A. W. Cripps. Dr. John Howard Lidgett Cumpston, C.M.G., M.D., D.P.H.  

Messrs. F. J. B. Dawkins and J. I. Dent. Dr. B. T. Dickson, B.Sc , B.A., Ph.D. Messrs. W. H. B. Dick- son, R. I. Douglas.

Mr. J. E. Edwards. Mrs. Harriet Newitt Eldridge. Mr. R. E. Ewing,


Messrs. H. F. Farrands, Miss Fre- ida Elsa Franz, and Messrs. G. R. Galbraith and J. C. Garran. Sir Robert Garran, G.C.M.G., K.C.

Messrs. T. H. Garrett, J. U. Gar- side, F. C. Green, M.C., and H. C.


Messrs. J. R. Halligan, Professor J. F. M. Haydon, M.A. Miss Catherine Emily Hick. Messrs. R. M. Hiley and J. H. Honeysett. Lieutenant Colonel W. R. Hodgson, O.B.E., Captain A. E. Jackson, M.C. Mr. D. R. Jack- son, Dr. J. A. James, Mr. A. C. Joyce.

Miss Mary Florence Kinsella; Mr. G. S. Knowles, C.B.E.; Miss Eileen   Gertrude Leniham; Mr. G. Loudon.

Dr. F. McCallum, MB., BS., D.P.H., D.T.M. & H.; Mr. E. McCarthy; Sir Colin McKenzie, MD., FRCS., FRS.; Messrs. D. McVey; M. W. Mehaffey; A. Metford; Brigadier C. G. N. Miles, CMG., DSO.; Messrs. G. H. Monahan, CMG.; J. L. Mulrooney, MVO., MBE.; J. F. Murphy; J. A. Neale; Dr. A. J. Nicholson, D.Sc.

Mr. O. G. Olsen.      

Messrs. E. W. Parkes, CMG.; A. R.

Peters; H. A. Peterson; T. J. Pettifer. Messrs. R. J. Rain; The Rt. Hon.

the Earl of Ranfurly; Messrs. P.

Rees; H. H. Richardson and E. R. Ridley. Major (Brevet Lieutenant- Colonel) H. C. H. Robertson, DSO. Mr. G. H. Romans.

Sir Harry Sheehan, OBE. Messrs. T. B. Simonds; A. C. Smith; J. H. Starling, CMG., OBE , Miss May Lavinia Steed; Messrs. F. Strahan, CBE., CVO., and J. A. Swanson.

Messrs. F. G. Thorpe, MBE. and A.   A. Tregear. Major John Linton Tre-

loar, OBE.; Messrs. A. H. Truelove; V. F. Turner.

Messrs. J. S. Weatherston; C. V.

Westcott; H. L. White; A. E. Wilson;   L. Withall and E. H. M. Wood.      

Dr. Walter George Woolnough,  

D.Sc., FGS.