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FOOTBI LL. WEST AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION. A meeting of the West Australian Foot ball Association was held at His Lordship's Larder Hotel Fremantle on Friday even ing. The following delegates were present -Mr. G. H. Paulin (chairman). Messrs. Burke, Dixon and Roy (Perth); Duff, Bell, Scott (West Perth); Doyle, John and Gibson (South Fremantle); Pierce, Capp and Breen (East Fremantle), and J. Dywer secretary. A letter was received from Mr. E. C. D. Keyser, secretary of the Albany Football Club, stating that his association would be only too pleased to affiliate with the West Australian Football Association as they considered that it would tend to maintain the game in the colony. It was aquestion, however, of fees. Mr. Duffi proposed that no fee should be charged for affiliation. The motion was seconded and carried. The secretary reported that the nett proceeds of the charity match held on Saturday last in aid of thesIndian Famine Fund amounted to £28 6s. The chairman stated that Mr. O'Halloran offered his services gratis as goal umpire. Mr. Doyle thought that the goal umpires should be written to informing them that they should not hoist the flags until they had the signal from the field umpire. Mr. Capp considered that the umpires should also be instructed that, in the case of a mark being made on the hell ringing, they should watch carefully and see that the ball did not strike the ground in front of the goat and then be knocked through. Mr. Duff brought up the matter of per mits being granted to senior players to go back to the junior ranks. He personally thought that there was no harm in such permits being granted. Mr. Scott on the other hand, thought that it would be very detrimental to the senior association if such permits were granted. Mr. Pierce moved and Mr. Capp seconded that the Junior association should be written to infor~ing them that it was necessary for them to apply for permits for players going from the senior association to the junior association and also that the players who had been mentioned, should be alloived to play and that no matches in which they might have played without permits would be forfeited. The motionwas carried. It was decided that an address should be presented by the association to Mr. R. I. Thomas, the late secretary, on the occasion of his departure for the Eastern colonies. OPENING OF THE SEASON. WEST PERTH DEFEATS PERTH. The football season was opened on Saturday: The match played on the Association Ground between teams re presentative of West Perth and Perth Clubs did not attract a very large crowd nor was the exposition of the game as given by either team, collectively, of a very high order, though several of the players on both sides at times played exceedingly well. The high marling and kicking were universally good,but in ground play, in passing, in dodging, and in those little dashes which lend such an interest to the Australian gamne of foot ball, the majority of the players utterly failed. There was, however, a most plea surable feature, that being an absence of any rough play and unmanly behavi our, factors introduced into the game of late years, and which have contribu ted largely to its decline. The West Perth combination had much the better of the game. This team played with more cohesion than their opponents, though at some stages the latter quite held their own. At the outset and, in fact, during the greater part of the first quarter, the West Perth team kept the play in the vicinity of their opponents' goal. Grecian, their skipper, opened the scor ing by securing a somewhat lucky goal, the ball "lobbing" through. Loel fol lowed it up with a smartly got goal from a snapshot, and he, with Wildy and Barrett each registered an addi tional point. Meanwhile Crase, Hus

