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The State -Premiership

Cananore Defeat N. Launceston

Interesting Gama

In summer-like weather Cananore won the' Stat«-premiership at 'the North Hobart ground on Saturday for the third year in succession, defeating North Launceston, the Northern Asso- ciation premiers', by 17 points after a close and Interesting game. The match

attracted nearly 6,000 ptople. His Ex- - cellency the.. -Ooytrnor (Sir James O'Qrady) was ' present. The game was marred by the sudden death of Mr. Lowther Gorrlnae, father of the wHUknown Cananore rover, at the half-time interval. Al- though the -League premiers played the second half of-the game with only 17 men they finished ' stronger than . their opponsnts, and, except for a short period In the third quarter, al- ways held the Itad. .

Saturday would have been better suited for a cricket match than a hard bumping game of football. The heat almost reach- ed mid-summtr.-lntenslty, and the surface of the oval was-iiard, despite the liberal watering It lind been ¿Wen during the week. Prom the spectator's point of view, the day was perfect, but the players swelt- ered under their exertions, and the visitor« in particular tired badly toward the finish. The game proved to he most Interesting much more Interesting,than most expect- ed. After starting off " Indifferently the Northern premiers settled down, and dur- ing the last three-quarters had Cananore extended until half-way through the fll*»l term. Gorrlnge, who had been playing Sparkling football, of course, left the ground as soon as .tltft .death of his father, who was amongst the Spectators, became known, and' Cananore were a player shon for half of the game. .The tragedy also had a depressing effect on the team, and their play in the opening stages of the third quarter lacked dash and vim. How- ever, even allowing for' this, North Laun- ceston played,a-ftno-game,' although they were obviously up against a much stronger team. Their high marking Was first class, and their kicking good; but they possessed the big Northern falling of over-indulgence In running with the ball. They also adopt- ed questionable tactics In paying too much attention to Ahearne, the Cananore fuU forward. A player was detailed off especi- ally to watch» him, :put_..he made rather a poor fist of his task. " Every lime the ball was sent to Ahearne he bubtled him, with the result that Ahearne was awarded numorous free-kicks. Fortunately for the visitors, however1, the crack forward was in poor kicking form, ahd his tally of goals was not high.- The move certainly proved costly, as, apart from what goals Ahearne did kick, a number were, obtained by the player left unguafaea--ln order to cover Ahearne. North Launceston showed splen- did pace, particularly' In the second quar- ter ana In this opening stage» of the third quarter. Their rucks held their own against those of Cananore, and honours in the air were fairly evenly divided. They were, however, lacking in team work and in a knowledge ot.i»any of tho finer points of the game. Across the centre they wero badly beaten, and It was mainly due to Cananore's supremacy In this part of the Held that the visitors failed. Cananore's shooting for goal was again most erratic, as their tally of 20 singles Indicates. Numerous easy «hots "only realised singles, which Included two "posters," and others went out of bounds. But for this Canan- ore would have gained a more comfortable win than they did. - .


'The"Governor, attended by his Private Secretary (Mr,-ST E. Somers) arrived a¡í the ground-shortly perore the commence- ment of the match, and was met by the president of the League (Hon. C. J. Eady, M.L.C.), thevmalrman ot the League (Mr, P. H. Mitchell), and the secretary (Mr. J. A Edwards). "Prior to the commence ment of the game His Excellency present- ed the medals donated by the Government Insurance Office for 'the winning com- bination in the triangular contests, to the members -of the Southern team and. the 1Ô2G League premiership medals to the president of the Cananore Club (Mr. C. Cooper). He also presented the Wilson J. Balley medal for tho fairest and best Slayer <}f the season, to K. Roberts, of tha

lew Town Club, offering him lils special congratulations oirwrtmlng such a coveted honour. At'itho instance of J. Charles- worth, captain of the Cananore team, three cheers were given, by the players for His Excellency.

Elroctly'the match finished the Governor

then paid a visit to Gananoro's dressing rooms and offered the team his hearty con- gratulations on their splendid win. He made special Toferenco to the sad circum- stances which had necessitated their rover leaving the field-at-lwdí-tlmc, and asked that his sympathy bo conveyed to him and

his family.

The attendance numbered 5,700, and the gate receipts amounted to £274. North Launceston were minus the services of their ¿coach (F. Odgers), who was suffer- ing from an Injured shoulder, and Good fellow was an absentee ' from Cananore's ranks. The teams-wer-e :


Backs: Maddock, G. C. Johns, Sutton. Half-baoks: Sellars, Scott, Stuart.

