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Unique Expedition

During the last few weeks, inhabit- ants of some lonely way-back stations have rubbed their eyes at seeing a most unusual looking vehicle.

On close examination they decide that it is a motor caravan, and rtad on a nickel plate on the door "Expé- dition of Zoological Department-Na- tional Museum, Prague, Czecho-Slo


The expedition consists only of Dr. Jiri Baum (Director of the Museum) and his wife.

Inside the caravan, was a collection of weird and wonderful things. In specially built cupboards and fixtuies were an array of sliding rrays or drawers, which,hold glass containers In which were contentedly reposing a nice array of spiders, lizards, beetles

and other Australian natives.

Several consignments of our lizards and tarantulas have already been sent home to Prague by air mail, and they arrived safe and sound.

The whole caravan is a model of self-contained efficiency. It is built on a Tatra 2-ton chossis, with six 7.50-15 tyres, and the caravan body and special fittings were built by

Uhlik of Prague. The total weight is

4 tons.

Inside the caravan, in addition to the accommodation for "live stock," are bunks, a cooking stove, a dark room with running wai er for develop- ing photographs, and every conceiv- able convenience that Dr. i3s,un\ and Mrs. Baum and the designers of the fittings could think of to ensure com- fort and efficiency in the work of the


All the contingencies of this expedi- tion were carefully thought out in advance. So far there ha» been no accident, and only four punctures since the tyres were fitting on in I Prague.

Three months ago they left Prague with their Tatra and drove to Italy. The next time the doctor took the wheel was at Fremantle. They have driven overland from Fremantle to Sydney, calling at Adelaide, Mel- bourne and a number of country towns en route. Most of the time has been spent in the wilds, the doctor prowling around photographing and capturing his specimens, with Mrs. Baum as first lieutenant and chef.

They will go through Queensland, then to Japan, and homo via America. At one stage they were alone for l8 j days in the desert!