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LAWIN TENNIS. (Notes by '"acquet.") There seems but little prospect of the weather clearing up suficiently to per mit of the Pennant matches being play ed this afternoon. .Lowever, if it is fine, three matches will be contested. The West Perth Club plays Swan at Guildford. as ulay commences at 2.30 p.m., the West Perth men should catch the 1.15 p.m. train. At the Esplanade courts Perth, represented by J. G. Greayer, Johnson. M. Buzzacott, and C. A. McQuilkin, will meet the Fremanttle 'B" team. The W.A.C.A. "A" team, consisting of K. Bolton, G. V. Keane, H. J. collier, and C.J. R. Wilkinson, will journey to the Port to try conclusions with the Fre mantle "A" team. As on paper there is very little to choose between these two teams, this match should be a particu larly interesting one. At the Covered Courts Championship Meeting in England A. W. Gore won the singles championship, beating M. J. Ritchie, .6-1, 7-5, 6-3. Gore com mesiced his tennis in the mid eighties, and this is the first time he has reached the much-coveted position. Miss F. Lowther (challenger) beat Mrs. Greville (better known as Miss Austin), 2-6, 7-5, and 6-4, and won the ladies' singles championship. A friendly match will be played be tween six player- from the W.A.C.A. Club and six from West Perth, at the Cricket Ground this afternoon.