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FOOTBALL. TO-DAY'S MATCHES SENIOR TEAMS. Perth v. East Fremantle at Perth. The former team will be: Morgan, Crase, Clarke, Kennedy, Ryan, Walton, Hus sey, Shaw, Forrest, Boas, McNeil, Mur Phy, Graham, Harrington, Wells, Jeff ries, Cherry (2), and Purling. South Fremantle v. West Perth. South Fremantle team will be chosen from: G. Wills, McIntyre, Hedge Hop kins, Matheson, Beswick, McCarthy, Ferguson Williams, Graham, Kane An nois, Dickbns, Lunt, McKeals, Gibson, Shaw, Bee, Douglas, Keenan, P. For rester, and J. Forrester. The team to represent West Perth will be chosen from: Jones, Grierson, Loel, Wildy, Harris, Stevens Melbourne Grecian (capt.), Messer, harnett, Bayle Green, Sith McCaffery, Thomas, Thompson, Orr, Cleland, DyerZ Evans, Joyce, Wood. gate, McAllum, IcPherson,, Yewers. Players are requested to be at the Perth Railway Station in time to catch the 2 o'clock train to Fremantle. FIRST JUNIOR FIXTURES. Cannington v. Subiaco, at Canning ton_ umpire, Fraser. North Fremantle v. Swans, at North Fremantle umpire Webb. Henley Parks v. Locos., at Perth, on Es lanade; umpire, Palmer. Centrals a bye. Swans v. North Fremantle at North Fremantle.-A team from the follow ingwill be selected to represent Swans: McPherson (capt.), Hesketh (3), Gast (2), Seeley Bovering, Robinson (),Cal laghan, King, Kirchen, Lacey, Jones, Pascoe Peters, Abbott, Hardie, Strud wick, Roberts, Ingram Smart, Fay, De war. The following will represent North Fremantle:-Jones, Cawley, Joss, God dard, Mack, Hayes, J. Coopers (2), Row land, Walker, Thorn, Duggans (3), Del bridge, Keady, Smith, Craig, ibson, Kerby, Webster, and Munro. Suhiaco v. Cannington, at Caning ton.-Subiaco team: Annr g, Bardsley, Bowen, Bolt, Bree, Carroll, Conroy, Dunn, Jones, Kosky, Leeder Mansell, Mudford, Outtrim, O'Farrefl, Swan, Wilson (2), Wighton, and Young. Subi ace team are requested to meet at the town hall at 2 o'clock. The following will represent Cannington : Bean Blanck, Bradley, Buck, Chandler, Cock ram, Fels, Greenhalgh, Hay. Hayes (cap tain), Johnson, Mason McIntosh, Mc Gilliary, Plant, J Stokes; Thompson, Wll, Waugh, and Weidenbach. Loco. v. Henley Park.-The Loco. will be picked from: Griffen, Riley, Thomp son, Dwyer, Lillyman Greenham,Healey, Graney, O'Brien, Meakins, Guthrie, Donelly, McCaffrey Hart, Douglas, Stannard, Ritchie, Aewson, Bursecker, Denton, Halloran, Austin, Worth. The following, will represent Henley Park: Bradford, Bandy, Cameron, Crawford (2), Cleary Davidson, Dickens. Fitzger aid, Hughes, Randell (capt.), Raymond, Spencer, Stockdale, Snith, SumR ton (2), Thompson (vice-capt.); emergencies, Glasson, Hogan, Graham. BRITISH ASSOCIATION GAME. Perth v. Civil Service.-The following have been selected to represent Perth against the Civil Service, at Wellington Square, at 3 p.m; to-day: R. Burt Reid, . Parker, Lefroy, Peters, H. S. Par ker, F. Burt, McRae, Kenna, Small wood, and Evans; emergency, Laing. Civil Service team: Fennell, Williams, Clement, Lee, Hatfield, Fowler O'Nurse, Taylor, Sewell, Landsdown, Brickhill. . Casuals v. Fremantle Wanderers. The following team will leave Perth by the half past 2 train to-day for Cottes loe, to represent Casuals: Peters (goal), Field, Spring (backs); Jackson, Batche lor and McKenzie (halls); W; Livesey, J.-Livesey, Collier, Brownlie, and' Gibb (forwards). Fremantle Wanderers v. Casuals, at the Reserve, Cottesloe.