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NEWS AND NOTES. Vice-Regal Speeches.-When the Leg islative Assembly met yesterday Mir. Angwin put the following question to the Premier:--"Have the Governor's in structions by the Imperial Government been altered of late to allow party poli tics to be discussed by him at public functions?" The Premier's answer was brief: "'In reply to the hon. gentleman, 'No.' " "Speeding Up" Parliament.-The ap proach of Christmas was indicated in the Legislative Assembly yesterday. The Premier (Sir James Mitchell) gave no tice of his intention to move that, for the remainder of the session, Govern ment business shall precede all motions and orders of the day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and each alternate Thurs day, beginning October 19. South Beach Bathing Facilities.--Ne gotiations between the Fremantle Coun cil and the Repatriation" Department. wi'th a view to the council acquiring a build ing, erected by the department on the Fremantle Oval, have been proceeding for some time. The council proposed to dismantle the building and re-erect it at South Beach for the purpose of provid ing dressing sheds for bathers and re freshment rooms. At the meeting of the council on Monday night the Mayor (Mr. F. E. Gibson, M.L.A.) reported that the rsimiant we me n z -

etoril and there were-reasons for be Slieving that a favourable reply would be received from the department. Infor- I mation' came to hand yesterday that the ofer of the council for' the purchase of a the building had been accepted by the I department and a special meeting of the I council has been called for Friday even- I ing when matters respecting the pur- g chase of the building and the most ex- a peditious method of its removal and re erection at South Beach will be dischssed. I The council desires to provide accommo dation for visitors- to the beach during the coming season. The Travelling Exhibition.--Goomal- 1 hing turned out in full force on Monday and Tuesday to view the display of "Made-in-W.A." goods. It speaks well for. the appeal and popularity of this movement when people drive in miles to see some of the many quality products of our own State. and the voluntary workers of the Westralian Industries League are more than repaid for their turduous work by the enthusiamn and interest of all sections of the community. Such a successful start promises well for this the second part of the State-wide tour of the travelling exhibition. Mt. Lawley-North Perth Soldiers' Me morials.-The unveiling and dedication of a memorial tablet will take place at Highgate Hill School, on Friday, Octo ber 20, at 3.45 p.m. as advertised else where in this issue. -It is the first of a series of four to be placed in the State schools of this district by citizens and members of the R.S.L. in Mt. -Lawley North Perth. The tablet is an excellent specimen of local workmanship executed in bronze.mounted on jarrah, and is at present on view at 123 William-street, Perth. Everyone is cordially invited to attend the ceremony which wil- be per sonally- conducted by his Excellency the Lieutenant Governor. Insurance Institute of Western Aus tralia-The annual general meeting of the Insurance Institute of Western Australia was held in the board room of the Fire Underwriters' Association of Western Australia last night. Mr. T. P. Aston, the retiring president, presided over a large attendance. After the annual re port and balance-sheet had been read. the following officers were elected: President, Mr. A. W. Pike; vice-president Mr. E. G. Pretty; committee, Messrs. T. P. Aston, W. N. Atkins, H. W. Bailey, and W. A. Hutchinson; secretary and treasurer, Mr. A. D. Cooper; assistant secretary, Mr. J. Ashby; and auditor, Mr. J. L. Lapsley. The retiring members of the committee were Messrs. C. H. Cerlewis ad F. J. Davies, who by the constitution of the institute were not eligible for re-election. The resignation of Mr. J. S. Maddison as a member of the committee was also accepted, on ac count of his having been transferred from this State to South Australia. At the conclusion of the annual meeting a smoke social was held, the musical pro gramme being contributed to by leading Perth vocalists, and the Perth Banjo Team. Congregational Union.-The meetings of the annual assembly of the Congrega ional Union were continued yesterday afternoon at Trinity Church. After de votional services by the Rev. 