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CRICKET A NEW GROUND AT MAYLANDS. Although it was recently announced that an area of 84'acres would be granted for parks. gIrdens, and recrea tion grounds at Mount Lawley," which would serve the northern suburbs gene rally, a deputation waited on the Perth Road Board on Monday night to urge that a reserve of five-acres at Maylands should be levelled, top-dressed, and that it might be available for cricket and football. Messrs. Bott and Randell represented the W.A.C.A., and Mr. Page spoke on behalf of the May lands and Mount Lawley Cricket Clubs, while the football interests were delegated to Mr. W. Orr. of the W.A.F.A. and Mr. Lofts, Maylands Football Club. Messrs. Pearson. Osborne, Reid, and Underwood represented the ratepayers of Maylands and the Peninsula, who are closely concerned, as the money will have to be provided by them. It was pointed out to the board that the growth of Mount Lawley, Maylands. and. the Penin sula bad been rapid, and was bound to continue, and the want of a home cricket and football ground was acutely felt. Some of the leading. players of the State had their homes in the suburbs named, and were put to-great incon venience through havipg no facilities for practice 'afforded them. ' The, reserve at Maylands was undoubtedly small, but there were other grounds in the metro politan area even smaller,. and the rate payers' represenftatives eipressed .the opmion that provided the space would be always open to the women and children of the district they would be justified in supporting the propo.l.1. The chair man of the board (Mr.'.E. W. Hamer) thanked members of the deputation for their attendance, and said the board would godinto the matter without delay. Subsequently the board decided . to raise a loan of £700 for the formation of a sports ground, provided' with ia turf wicket, shelter shed, and dressing rooms, seats for the, public, and other conveni encees. but that no fence should be erect ed. Trees will be Idanted and the ground made as attractive as possible, the en gineer of .the board (Mir.: Hargrave) being: instructed to submit a plan of the proposed improvements. SMACLAREN'S TEAM IN' NEW ZEALAND. Wellington, Feb. 7. On Tuesday MacLaren's team, com menced a match at Palmerston :North against the .minor association. The visi tors batted first, and though the wicket was.:dead after heavy showers, they scored 306 for eight wickets, Calthorpe making'.136, Hartley 43, and Gibson not out 58. • INTERESTING FIGURES.-. Mr. W. R. King writes:--The mam moth score recorded by a second eleven of Victoria has no doubt caused many to dig up other records. The match in question is responsible for three world's. records, viz., highest individual score, highest single innings. and the biggest vctaory in first-:?iase cricket.'The win-by an innings and 00066 .runs beats 'New South Wales's' victory over South Aus tralia in. Sydney 22 years ago, when the home team scored 918 and won biy an innings and 605 runs. -In .1908' in Ade laide the New South Wales men scored 113 and won by an 'innings, and 527 runs. 'New South Wales has on five' occasions scored over 800 runs in inter state cricket; twice against Victoria and twice 'against South Australia, the re irainigiS one being at the expense i.f Tas mania. The highest Innings' played against the mother State was, I think, 511 by Victoria' in" their second:inniogs in 1908. The lowest 'score in first-class .cricket' in England is 12, by'. Oxford University 'and Northamprtonshire. In Australia it :is 15. when the Eng lishmen dismissed Victoria.f r that 'total in 1903, one man being absent. The highest aggregatein a ,first-class match-is'1,911 for 34 .wickets.. in the match New South. Wales versus Victoria in 190S. There were' seven individual centuries in this= match. OTHER MATCHES.: . An.interesting and extremely exciting match was played between Nor'=West Murchison. and W.A. Trotting Assoin . 'tion teams- on the W.A. Cricketing As. sociatidn's ground yesterday. As 'the Trotting Association was short of repro sentatives some. time• after that, art. ranged for starting, the Nor'-}West. ila.y ers decided to put ..them in first without tossiing for the preference. The Trot ting. Association, declared their... inmijigs. 6ldseil ihen 4 viel;ets haid frillen..:for: -211 runs. - The ,:Nor'-West-Murchf son had an hour and 10 minutes. to make. their, runs before. the drawaing of stumps. They opened with George Burt and Max well, and the former, who holds the fast scoring record of the State, made his first 50 in 14 minutes. 100 in 34 minutes, and the total score required to 'win the match was accomplished in 65 minutes. In fact the actual total of runs put to gether in the hour and 5 minutes ?as. 218 for' the loss of three wickets-a truly remarkable perforinance. Thbt principal scores were:-W.A. Trotting Associatioin: Wilson, 100 not out: Gas? nor, 52; Harwood.' 24; Townsend, ..19 Bowling: Clarkson 1 for. 27, Allnutt I for 29, Maxwell 1 for 32, Leslie 1 for 49. Nor'-West-Murchison: George Burt, 120'.(including 0 iiixers, cud 15 fours): Maxwell. 40: Allnutt, 21; Leslie, 10. Bowling: Walker, 2 for 2t;. Yarloop v. Cdolup. at Coolup. played on Sunday last. Scores:-Yarlocp. 60 (Meredith 11, Marshall 13). Bowling. Sinclair, 3 for 30; iIouse. 5 for 2j. -arloop, second innings. 73 (Kidd 10, Meredith 25, 'Henning 10). Bowling: Newman., 7 for 33; .Sinclair, 1 for 25; Leach, 2 for 11. Coclop, 32. Bowling: Regan. 4 for 17; A. Marshall, 5. for 10; Meredith. 1 for 3. Ceolup, second in nings. CG (House 34, Leach 10). Bowl ing: Regan 0 for 33, Marshall 3 for 32, Hoft 1 for 0.