-The Wanderers 'will be selected from the following: Hills, Cooper, Walsh, Murray, Cam mock, Lee, Collier, Stenhonse (2), O'Dell. Palmer, Briston, Claire, and Tay lor. Players are requested to catch the half past 2 p.m. train from Fremantle. THE RUGBY GAME. Sydney v. Subiaco, on the Esplanade. "Players are requested to be on the` ground at 3 p.m. Sydney select-' ed from the following: Arcus, Sande mann, Williamson, Myers, McMillian, Ball, Wusson Lahif, Arcus (2), Met calfe, Hart, Chick, Taylor,. Buckley, Boyle and Robinson. Pirates v. Pioneers, on the Fremantle Park this afternoon.-The Fremantle team will be chosen from: Wilkins, ticks, Wooller, Guay,Woods, McNaugh ton, Atkinson (capt.) Evans, Smith, Hutchisan, Cruickshank, Harris, Ste vens, Moore, M?cAfie, Hill, Watson, Mo Clure, and Willcocks. Players are re quested to be on the ground punctually at 3 o'clock: Mr. W. Tideswell will act as referee. The following are the Pirates picked: Todd (u). Scott (capt.). Minor gan. Acton, Morris. Gluck, Sandemann, Walker, Donald, Wade, Rilil, Brooks, Solomons, Scott, furlnhy, Betts. Play ers to meet at the Perth Railway Station at a quarter past 2 punctually. Swan v. Subiaco.-On- Esplanade, at half past 3' p.m. The Swan team will he chosen from: Wild (capt.). Jano. Orr

Garcia, Donohoe, Martin, Prendergast, Korkendorf, Wellsmaný Parsons (2), Webb, Dalliston. Holdsworth, Stubbs, McKenzie, and James. THE AUSTRALIAN GAME. (Notes by "Half-Back.) The selection of the team for the gold fields has been the chief topic of conver sation during the week. The associa tion met specially for this purpose a w eek ago, and their choice has generally found tavour. Exception has been made to one or two of the elected not being up to concert pitch, but they may show more of their old time form on the fields, and, taken altogether, the twenty is con sidered a strong one, ipd likely to up hold the reputation of the W.A.F.A on and off the field. Regret is openly ex pressed at the non-inclusion of Messer, Morgan, Clarke, and one or two others. However as Messer could not get away, and as Clarke was not chosen by the se lection committee of the Perth F.C., in the final six, the association can hardly be held blamable for his non-inclusion. Morgan, however, has been showing good form, and had the other delegates agreed to talking five from each team. Morgan would doubtless have been m cluded. However, there were a dozen men concerned in the selection, and as all of these are satisfied that the team is a good one, why question the matter further. The team is strong in every depart ment, and the only alteration made in the orignal team is the substitution of Hopkins, the crack wingman of the South Fremantle, for the equally reliable back. Eric Ferguson, whose gallant defence a fortnight ago in the Perth match un doubtedly saved his team from defeat. Two matches have been arranged and the team will have twenty-four hours to recover from the train trip before tackl ing the Boulder Mines F.C., at the Boulder City. The test match will be played at Kalgoorlie on the following Sunday, and the coastal men, having adapted themselves to the feel of the country, should put up a good game with the doughty fielders. The retirement of the Boulder City team from the associa tion will tend to weaken the Hannan's Association eighteen, but the -netropoli tans must not count much on this, as there are a lot of rattling good men there?. The Boulder City team is anxious to arrange a match with the visitors, and as they will have to put in time some how between the mines and the test matches, they might with advantage fix up a game for the intervening Friday. That would give the team plenty of prac ...... . ..