'D. Pieton Jones, the following officers were elected to the council for the ensuing year: Chairman: Mr. H. W. Bevilaqua; secre tary, Mr. W. .D. Robinson; treasurer, Mr. H. Hocking; financial secretary, Mr. F. Helsham. Greetings were sent to the Baptist Union, at present in session, and the South Australian Congregational Union. The Rev. W. G. Cowley was receiv ed as a ministeqial member. The annual re port of the.executive setting out the deno minational work of the church for the past 12 months was read and adopted. The re port of the financial secretary stated that the receipts for the year for home missions were £1,247. the overdraft be ing reduced from £442 to £349.. Reports dealing with the Chapel Building Bo ciety, Ministers' Provident Fund, Board of Studies and Council of Churches, were received. In the evening the Rev. Williamson Legge delivered an interest ing address on "The Church in Being." The meetings will be continued to-day when reports dealing with home mission work and women's auxiliary will be dis cussed. Mass Production.---On Monday night members of the Perth division of the In stitution of Engineers of Australia heard Associate Professor A. Tomlinson read a paper on "Mass 'Production." Prof. Tomlinson urged, inter alia, standardisa tion of parts and organised storage of material Under proper packing condi tions, for instance, one could watch three motor cars being assembled. Fitters would come along with spanners, 'lift each part needed from its box and build the cars without the use of chisel or hammer. That was a vindication of standardisation. Workshop efficiency' could be increased by the exhibition of slow-speed cinema fims showing the motions of an expert machine operator. Discussion followed. Mr. H. S. W. Iaw son mentioned the lack of standardised water supply taps. In his view, Aus tralia coukld not compete successfully with other countries without standardisation, plus payment by results. Another speaker criticised the refusal of Gov ernment departments to adopt a stan dard railway rail after either British or American types were adopted. Profes sor Tomlinson, in reply. pointed out the scientific basis of the United States' in quiry into standardisation and advocted the American flhat-bottomed rail Fremantle War Memorial-Indicieating the optimism prevailing among members of the committee of the Frenmntle memo rial to fallen sailors and soldiers, a re quest by the committee that the coun cil should put in hand at an early date the construction of a roadway leading to the site of the proposed memorial on Monument Hill wa\s received by the Fre

mantle Council and it was discussed at the meeting of the council on Monday evening. It was pointed out that the road was necessary for the carting of material to be used in the construction of the memorial, which will cost several thousands of pounds. The request was referred to the works committee of the council. No trouble is being spared by the memorial committee in its efforts to obtain the sum required for the erec tion of the memoriaL Arrangements have been made with the Perth Horticul tural Society to hold a flower show in the Fremantle Town Hall on the even ing of Wednesday, October 25. and~the whole of the proceeds will be devoted to the objects of the memorial funds. The society has placed at the disposal of the memorial committee tables, holders and other material, and horticulturists in the Fremantle area are invited to sub mit exhibits of all kinds of flowers for honorary competition.. There will be a short musical programme and refresh ments will be on sale at reasonable prices. . Other attractions will include a guessing competition. The committee states that no entry of flowers will be refused. Bank of Adelaide.--The Perth branch of the Bank of Adelaide was opened yes terday in the recently-purchased Surrey Chambers, St. George's-terrace, under the manfgement of Mr. H. A. Chester, who has been 40 years in the bank's ser vice and who prior to coming to Perth was branch inspector in South Austra lia, and before that manager at Port Pirie. 'This State is advancing," he said yesterday, "and the agency became so E large that we had to open a branch, fol lowing the policy adopted in Sydney, Mel bourne and London." The manager of the Melbourne branch (Mr. W. J. Coffey) had been in Perth for a month preparing for.the opening, and will return to Mel s bourne in a few days. Arrangements had been made to start in temporary premises in 'William-street, but this plan was abandoned when Surrey Chambers was purchased, and the bank awaited the ex piration of the Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Company's lease before opening in the offices at the corner of the building. The Bank of Adelaide was incorporated in 1865. Its authorised capital is f2,000,000, of which £625,000 is paid up, and the reserve fund amounts to £650,000. while the reserve liability