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MAYLANDS RAILWAY FACILITIES INSPECTION BY THE MINISTER. As an outcome of representations from time to time made to the authorities, the Minister for Railways (Mr. P. Collier) visited Maylands on Monday afternoon and inspected the site of the proposed crossing at Seventh avenue. The Minister was met by the mem ber for the district (Mr. C. J. Lewis, M.L.A.). who introduced a deputation comprising members of the Perth Roads Board, the chief officer of the Fire Brigades Board, Dr. McWhae, Rev. Father Lynch, Mr. L. R. Honey, and other prominent residents of the district. Mr. C. E. Chappell (chairman of the Roads Board) referred to the negotiations which had already taken place culminating in the Department's proposal to erect an overhead bridge at a cost of over £2,000, provided the crossing at Government-road were closed. The great development which had taken place in the district, and the many other rea sons for the work were put forward by Mr. Chappell. who stated that the ratepayers would not sanction the closing of the exist- ing "crossing which was the only means of getting from one side of the line to the other between the railway stations of Maylands and Bayswater, about two and a half miles. They now asked that an additional crossing with gates should be put in at Seventh avenue instead of the proposed bridge. In answer to a question from the Minister as to whether the Board would be prepared to pay half the cost of such crossing. Mr. Chappell stated that as the Department had intimated their willingness to erect a bridge costing over £2,000, they should be prepared to pay £200 for the crossing. The Minister in reply said that the file dealing with the matter was a very bulky one, and he had not had time to go carefully into the details. He could not give a defi- nite reply off hand, but he was in sympathy with their request, and did not think that the closing of the crossing at Government road would be insisted upon. He would, however, go carefully into the matter, and arrange as soon as possible to let the mem- bers of the deputation have a definite reply through Mr. Lewis.