tice together, 'and the. more of this the W.A.F.A. team has, the better will be their chanice of bringing the goldfields' ashes (they are certain to obtain a fair sample of the dust) to Perth. This afternoon the premiership con tests will be risumed, and those anrious to qee a willing contest will have their wishes amply met if they visit the W.A.C.A. Ground. Here the Perth and East Fremantle meet, and on the me-ite of.the last contest between the two teams, it is fair to say that the wearers of the red and black will make a big effort to retrieve their position, and make amends for the undoubted bad luck of the South match, for on the play, if any team deserved to win, that team was Mr. Dixon's. The energetio secretary has been again on the look out for more recruits, and the latest is young For rest. from the High School, whose play recently in a school match greatly pleas ed Mr. Dixon: It is expected that he will be tried forward this afternoon. East Fremantle having the lead, is not. likely to allow the Souths to get on equal terms again without a struggle, and may be expected to bring their fullteam on to the field. The rain during the week has left -the ground in rather a sodicn state, but with even luck, I expect Perth to lower the- Eastern colours to-day. A friendly game may be relied on at Fremantle, 'where Messrs. A. Bell, Duff, Doyle and O'Beirne will have an oppur tunity to discuss old times, and make good resolutiops for the approadhing run to the goldfields. There is the utmost friendliness between these teams. Of 'course, the rivalry is there, but the Wests are so far out of the running that it is doubtful if they seriously consider their chance of winning the premiership., The team has been playing much below form this season, except m the match against the Easterners at Perth. Bar ring accident; there is nothing in the re cent form of the W.P.'s to warrant their chances of winning to-day being favour ed. Of course, Loel may strike form, but chancing that, South must'be bracketed with Perth for to-day's double. The omission from the goldfields team of Tom Wilson. captain of the East Fe mantle team, is much regretted at the Port, as to this player's consistent work half-back is attributed the team's pre sent high position on the uremiership list. However, they cannot all go, but men like Wilson, Morgan, and Clarke would greatly strengthen any team. It, has often been urged that steps should be taken in the various depart ments of the civil service to form a sportive association, so' that football, cricket, lacrosse, and other matches could be played between the various de partments. The suggestion is worthy of consideratiob, for there are a large number of the sporting fraternity m tne various departments, and, besides pro viding enjoyable contests between the various officers, would be thle training ground to supply senior clubs. As an outcome of some such rivalry, a match will be played on the W.A.C.A. Ground on Wednesday next,, between the Supreme Court" and the Mines De partment. In the cricket season, a match took plabe between these depart ments, and the Mines, besides winning by an innings kept the law clerks in the 'field- nearly all the afternoon, a matter which gave much pleasure to Mr. Le froy's subordinates but failed even to raise a smile from the Attorney-General, the Chief Justice, or otheri of high de gree, who, it is stated, appeared to wit ness the fray. Smartig ' under the jubilatiodnof the. Mines fellows, the others have accepted. a challenge to a football match, and the Supreme Coart secretary is now busy swearing in the chosen 'nemliers of, the eighteen to ap pear in football attir6 on the W.A.C.A. Ground at 3.30 p.m. on the 8th inst. The chosen few include some well-known players of to-day but the majority are past masters, whilst another minority are more acquainted with the mysteries of British Association, Rugby lacrosse, hurling, tennis, or cycling. Under the circunmstances, greatjcare is being taken in the selection of players, but in order. to show)that the match is a bona-fide one, and worth seeing, the following is a'roagh draft of the leiding features in the constitution of the aforesaid repre sentativis t--Mines' team : 'Trilby" O'Farrell and Dixon (Perth F.C.), Itus sell (West Perth), Jones (Guildford F.C.), Sweetmnan, Randall Stockdale (Henley Park F.C.), Mansfield (a veteran of very old ; time fame). Supreme Court: Clarke (Perth "F.C.), Moffatt (West Perth F.C.), Bantrick (Victorian senior team), Miller (Guildford F.C.), Jeffrey (British Association), Stone (Perth Juniors), Williamson and Smith (Henley Park), Francisco (High School, an old boy), O'Regan (Roebogrne '.C.). The Under-Secretary of Mines the Asso ciates, .and other officials have been petitioned, with a view to securing the patronage and the attendance of the heads of the two departments. It is understood that the Lands Depairtment is anxious to play the wminners of'this' match, which promises to be an enter taining one.. It has been suggested that a collection should be taken up in aid of an nmbulance class, but nothing has been decided in the matter. Captain "Jim" Moigan will umnpire the match. Concerning the note given above as to playvig a match with' the Boulder City Club. that club having withdrawn from the H.F.A., it is hardly likely that the metropilitan team could play them,

ouD a matn wita. .anowna magns oe sno stituted. BRITISH ASSOCIATION GAME.. (Notes by "Referee.") The goldfields trip is now a memory of the past, ;nd I can.only hope that "the evening's enjoyment may bear the morn ing's reflections." So far as I can hear, everyone a"uears satisfied but the mana ger, but'then "he's a cantankerous sort of a-cuss,"" never so pleased as when he has someone or something to growl at. The trip; I think, must be considered a success, seeing that the team did not lose one of the three matches, and, play ing, as they did, under the disadvantage of extra fast grounds, extra fast living, and extra fast players against them. Collier, I think, made a most sensible suggestion when he said the order of things ought to be reversed, and that the test matches on the-goldfields should be played first, when the team was fresh and able to do itself justice. I should think the suggestion will commend itself to the authorities alike on the fields and the metropolis. At what a pace the