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FOOTBALL. AUSTRALIkA GAý.E. HIGH SCHOOL V.. SCOTCH COL LEGE. - At the W.A.C.A. ground on Wednes day the High School and the Scotch Col lege teams met for the first time this season. The ground was rather wet, and this,' with the long grass, somewhat marred the game. As this match indi cated a revival of the Australian game, which has been threatened by the British Association with expulsion from our school sports, it drew forth a good deal, of interest from the pupils attending the schools. The High School has already partly taken up the British Association game- but the entreaties of the govern ing body of this form of football have not been responded to' by any of the bther secondary schools in Perth. The teams of Wednesday, as far as size is concerned, were very evenly matched, and it was quite unexpected that the High :School would have beaten .their opponents so badly as they did, by 10 goals 9 behinds to 2 behinds. A. A. For rest, the captain of the winning team, had his men well in hand from start to finish, and by a good deal of well-con certed play, the High School had the game pretty well to themselves for three part of the time. The passing on the whole was somewhat defective on both sides. After a mark is taken greater alertness is required in .looking for part ners who may be "out in the open." Boys are liable to bold the ball too long and so allow opnortunities of safe passin- to slip by. There was also a tendency on. the part of a few players to "spoil" one another in going for the marks-a mis take that can easily be remedied. In the forwards, on the High School side, there were Craig. D. Burges, Joscelyne, and Strickland. while on the defensive "Kim" Forrest, Davies, Moseley, and E. Forrest were very conspicuous. K. Forrest's defence, indeed, was impreg nable, and over and over again he rushed the ball with fine runs well into the enemy's quarter. Hi_ brothe- the cap tain of the eighteen. did the lion's share of the ruck work. He never fla"ied for a moment, and was, in the opinion of many. the best player on the ground. Forrest was also responsible for six goals, which were all smartly "snatched" out' of the ruck and sent through from vari ous angles with accurate aim. The other oeal-kickers were! Davies, D. Burges. McLarty, and E. Forrest, who all scored one each. Burges's goal was an admirable nne, and so also were MdLarty's and Davies's. The latter scored from a.long distance with a 'fvin shot. and on an other occasion he had the misfortune to hit the post himh un from a long dron kick. Among the others who did excel lent work in the various places allotted to them were.Rose, Sherlock, Carter, Brags. and Lenner. Althougth the scotch College were beaten easily.' their attack at times was dashing and well plained. The back men Paterson. Davies and Crampton were very hard to pass. and repulsed their opponents now and again in a snirited manner. while Kahan (cantain). Ferguson, and Richardson. whether on the ball or "Dlaced," did sound and useful, work: - Further matches under the Austrilian rules will be played amotu the "High ++''"+- -.- - +/+- ·

School,; Christian Bros.' College, the Scotch College, and the Guildford Gram mar School.. BEITISl ASSOCIATION GAME. SCHOOLS LEAGUE CUP.. In: the fifth round of this competition on Wednesday St. Peter's, after a hard game, defeated East Perth by 1 goal to nil; and James-str et played a pointless draw against Frenmantle. Following is the list of fixtures en suing:-. Saturday, July 28.. East Perth v. High School, on Perth Esplanade, at 1.30.. Referee, Mr. Free n man. James-street v. St. Peter's, on Associ ation Cricket Ground, Perth, at 11. . eferee,-Mr. F. Burt. " 'Tuesday, July 31. James-street v. Fremantle, on Perth. Esplanade, at 11 o'clock. Referee, Mr. Livesey.. At 2 o'clock on -the same ground. Mr. Livesey's Senior Eleven v. High School.. ' Wednesday, August 1. High School v. St. Peter's, on Perth Esplanade, at 4.15. Referee, Mr. F. Burt. E.ast Perth v. Fremantle, on Fremantle Park, at 4.15. Referee, Captain White. THE GOLDFIELDS TRIP. An invitation to extend their tiip to Kanowna and Bulong and play the local team having been received., it has been decided to accept, so the visiting players will not return. to'the city till Wednes day. The team met last night, and Mr. Collier wqs chosen captain, with Mr. Hills in the capacity of vice-captain. The team ,. will leave by to-night's ' express train, and play Southern Cross t.-mor row, followed by Boulder, Kanowna, and Coolgardie. ,Elaborate arrangements are being made in the districts for the-wel fare and entertainment of the visitors, who will doubtless thoroughly enjoy the trip., Messrs. Lee and O'Nurse were not able-to get away, so the places were filled from the reserves, Smallwood and Fletcher being chosen to make up the original complement of 15. The team is now'constituted as follows: --Hills. Tay lor, Clare Fremantle Wanderers Stone, A. Biurt, R. 'Burt, ParkeI all "rood. (Perth), Taylor Seweil, Ha:l field, • Clements, - Fletcher (C:ril Service). Collier (captain), Spring, and Peters (Casuals). The colours chosen are white shirts and dark-knickers: ties and rosettes of black and gold. 'The secre tary has made arrangeinents for the re sults of the difEerent matches to be post ed in the front bar of Jacoby's Hotel in. Murray-street.