sey, Walton, and Goodwin- were con spicuous in defending, and they eventu ally changed the venue of play to the other end, where Hussey was unfortu nate, in that after a neat dodgy dash he hit the post. The attack was kept up for some time, Boose, Graham, and Jeffries putting in good work, but Mes ser and Jones at last relieved and pass ing well up, Loel with another run ning shot added half a dozen points. Another change to the vicinity of the West Perth's citadel ended in Boose securing first goal for Perth from a place kick. Before the quarter ended Bailey had added a fourth goal for West Perth. When ends were changed the scoring board showed: West Perth, 4 goals 5 behinds-29 points. Perth, 1 goal 1 behind-7 points. The fresh breeze which had favoured West Perth in the first quarter was equally favourable to the other team in the second, and good use was made of it. McNeil was not long in punting a nice goal, and subsequent to a few be hinds being registered on either side, in the securing of which Loel and Bar nett for West Perth and Hussey for Perth were conspicuous, the latter put in a fine piece of work in front of the West Perth goal, and, beating a couple of men in ground play, smart ly scored another goal. Some clever passing on the part of Kennedy, Edwards, and McNeil re sulted in the latter adding six addition al points for Perth, bringing the re spective scores almost equal. Loel, just before half-time was signalled, again raised the two flags as the result or an easy snapshot. When the inter val was announced the scores were: West Perth. 5 goals 8 behinds-38 points. Perth, 4 goals 4 behinds-28 points. Throughout the third quarter the West Perth team had far the best of the play. Grierson, who from the out set played a fine game, was conspicu ous, and Loel still continued to score from shots secured by his fine marking and quick dodging. During the quar ter he added two more goals, and Orr registered six additional points. The play was not confined to one portion of the ground, but the ball wandered all over the arena. Perth added three points, Hussey, McNeil, Graham, Clark, and Walton being the most prominent men. When ends were changed for the last time the figures were.- West Perth, 8 goals 11 behinds-59 points. Perth, 4 goals 7 behinds-31 points. During the last quarter the play was not nearly so fast, and the men crowd ed on to the ball in greater numbers. Edwards scored for Perth, but Loel countermanded it with six points for West Perth. Hussey, whose brilliant dashes were admirable, despite the fact that some of his opponents were un necessarily forceful irk their efforts to suppress him, was mainly responsible for the prevention of further scoring by the West Perth. Clark, Graham, Wal ton, Crase, Jeffries, and O'Neil quite held their own with Grecian, Grierson, Jones, Messer, Wildy, and others of the West Perth combination. The last goal scored was one by Purling for Perth a. few minutes before play ceased. The game ended in a win for ,West Perth by.22 points, the final figures being - West Perth, 9 goals 12 behinds-G66 points. Perth. 6 goals; 8 behinds-44 points. The goal kickers were:--For West Perth: Loel (6), Grecian, Orr, and Bailey For Perth: McNeil (2), Boose, Hussey, Edwards, and Purling. Chadwick, one of the newly-appoint ed umpires, gave general satisfaction. He was not nearly so fast as could be desired, nor was he devoid of a certain amount of hesitancy in giving his de cisions. Breaches of the rules were few, however, and Chadwick overlooked those which were not of a seriouf na ture. His work is an improvement on that of his predecessors in one respect in that he took decisive measures to prevent the ball from being rushed out of bounds too often, a characteristic which marred several fine games last seasoib SOUTH FREMANT?LE V. EAST FRE MANTLE. A WIN FOR THE LATTER. At Fremantle on Saturday, interest was centred in the engagement between the two local clubs The South Freman tle club, which has risen out of the ashes of the once redoubtable, but now de funct, Fremantle Club, possesses prac tically the same combination of players who wore the red and white colours last year. The name is changed but that is all. The only noticeable absentees from their ranks on Saturday were O'Dwyer and Clarke, and the recruits included Wil liams (from West Perth), Dickens (from Richmond, Victoria), Kane (from Perth) and Makalls, Jamieson and Breene, three well-known juniors. East Fremantle en tered the field without ChittIeborough, Hammond, Williams and Kenny, and their places were filled by Watts (from l'remantle). Roberts (from West Perth), Richardson (a Claremont junior), and McNaughton, an old rugby player, and the positions of the men at the com mencement bf the game were as fol low: South Fremantle. - Forward : Bes wick, ireen. Brittain. Half-forward: Keenan (capt.), Dickens, Jamieson. Cen tre: Mathieson. Hedge, Hopkins. Half back: McCarthy, Shaw, Ferguson. back. Williams, Smith, Makaals. Fol lowers: Gibson and Kane. Rover: Mc Intyre (vice capt.).