game }as gone ahead there! The num ber of players, and capable players, too, i. beyond belief, and, at their present rate of progress, they must completely eclipse the 'Perth Association-at least, numerically, next season. The associa tion has been formed only a few weeks, and, therefore, things are not yet in proper order, so far as organisation is concerned, and we may be sure in the future that the advertising will be better done. I met heaps of people (including the presidents of two of the clubs) who did not know when or where the matches were coming off. "How are you?" and "Who won the match?" were the first two questions asked by Mr. Moorhead, when I called on him at the Palace, Kalgoorlie, on Monday, to inquire how he felt after his exertions on the platform. He is one of the patrons of the association here, and. despite bad health, heavy professional duties, and political cares, still finds a warm corner in his heart for the old game. I think I once before mentioned in these columns that he played as an international, Ireland v. England, twelr" years ago. A keen old sport is Mr. Fullarton, an ex-Glasgow Ranger, and now the presi dent of the Coolgardie Club. Standing 6ft. 6in. high, and broad in proportion, he must have been a formidable opponent in his best days. Another whom I found taking a deal of interest in the game was Mr. McIlroy, who used to represent Lanarkshire, and is by no means too old yet to represent Western Australia. Dr. Harcourt Ellis, too, proved himself one of the right sort, and the Goldfields Asso ciation is to be congratulated on having men amongst them who are so ready to dive deeply into their trouser pocket at the first provocation. The hospitality is unbounded, and I suppose, under the circumstances, it is wonderful the men played as well as they did. It would be as well for the visiting team in future, however, to re member that the improvement and ex tension of the British game is tfe pri

mary- object of these visits, and some curb must be put upon the national de sire to have a real good time, and let football "go hang," for the goldfields are too strong now to be treated otherwise than with thegreatest respect. The latest addition to the fold is the Southern Cross Caledonian, who intend to afliliate with this association, and the secretary tells me he already has 756 mem bers to draw from. I wish the other clubs not yet affiliated to either this or the Goldfields Association would do so at once, and that the Goldfields Associa tion would affiliate with this one, for "unity is strength," and we shall want it all next season. A fine strapping lot of fellows these goldfields fellows are-a treat to look upon-not much of a treat to come up against, however. I must say this, in the matches played, I did not notice any undue use of weight by the goldfields men, big as they were. They know the game, too, and play it for all it is worth. At Southern Cross, the formation of the Caledonian Club should give the game a great impetus in that district, for hitherto the local club has been greatly handicapped by having no one to play against. The visiting team was loud in their praise of Beattie and Goad,. the cus todians of Coolgardie and Southern Cross, .respectively, and Hills will have to look-to hig laurels, well as he per formed during the trip. The back play of the fields men was superior to our own but then we had not our strongest available in that department.on this trip. Crann and Bodenham are both of the first water, and Pope-good old Pope -"age cannot wither or customs stale his infinite variety." I found him as good and' versatIle as ever. So far as I could judge, t~Te half-backs, on either side were "much of a muchness," Taylor, to my mind, being the daddy of the lot, although he fell away a lot in the last two matches. The great. fault Is the failure to "place" the ball for the for wards, an absurd impression prevailing that so long as )'- 'its rid of it a half back has perform ; duty-meantime, the poor forwards :..i starving. In one particular I noticed the goldfields' 'halfs" were in advance of our representatives; there was no semblance of funk about their play. Forward, there was no one among the opposition to compate with Collier, and, speaking generally, I am of opinion our forward line was better than anything we had to contend against. Collier had evidently laid himself out to do his best, and, playing in all matches. had the satisfaction of popping the ball' six times between the sticks, Sewell being the only other forward to notch a point. Having said this, it must be ad mitted that the vigour and determina tion of the goldfields men went far to atone for their lack of combination, and their fast and vigorous play seemed to have a very disorganising effect on the front rank of the visitors in the final match-at all events, there was little combination in our play that calls for commendation, and, as our fellows won't admit it was the wine, why, then-it must have been the lobster. The re fereeing was a bit behind the times, but this is a matter that can be very easily remedied, and each referee, I notice was imbued with a desire to give equal justice to both sides. The editor advises me that space is limited to-day, so I must call "time" and finish with calling attention to the final of the Schools' League Cup, as fol lows : High. School v. James-street, on Old Recreation .Ground, Wellington-street, at 1.30. Referee, Mr. Burt. Fremantle School v. St. Peter's Col lege, at Fremantle Park, at 12 o'clock. Referee, Captain White. The first mentioned should be a most interesting match, for James-street have improved immensely, and are likely to give High School a very good game. The fifth round of the Senior League Cup is also down for decision to-day, Fremantle Wanderers meeting Casuals, at Cottesloe; and Perth entertaining Civil'Service at Wellington Square, Old Recreation Ground. In both cases the games should be most interesting, al though it is difficult to see how, on paper form, Casuals or Perth can hope to effect a victory. The matoh between High School and Mr. Livesey's eleven was a real good one, and some capital play was shown on both sides. A return match is being ar-' ranged. Why should the High School not arrange a match with the Subiaco Club? It is only formed this season. The Junior Challenge Cup contests will commence next week.