Centre: Austin, Charlesworth, Lucas.

Half-forwards:- Cooke. R. Johns, Cum- ming. *

Forwards: Hill, Ahearne, Groombridge. Followers: Pringle, Franks, Gorrlnge.


Backs: Snowball, Terry, Ingles.

Half-backs: Wyly. Harding, Rouse.

Centre: Dllger, Galtskell. McQueen.

Half-forwards: Arch«, Fleming, Atkins. Forwards: Scott, Adams, Padman.

Followers: Munro, Summers, Elmer.


Cananore dominated the play in the first quarter, and but for their erratic kicking in front of goal would have obtained a very substantial lead. iThey displayed superior team work, and a better knowledge of the finer points of the game. The visitors ñad Rouse detaLlëd-off.especIally to watch Ahearne, which was a'hig compliment to the Cananore full-forward, but the scheme was ineffective. The Northerner paid no attention to the ball, being too Intent on dogging Ahearne'« ' footsteps and making him piesents of-free-kicks. However, for- tunately for the visitors, Ahearne was In poor kicking form...hut the loose forward given Cananbre did -a (food deal of harm. Ahcarne's 'first free-kick i resulted in a single, two minutes after fñe game had been In orogress. Scott delighted the crowd by his spectacular marking that held In check the North Launceston attacks

that followed, and HIllj the unguarded for- ward, recelvlng'"tnê"T>aH, as a result of one of the'numerous sallies he Initiated, kicked Cdnanore's second single When the ball was kicked in the elusive Gor- rlnge dived in front of the pack, and run- ning in goaled seven minutes after the start. Galtskell,.. who was being over- shadowed by-Charlesworth In the centre, carno . through ih nice style to pass to Adams, who opened the visitor's scoring with a single, nine minutes after the game had started. The -same player re

peated the score almost immediately after- wards, and following a point kicked by Hill, Cananore's loose forward, he brought off a spectacular mark and kicked the visitor'« third single When Cananore re- sumed the attack Rouse again molested Ahearne, the jesuit of the free-kick being Cananore's ' second goal Cananore then maintained a series of attacks Gorrlnge added a single, but Franks went one bet- ter from a free-kick obtained as the re- sult of the Interfering tactics of the visitors' back players. Canandre continued to show out to advantage with their team work, and although North Launceston de- fended strongly, and held their own In the ruóles, their efforts were being nullified by their tendency to over-run with the boll Dimer, who was giving a clever display as rover for the visitors, was responsible for their first« goal from a clever screw k'clc seven minutes before the bell Cananore maintained their attacks, and Gorrlnge, passing to .Hill the latter kicked his side s fourth goal The scores at quarter time

were -

Q. B. Pts. Cananore ..4 8 32 North Launceston ..1 3 9


The visitors showed considerable im provement In the second quarter, and Cananore were forced back on the defen- sive for the greater part of the term When Galtskell sent forward from the Centre Adams leapt high to mark in brilliant style, and his shot realised North La,u,n ceston's second goal, two minutes after the resumption The visitors continued to presB forward, and after singles had been added by Adams and Fleming, Scott rais- ed cheers when he brought down a sky scraping mark a few feet out from tne goal mouth The visitors, who were now playing with splendid dash, were at last rewarded with another goal when Elmer smartly snapped the boll put of the fringe of a scrimmage and took a pot-shot Can- anore then took up the offensive for the first time systematic play on the part of Austin, Pringle and Cooke enabling Cum- ming to take aim at a clear goat but h» could only manage a single Snowball and Wyly were prominent in defence for the visitors, and turned aside the manv Cananore attacks that followed but Cum- ming broke a scoreless period when he marked brilliantly from Lucas and goaled half-way through the quarter The p»av was even and the visitors were giving a good display In the air Cananore s for- wards were given numbers of opportuni- ties to score but their kicking was most erratic, many of the shots carrs ing out of bounds A couple of minutes before the bell Adams again brought off a fine mark from which he goaled, bringing North Launceston s score to within ten points of Cananore s scor6 The scores at half

time were -

G. B Pts Cananera . 5 10 - 40 North Launceston 4 6 - JO


the sid occurrence during the hah* tin«» Inter*, al had a noticeable effect on the players and the crowd For most of we quarter Cananoro played in a spiritless style while the absence of their rover