±i ? Kremwn?'ue.-r Urwaru DOUIuer, Harnett, Pierce. Half-forward: S. Doig, Wakely, F Cooper. Centre: Watts, Heindricks, 1tichardson. Half back: Wilson (capt.), Roberts, J. Doig. Back: Ashton, McNaughton, Newton. Followers: Christie (vice capt.), Thomas. Rover: Sweetman. Central umpire: Mr. O'Mahony. The weather was all in favour of a good match, and the attendance was sat isfactory. At the outset the Easts as serted themselves, but the South's backs offered a stubborA resistance, and some pretty exchanges were witnessed. Chris tie on the one side, and McIntyre on the other, were conspicuous for good play. After about ten minutes' hard fighting. the Easts worked the ball up in front of their opponents' goal, and Sweetman, seizing an opportunity to score, snapped up the leather, and punted it between the posts. This was the only point scored during the opening quarter, the play being chiefly in the centre of the ground during the remainder of the term. East Fremantle were playing bet ter football than the Souths, who, how ever, equalised the scores shortly after the start of the second quarter, through a piece of had play on the part of a blue and white player. The Souths were at tacking, and Ashton, who was keeping goal for the Easts, marked right in front. Instead'of kicking the ball out of danger, he dribbled it along the ground, and Breen snapped it up and sent it between the posts. In play again. Easts scored the first behind of the day The game was fast, and did not lack rigour, but it was not so open or so brilliant at in the previous Saturday's match. Wakely put up a second behind for the blue and whites. and then Chris tie, who was reneatedly applauded for grand, dashing play, annexed another goal for his side with a running shot. On the bounce. the Easts were called up on to defend their goal. which they did in splendid fashion, Roberts being pro minent in beating back the invaders. Christie registered a single point before the interval, and at half time the scores were:--East Fremantle, 2 goals 3 be hinds. South Fremantle: 1 goal. In'the second half there was too much crowding on the ball. The play was much in favour of the Easts right through, the Souths seemingly lacking cohesion. The red and whites scored their first be hind early in the third quarter, after which Harnett notched a goal for the Easts. Two behinds were then register ed in succession by the blue and whites., whilst their opponents only succeeded in placing another behind to their cre dit before the last change of ends. In the last quarter the Easts further de monstrated their superiority. Cooper and Wakely each added a goal, and when the bell rang the scores were: East Fremantle: 5 goals 7 behinds 37 points. South Fremantle: 1 goal 5 behinds 11 poiuts. w East Fremantle well deserved their

victory, for they worked hard for it. The Souths were weak forward, and, furthermore, they lacked unity. Con certed action is what is neededto achieve success, and South Fremantle would have dons much better had they worked more in unison. The star of the 36 was undoubtedly Christie, the sturdy East Fremantle follower. Years of football have not lessened this player's vitality on the field, and he has lost none of the brilliancy which characterised his play with the "red legs"' in Melbourne in the early part of the nineties. Heindricks, in the centre, did good service, and Wil son, Roberts ,and Newton formed a strong trio in defence. Wakely did not kick with his accustomed accuracy, but Cooper, the midget forward, frequently put in some clever work. " Jim" Doig, Sweetman and Thomas were the best of the others. The best man on the South Fremantle side'was McIntyre, who roved with consistent brilliancy. Keenan, who acted as -captain for the day, marred an otherwise good exhibition by occasional ebullitions of temper. Gibson was a strong follower, but he often failed in his purpose by want of judgment. Hop kins played a fine game on the wings, and McCarthy and Ferguson (back), Hodge and Mathieson (centre), were also much in evidences The only fault that could be found with the umpire was that he used his whistle too often. BRITISH ASSOCIATION GAME. PERTH DEFEATED BY CIVIL SERVICE. These teams met on the Perth Es planade on Saturday last for the first time this season. Stone, the Perth cap tain, won the toss, and c-ose to defend the river end of the ground, and play against the wind. During the first half of the game the Service kept the ball well in their opponents' ground, but fail ed to score for a considerable time, until k ennel, with a neat shot, put the ball under the bar. Soon after this Sewell, the Civil Service centre forward, obtain ed the ball in front of the Perth goal. The goal-keeper, thinking the whistle had sounded, did not" attempt to stop Sewell's shot, and goal No. 2 was, there fore, recorded. The Perth then made a good stand, and several times were in close proximity to the Service goal, Laing missing a chance by kicking the ball over the bar The Ser vice forwards did some accu rate passing, which resulted in "Ra bi" Taylor scoring the third goal In the second half, the Perth obtained a free'kick for "hands" in front of the Service goal. Burt rolled the ball, and btone, with a strong shot, scored for the rerth. The Service then played harder, and Clement scored the fourth goal, which was followed by another from Se well, making the score at the close of the game--Civil Service, 5 goals; Perth, 1 goal For the losers. R. Burt and Stone worked hard, and played well through out the game, and for the Service Se well, Taylor and Fennell showed well in the forward ranks, while Hatton and Williams made a fine defence at back. THIE GAME AT ALBANY. Albany, May 27. In the football match played yester day between the North and East Wards, the stores were East, 5 goals 9 behinds North 3 goals 9 behinds. The goal kic kers were:--For East: Bell (4), and Todd. For North: Bird, Thompson and Symons. YORK DEFEATS NORTHAM RAIL WAYS. Northam, May 27 A football match took place this af ternoon between a local team and one representing the Northam railway em ployees. 'This was the opening match of the present season The game was played in a friendly spirit. The result was: York, 5 goals 8 behinds; Northam, 1 goal 8 behinds.