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Amazing Gliarges pl^





MOSCOW, Saturday.


; All defendants pleaded guilty thc .mass "trial of Karl Radek, Greg- ory Sokolmlkoff, former Ambassador

to; Bfitain^^latoJbip^^^d; ;i3 other

older, vBoiBhcvistsV'^

atmosphere to-day.¦?- ¦ ¦ \ "'*

The ihdictment alleges they were implicated in a "vast plot, engineered by. Trotsky to destroy the, Soviet regime and help Germany, Poland, and japan."

It also alleges that Trotsky carried on negotiations - with Herr Hitler's deputy, Herr Hess, in Berlin, while Radek, Sokolmikoff and Piatafoff acted- as agents in Moscow.

The accused also are charged with espionage, terrorism and attempting to introduce capitalism. The indict- ment alleges that Trotsky and Hess reached an agreement "for Germany to obtain important concessions to exploit the Soviet's natural resources, and, in the event of war, Radek's group was to engage in military sabotage espionage under instruc-

tions from the German General ? Staff". ..;'".-¦¦¦

Radek is ; charged ¦ with organising a "reserve centre" to act if Trotsky were to fail. ¦ .

The prisoners sat in silence as the startling' charges, outlined a vast plot involving overthrow of the Soviet by foreign nations, to restore capitalism

were read.

A's a mark of contempt, no sbylet officials of importance attended, . but Lord' Chllston, the British Ambassa- dor, was present. ,,.?'.

As iii previous trials, Trotsky, now safely in Mexico emerged - as the Soviet's Public_ Enemy No. 1.

. Piatakoff was the first to take tho witness stand and, in a confession, disclosed a. meeting with Trotsky in Oslo, in December 1935, when explicit plans to involve the Soviet-:in war were discussed/ Twp .'agents-pro- vocateurs, "Mr. K" of Germany and "Mr. X" of the Japanese intelligence service were frequently mentioned in the ihdictment. One of the Govern-

ment's most important pieces of evi- dence is a letter from Trotsky to Radek,. in December 1935, which Radek hid in a hole in a. wall of his summer residence, and handed over to thc Government after his arrest.

The letter calls for the immediate assassination ? of Stalin and outlined

detailed activities for the , plotters. Trotsky's letter' also allegedly stated "It is necessary to yield the maritime and Amur provinces, to Japan _ and thc Ukraine to Germany for the ex- ploitation of manganese ore, gold and phosphates and to supply Ger- many with foodstuffs and fats below world prices. I would not oppose Germany in the three Danube coun- tries ion the Balkan."

It is alleged that Piatakoff con- fessed .-that as a result of a meeting .between Trotsky and Hess, it Was agreed .that ?Germany should be given territorial concessions ¦ in

Russia and German Industrialists* al- lowed to exploit, iron, oil, coal and timber concessions. The indictment also instances the wrecking of trains involving casualties allegedly carried out by Borne prisoners on instruc- tions bf the, Japanese intelligence officer, "Mr. K."

.The indictment further charges Ratalchek, Pusheln, Gravsag, ¦'.'.. Shua-. toff and Strolloff with giving the



see sloi ave

. A Pei






(Continued on Page> 2.).


(Continued from Page 1.).

German 'secret'service particulars »of Russian military chemical and other plants.'

.¦The indictment names "' Piatakoff, Radek, Sokomikoff. and Serebriakoff as'-m'embers,,.:of ;a ;reseryefcentre ~or-: :ganiged (,.in 1933 -at .Trotsky's orders with 'various ¦subversive .'activities,-;in eluding ..the',.estabi^

groups -.'in'JMoscow,'"Lenin'grad)" Kelv, Rostov, Noyosibrisk, and many other towns and ;with . t.hei,as?asslnatlon of Soviet leaders. .'.'¦¦?¦'

Piatakoff, with greying - reddish: moustache ..and ,.a...goatee, .faced tljje microphone'i for ari hour atrthe_ hight session,;in>the^so-cijiiied ^'aliVof'death and calmly reclted>-detalls fof if the con^ spiracy including deliberate wastage bf stores ; and- machinery v valued at several; million pounds sterling in idb^ens. of A factories. ;

Radek, in '¦ evidence, ' submitted" his parjUclpatlonJn the plot. to kill Klro'ff Stalin's lieutenant,', who \ was assassi- nated" in 1934!"¦- '.'. * I

The Prosecutor t (Vishlnsky) asked

him whether' he was aware that

terrorism' was punishable by death.

'.'R$deic;;'replied with 'the 'shadow of a .smile ^i.Have^noknowledge of the 'CTi.rnlnai'c'ode.''''''! :;""" ¦;: ' ''¦ ?"

:'.Ylshinsky ' reported ^grimly "You Will .kridw,.lt 'when 'the trial has 'erid cd,'" i-japd,/ Radek, amid5 laughter,' said "But r shan't know it .for'Vdrig.''

;?Bukljartzev admitted:-he .knew the gu^ltV!vpurpose 'of Piatakdff's .visit

with Sokomikoff who 'also admitted

Buiitv;..';; ".";"'.¦".. "?""'.:'. ,\,' ?>?

.TjierJudge intimated, the names pf. ,of,Qei;man,high'pfflcials - who .were;

allegedly to.approve finally pf -Trot?

siiy.'s I arrangementSj .with :;Hcss with the:...^sei;ve,,of;.Si''sccrctV'cientre.'' ¦ ;.'

" iT-'heicourtVadjourned; '-.;ii-". .-.-'? ¦'>



<;,._ ^NEW YORK, Saturday.'¦¦'¦;'

. Leon Trotsky^ in an exclusive copy; right Interview with the North American Newspaper ?¦ Alliance, ¦' says "The'f first; trial -'was a cruel ^fiasco, making. necessary the¦ -setvpnd. trial: JTIljie'jce;/was,.not.ii. ;w^rd 'pf truth iii the rieW .accusations 'pr:"th'e;;pldr;ones. - ri ,wish ,to .ask_^^in'.fpr/;an.|nterna«onT al body,,pf .ihyies.tigatlon compromis- ing outstanding personalities of riurii 'er'ous.icountfies,.to,which I will subu- nit ¦ all correspondence ^ pince j 1928. . I will haunch new 'defiance .to the falsie flers|, > I promise. to. .demonstrate be fdre such' a commission > that Josej>h Stalin: ls the organiser of ..the.; great- est politicar-crimes''in"¦.'the -world's history."


/BERLIN,. .Sunday.

-Thc Ministry for ^Propaganda ;.des7 cribes the anti-German.,allegationsI as pure'-nonsense and ^describes trials; of such*nature as*a' sham. ' "? *