from tile field considerably weakened the side The visitors took up the offensive Immediately on the resumption, and a long shot lb} Galtskill realised a single Play had only been in progress for ten minutes before North Launceston assumed the lead for the first time From a free kick shot Elmer added a single and Adams foi

lowed suit after marking in good style A goal by Sommers from a shot out of the ruck brought North Launceston to within a point of Cananore s score and a couple of singles put them in front. Sellars with a spectacular dash half the length of tile ground turned the offensive aside and Ahearne opened Cananore s scoring ac count with a single Charlesworth then I egan to assert his superiority In the cen tre once again and when ho drove weil forward Ahearne was again molested by his vigilant opponent right in front out. he continued to kick erratically and his shot hit the post A chain of marks tho length of the ground commencing with the kick off by Terrs and In -Which Galt skell B Scott and Snowball participated waB a bright patch in the visitors play a point being the result Cananore continued to kick erratically Ahearne could ohly manage bingles from a mack and a fret kick and i ranks could do no leitet with a shot right In front North I/iuttceston a supporters cheered when Padman marked light In ftont and put the visitors once again in the lead by goallng Cananore s play up to this stage had been lackln0 in sparkle but Charlesworth Infused li e Into the game when he "bustled Ms way through i^om the centre and with one of his long drop kicks put Franks Into possession The latter hand balled to Ahearne who goaled Cananore were playing In their first quarter stylo and it was onlj a minute later when Cooke at.

ceptlng a hand pass from Aliearnc add« 1 another goal Charlesworth s powerful play in tho centre enabled the League premle-s to play an attacking game One of his long driving kicks was marked bs

Groombridge who kicked the third sue cesslve goal got in as many minutes Pringle spoiled the sequence of goals j missing two easy shots and when North Launceston rallied just on time a chance shot by Limer bounced through an Jn guarded goal the scores at thiee quarter time being -

G B Pts Cananore 8 17 - 65 North Launceston 7 12 - 54


Vlthougl) the visitors battled (.amelv In the final quarter thej w ere unable to mal e any headway against the more sysrematli. play of their opponents Adams from a pot shot added a single a minute after he resumption A spectacular passage of concerted plaj between Austin R Johns Hill and Cooke resulted In ti poster and Hill after a good deal of manoeuvrlrg got another point Stuart who hal taken Gorrlnge s place as rover was The outstanding player for Cinanore Wh?n he passed to Pringle the latte- added an. other single but when he took a shot hlin self he kicked a beautifully judged go ii The visitors made desperate efforts to re duce the deficit Fleming from a fre«

kick goaled and a shot by Munro was magnificently marked by D Scott a f e v -yards outside the goal line Canano-e then resumed the attack and although the ball Was lards anas Ahearne was again bustled From the Inevitable freo

kick he sent to within i couple of feet of the goal mouth and Pringle snapping the ball up goaled A feature of the plav was a beautiful airplane ¿mik b\ Ahearne taken feet over the heads of the pack but he was disallowed the kict Adams again goaled for North through an open passage when the ball was returned, but Immediately it was brought back t> the centre Stuart iwas sent sprawling and his long shot again realised a goal Tac Northerners retaliated with a goal by Adams who ran to the line without op position but Cananore lost no time in replvlng Ahearne being responsible Can anora were then 19 points in the lead with seven minutes left In which to plas In the closing stages of the game the\ ei*,ed down and D Scott was transferred from the back to the forward line The -visitors added two more singles the final stores being -

G B Pts 12 20 - 92 10 15 - 75


Chailesworth WJS the outstanding ila\M on the field his centre play being ma1nl\ responsible for Cananore s win When lils team seemed to be becoming disorganised owing to the depressing effect of the death of Gorrlnge s lather he infused life into the game by his dashing sallies through the opposing bock lines Scott was the main stay In defence his high marking being an outstanding feature of the match Stuart gave a particularly clever displa*. when he assumed the role of rover and Gorrlnge up till the time of his departure from the field was playing In his us mt clever st>le Cooke was the best of the forwards arid of the others Ducos \n

tin, Ahearne, Pringle, Franks, and Hill

were the best.. , .