of shareholders is £625,000. Speaking at a special general meeting of share holders in Adelaide last week, when it was. decided to increase the capital by the creation and sale-of 50.000 new shares of £5 each, the chairman of di rectors (Mr. A. Waterhouse) said that the Western Australian branch would re e quire more or less support, according to e the nature of the business which might - be presented. It must be expected to r make demands on capital at any rate at first. . GENERAL NEWS. At to-night's meeting of the Labour Study Circle the subject for discussion will be "The Modern Theory of Colonisa C tion." from Karl Marx's "Capital." The management of the Theatre Roval have very kindly arranged to screen the e picture "Over the Hill," before the in e mates of the Fremantle prison. o Mrs. McGowan Kitching, of Cape t Town, South Africa, will give a lecture to women only, at 81 Pier-street, to morrow. Thursday. at 8 p.m. e All ladies of Mt. Lawley and North Perth willing to assist the Mt. L~wley e North Perth Bs.L. on A amisee Da, Nov er 1. -a!n o __%"~

meet the B.S.L. eommatee to-orrew (Thursday) afternoon at a30, at the Lyceum T2eatze. In a paragraph in yesterday's issue announcing his appointment to an ofeial position in British Somaliland, Mr. B. A. Farquharson, Petrologist to the Mines Department, was, owing to a typo graphical error referred to as "patholo gist." The weekly session of community sing ing will be held in the Town Hall to-day (Wednesday) froin 12.30 to 1.30. Mr. A. J. Leckie. Mus. Bac. will be the con ductor; and Mr. E. S. Craft the accom panist. The new leaflets recently print ed will be used. A full attendance is expected, and a fine programme of old favourites will be carried out. The October meeting of the Perth Horticultural Society will be held to morrow (Thursday) evening in St. Gebrge's Hall Mr. C. G. Hamilton, of the Education Department, will con clude his lecture on "Plants and Plant Life," and the usual competitions will take place. In addition a special prize of bulbs to the value of 10s., donated by Mr. W. .I. White, of Swan View. will 'be offered for the best single spike of gladiolus shown. This will be open to all comers. The public is invited. MEETINGS. .A. meeting of the Clothing Trades Union will be held to-night at the Trades Hall The general liusiness meeting of the Perth branch of the Women's Service Guild will be held at 81 Pier-street next Friday afternoon. Attention of members is dieeted to the meeting of the Perth central branch of the Protestant Federation being held in No. 3 room of Queen's Hall to-morrow at 8 p.m. . Attention is directed to an advertise ment appearing elsewhere in this issue calling a public meeting to discuss what form the North Fremantle Fallen Sol diers' Memorial shall take, and where it shall be erected. Reliable Ceilings at a reasonable price by sheet or case lots, .in art metal, ceifyte, durabeetos. Wnderlich, Imited, Factory, Lord and Newcastle sts., car No. 22. Cats loguas, price list free. As advertised elsewhere, a meeting of players and supporters of the North Freman tle. "B" Grade football team will be held at Rose Hotel, this evening. Attention is directed to an advertisement appearing elsewhere, ?atifying holders .of invitationa and others that a social evening will be held in Artillery Barracks, Fremantle, to-morrow, commencing at 8 p.m. Showme, caterers, and others are re ferred to an advesrtiaemea in another col amn in connetion with applications for stalls and apace in Carival Square. The attention of architects, beilders, and contractors, land and estate agents, machin ery firma, and others, likely to require high class photographs in country districts is drawn to the advertisement of Illustrations, Ltd, in the public notices column of this issue. The usual weekly euchre toumament will be held in the- Temperance Hall (down stairs), Museum-street, Perth, to-night, at 8. The nineteenth annual "Perth's Own Dance" will be held in the Perth L~terary Institute Hall next Saturday night. Special supper accommodation will be arranged in St. George's (main) HalL Miss Ethel Philp will hbold her adnlt learners' class at the Y.A.L. Hall, Hay-street, to-night. A grand gala carnival will be held on nea: Saturday night. Miss Olga Philp will hold her usual juve nile, learners' and advanced classes to-day, in the East Fremantle Town Hall, and her Guy Fawkes masquerade, earnival on Wed nesay, Novhmber L The Perth Hebrew Literary Society will hold their annual plai, fanc drs, and poster ball to-night, in the rice's Hall, Brisbane-street. A dance in aid of the Home of Peace will be held this evermi at Brown's Academy, 100 Murray-street.