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For anglers not averse to roughing it and prepared to take a camping outfit, Arthurs Lakes have much to offer as a week-end or holiday fishing resort. Early in the season, the southern end of tho principal lake carries a considerable number of fish, but these aro scattered over a large area when the lake is at a higher level. Tho submerged area forms feeding ground for the fish, and it is round about the shores that the best fishing is got. Wading is essential, and anyone who contemplates a visit to Arthurs Lakes must be prepared for arduous and difficult sport, not that the fish aro particularly shy, but they have to bo searched for, and this involves wading over ground which is occasion- ally easy, but often difficult

The road from the turn-off at tho Steppes is in very fair condition, with the exception of an occasional tree across it, round which a detour has to be made, but from the bridge over tho upper Lake River to the vicinity of tho lake, the road is almost impassable, owing to ruts and boulders. A camping outfit is essen- tial, as the huts in the old camp used by. employees of tho Hydro-Electric De- partment are not sufficiently convenient, and, incidentally, are on private pro- perty.

"The fish at Arthurs Lakes vary a good deal. Some of them aro repellent looking specimens, all jaws and head, and others are quite satisfactory, as far as condition goes. There is little doubt in tho minds of experienced anglers that the brown trout found in Arthurs Lakes aro of a somewhat different type from tho tarlo found in other lakes, as they aro decidedly slender in build. The short type of fish of the Great Lako and Shannon Lagoon are very rarely found in Arthurs Lakes.

A very satisfactory aspect of this sea- son's operations in the opinion of an- glers who made an early trip, is the occurrence of small trout, ranging from lib. to 151b. These were taking the fly very freely, and, of course, were re- turned to their proper element, but their noteworthy occurrence in considerable numbers is an excellent indication that the trout in the lake are spawning freo ly. A few rainbow trout were taken, and as they were all In very fino con- dition, this may be an indication that their environment is quite suitable, con- sidering that tliey are to all intents and purposes land locked.


Of the second Instalment of 50,000 rain- bow trout ova from New Zealand stock, given by Mr. T. W. II. Clarke, of Quorn Hall, for liberation in Lake Leake, 44,000 fry have been hatched at tho Sal- mon Ponds, and havo been released In the ponds to be raised to the yearling stage. Experiments in the use of rock salt as a tonic aro being made in con- nection with these trout. The quinnat salmon, which are to bo liberated in southern waters, aro growing very rap- idly. The rainbow ova collected at Great Lake have been hatched, and it Is- estimated that there will be 400,000 fry to be deposited in Lake St. Clair, Brown's River, the River Derwent, and tributaries. Of the first lot collected between 200,000 and 300,000 were hatch- ed, and most of these have been liberat- ed In southern waters.

Tho Northern Fisheries Association was anxious to obtain a quantity of rainbow ova, and every effort was made by the Fisheries Commissioners to obtain tlie consignment required for tho North, but It is stated that in view of the fact that they did not obtain the customary quantity of brown trout, owing to""tho adverse weather experienced at spawning time, and the poor condition of the rainbow trout procured in tho last expedition, combined with the heavy mortality which resulted owing to the severe changes of weather, the Commis- sioners regret that they aro unable to supply any rainbow to the North.


A letter has been forwarded by the Kentish Municipal Council to tho Min- ister, controlling fisheries, requesting that certain streams in tho municipality should be exempt from the provisions of the fisheries regulations with a view to preserving tho native fish. The council considers that if these streams aro thrown open to tho public to catch fish Irrespective of whether they are trout or not, It would have the effect of keep- ing the trout in cheek, and thus preserve the nativo fish for the benefit of the gen- eral public. The streams recommended for exemption are the Dasher, Minnow, Don, and White Hawk Creek.