Elmer gave a particularly clever dis- play of roving for'the visitors. He.dis- played" smartness in handling the ball, and showed ' out to advantage with his long kicking. Snowball was a tower of strength on the back line, and also when following, ?and Wyle also gave a reliable display on the back line. Adams marked well, and his four goals were -well earned. Sum miners and Munro were a pair of solid rov- ers, and Dllger showed smartness as a wing player. The most .prominent of tno 'remainder were Atkins, Gaitskell, and


, The goal-kickers were:-Ahearne (31, Stuart (2), Gorringe, Franks, Pringle, Cumming, Groombridge, Hill, and Cooke. North .Launceston: Adams'(4), Elmer (3). Padman, Summers, and Fleming. "

' J. ' McMurray ;gave a splendid exhibi- tion of umpiring, being consistent with all his decisions, and master of . the situation at all times. ' '




1 , 'LONGFORD. October 9.

A first-rate^ game'of-football marked the close of the season at Longford on Satur- day afternoon,.the occasion being a match between Hie Longford and . North Hobart clubs on-tfie Longford ground. The weath- er was beautifully warm- and bright; In fact, a little too hot for the players.

?North'Hobart: Bonnltcha' (capt.), Wad .ley, Edwards. McKay, Whitney. Rait, Fitzgerald, Kellett, Wise, Beattie,' Stevens, Pinch, Carter, B. Edwards, Felmingha«, Moore, Self, and Parker. . ,

Longford: H. Smith (capt.). Rawnsley, Herbert, Croome, Fisher, .Legro, Eyles, Eley, Summers, Henry, I. and J. Dean, C. Hughes. Wise, Dennis, Stokes, Gaffney, Coward.

The game opened vigorously .with a slight breeze in favour of North Longford soon got on the offensive, and Eyles started the scoring with a sixer within fifteen seconds of the bounce. Smith getting a second a few moments later. The visitors then took a hand, and Rait raised the two flags on three occasions, and Carter also added one. The scores at quarter time were:

G. B. Pts. North Hobart. 4 4 28 Longford. 2 2 14

Early in the second quarter the vigour of the home team had the visitors on the defensive. Eyles again got first score with a goal by a splendid kick. The ball then went to the other end, and Carter goaled from a mark in front. From this stage Longford had somewhat tho better of the play, but owing to erratic kicking only singles were recorded, until Stokes found the opening. This he repeated shortly


Half-time scores'- ,

' G. B. Pts. North Hobart ... ..8 7 55 Longford.t .. .. 7 12 54

After the Interval North assumed the of- fensive, and after a succession of singles Carter, Tro"m a chance in front, had rath- er bad luck In hitting the post, but soon followed with a nice goal. Longford at- tacked, and Herbert secured a sixer. Three-quarter time scores:

G. B. Pts. North Hobart.11 12 78 Longford. 9 17 71

In the last quarter the scores were even on two occasions, play being fast. After a point had been scored' for the visitors, Eyles got Longford's tenth goal, putting his side within two points of the lead Longford, through Smith and Stokes mak- ing, minors, evened the scores, and a few minutes later Rait put up North twelfth goal. Amid excitement I. Bean kicked Longford's eleventh goal, thus once more bringing the totals together. North then fained a point, and shortly before the bell

yles forwarded, and Stokes marked and goaled for the home team, who won by five points. Final scores:

G. B. Pts.

Longford.12 19 91 North Hobart .... 12 14 86

Goal-klckert.:-For Longford: Eyles (4), Stokes (3), Smith" (2), J. Bean, Herbert, and I.-Bean. For North Hobart: Rait (4), Carter <4), Wise (3), McKaj.

L. Boxhall umpired.

The wind-up dinner of the Longford Club took place in the evening, when,the Hobart visitors w'ere present.


Lefroy Win State Premiership

Last Quarter Victory

Lefroy Juniors and Launceston B grado were evenly matched when they contested the State premiership at the North Hobart ground on Saturday as a curtain-raiser to the Cnnanoio-North Launceston game. Both sides played fast and vigorous foot- ball, and the -visitors showed superiority in handling the ball. In the final term, however, they tired perceptibly, and Le froy's determined attacks gave them vic- tory hy 15 points. Tho visitors were with- out the services of P. Turnei, who return- ed to launceston as the result of a family bereavement.



Backs: Newman, Chipman, Alnswoith (captain).

Half-backs: Malone, Florence. Adcock. Centres: Parsons, Gillett, Feltham.

Half-forwaids: Hood, Stott, Burton. Forwards: Griggs, Adams, Sproule.

Followers: Lyons, Bradshaw, Lestei.


Backs: Robert », Shields, Mollison.

Half-backs: Lithgow, Room, Salisbury. Centres: Cooper, Freeman, Cox. *

Half-forwards: Kelly, Jensen (captain), Baker.

Forwards: Christian, Freeland, Ilewlt


Followers: Marshall, Russell, Lovegrove.


Lefroy opened the attack, but It was not a sustained effort, and Kelly opened the scoring for Launceston with a point a few minutes from the bounce. Shortly after- wards an exchange between Kelly and

Hewltson enabled the latter to scoie the first goal. In the subsequent exchanges Lefroy scored two points In quick succes- sion, and then the play was In the centre for some time, with the back lines of each side proving reliable when an advance was threatened. Parsons, on the wing, was playing clever football, and participated in almos^ every forward move by Lefroy. On two occasions he gave possession to Sproule after carrying the ball along the wing, and Sproule goaled each time. Free- man, who was playing solidly in the centre, Roberts, Cooper, and Jensen were hard workers,in a series of attacks, but Hood, Newman, Adcock, and Parsons proved re- liable. A break-away In the centre bv Hood placed the ball well forward, and Adams snapped It up, and scored Lefroy's third goal. The Northerners pressed con- tinually In the last few minutes, and Jen- sen, Hewltson, and Freeman were out- standing. Goals came from Baker, Chris- tian, and Freeland, and at the change the

scores weie.

G. B. Pts. Launceston . 4 2 - 26 Lefroy. 3 3 - 21


In the second quarter the visitors dis- played superiority in handling the ball, and falling into position. South attacked early and Adams scored a fine goal from the boundary line. Kelly and Roberts proved too strong in subsequent advances bv Lefroy, and forced the ball forward. Hood was the outstanding man in defence at this stage, andi.efroy were slow to the ball and did not make the best use of opportuni- ties. North were also showing slight superiority in the air, and Freeman par- ticularly was prominent with his splendid marking and long drl\es from the centre

Into the forward line. Freeland, Kelly, and Christian each added a goal as a result of the persistent attacks of the visitors. Lefroy attacked frequently, but the Laun- ceston backs rose to the occasion and the home team could only manage a couple of points. The Northern side had estab- lished a good lead at half-time, when the

scores were:

G.. B. Pts. Launceston. 7 5 47 Lefroy. 4 6 30


The teams were evenly matehed In a vigorous third quarter. Early advances by Launceston were staved off by Lefroy, till Kelly ran In and scored a goal from an angle shot, making the difference in the scores nearly four goals.- Lefroy brought the ball forward, and Sproule goaled. The Northerners again showed a glimpse of their superiorlt}' orthe previous quarter, and for some time Lefroy s backs were working hard. . Only points resulted, however, and a temporary transfer of the play enabled -Adams tq goal. Freeman, Lithgow, Marshall, Room, Russell, Love grove, and Baker came Into prominence for Launceston, while Stott, Chipman, Par- sons, and Adcock were solid workers for Lefroy. After exchanges In the centre, Lefroy hammered at Launceston's goal for a time, but the. kicking was wild, and there was 'no material Increase In the score. The Northerners were on the' de- fensive during the latter part of the quar- ter, and staved off Lefroy's attacks suc- cessfully. The scores at the end of the quarter were:

C. B. Pts. Launceston. 8 9 57 Lefroy. 6 9 45


For the first half of the last term, the Northerners managed to maintain the difference in the scores, but in the con- cluding stages they tired, while Lefroy finished vigorously. Lefroy%seored a point soon after the start, and a goal by Adams reduced the lead to five points. For a time Launceston attacked, but the ball was forced back and Chipman, now playing forward, placed it In the goalmouth, where It was snapped up by Adams, who scored his fifth goal, placing Lefroy a point in the lead. A point by Launceston brought the scores level, and then Hewltson found an open goal, and placed the visitors In the lead again. A chain of marks between Room, Jensen, and Freeland enabled the last-mentioned to goal. Lefroy pressed forward perM&tently. and when there were ten minutes remaining. Adams goaled, and Lefroy' gained tile lead by a point when Chipman added a similar score. When the ball was forced down again, Adams goaled again, and soon after Ainsworth and Lester each added a goal, placing Lefroy 21 point* in front. Just before the game ended Freeland goaled, and the final scores were:

G.. B. Pts. Lefroy. 13 13 91 Launceston. 11 10 76

The goal-kickers, were:

Lefroy: Adams (7), Sproulo (J), Chip- man, Ainsworth, and Lester.

Launceston: Freeland (I), Hewltson (2), Christian (2), Kelly (2), and Baker.

The outstanding for the winners, were

Stutt, Adams, Hood, Adcock, Parsons,, Chipman, Gillett, and Sproule, and for Launceston Freeman, Roberts, Jensen, Freeland, Cooper, Room, Marshall, and






CYGNET, October II.

Before a record attendance at Cygnet on Saturday, Kermandie met and defeated Huonville. The ground was -in good con- dition, and a hard and willing game re- sulted, which was marred by an incident In the second quarter, when Dowling, of Huonville, was Injured by a Kermandie player. The spectators rushed the ground, and several fights were Indulged In by the supporters. The game was held up for about 30 minutes.

The teams took the field as follows:

Huonville: R. Bowden (capt.), F. Bow- den, J. Bell, J. Tannti, L. Tanner, Morey, oxley. Dowling, K. Page, L. Page, Walton, Griffiths, Lovell, Calvert, Smart. B. Stan- ley. A. Stanley, T. Harris.

Kermandie: A. Geeves (capt.). J. Rob- ertson, P. Geeves, B. Geeves, K. Geeves, D. Burgess, A. Burgess, B. Burgess, L. Knight, S. Gane, sen., S. Gane, E. Lincoln, Studley, Phuir, Man-lot," 'fWessen, Thomp- son, Nicholls.

Geeves, on winning the toss, elected to kick with the wind. Huonville forwarded, and Morey, from a free-kick, raised both flags. A strong attack by Kermandie and a chain of marks by Knight and Ganes (2), resulted in Gane, sen., finding the opening. The quarter time scores were: Kermandie, 2-7; Huonville, 1-2.

Kermandie forwarded early in the sec- ond quarter, but a good mark by Bell sav- ed Huonville. An affray now occurred In which Dowling was hurt, and had to leave tho ground. Nice plav by Knight, Nicholls, and B. Geeves gave the lastnomed a chance, which he made full ubo of. Ker- mandie again forwarded, but F. Bowden, who was playing good football, i-aved, and passed to It. Bowden, but Harriot, with a dash broko through Huonville's forwards. K. Page passed to Stanley, whose shot brought up the two flags. Walton, from a difficult angle, again goaled. Ker- mandie were attacking strongly at the bell. Scores: Kermandie, 2-14; Huonville, 2-3.

Bowden-brothers frustrated an attack by Kermandie when the third quarter was en- tered upon. Nicholls, playing fine foot- ball, passed to B. Geeves, who managed a major. Kermandio now were playing all over their opponents, Knight's spectacular marking being a feature. B. Geeves kick- ed his third goal, and Gane sen. also came with one, and Knight followed suit. Huon- ville now attacked, but poor kicking by their forwards resulted In a couple of points only. At three-quarter time the scores were:-Kermandie, 7-Ifl; Huon- ville, 3-0.

Both teams started off with plenty ot vim for the final. Dowling reappeared for Huonville. Marriot checked an assault by Huonville. Phair, with a dashing run put Kcrmandie's forward in possession, but a point was the outcome. Bowden passed to Calvert, who kicked Huonville's fourth goal. Bowden again forwarded, and Tan nor, from a nice angle shot scored the pos- sible. The game was now very fast and willing, and two players indulged In fisti- cuffs. Dowling was Interferred with, but only one flag resulted from the free-kick. Kermandie forwarded, and B. Geeves scor- ed their eighth goal. Huonville, recover- ing,, passed forward, and Oxley scored the possible. A point by Calvert brought the play to a conclusion. Final scores:

G. B. Pts. Kermandie. 8 18 66 Huonville. 6 9 45

For the winners Knight played his best game so far In the Huon. Phair, Nicholls, Robertson, Gane (2), and- Marriot all play- ed excellent football. For Huonville Bow- den (2), Lovell, Walton, Calvert, Bell, and Stanley worked hard to avert defeat.

Corbett umpired.


As a curtain-raiser Huonville Juniors and Kermandie Juniors played for the junior premiership, Kermandie running out winner« by 13 points, Ford, Luttrell, and Thlessen showed out for the winners; and Ritchie and Cooper did well for Huonville. Word umpired.



WESTBURY, October 8.

A good attendance witnessed the match between Westbury and Deloraine this afternoon, under Ideal weather conditions. A good game resulted in a win for the home team by 26 points. By their win to- day, Westbury are now premiers of the Central Association.. Thoy were congratu- lated by the Deloraine captain on winning the premiership. Final scores: Westbury. !)-14: Deloraine. 5-12.