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Tasmanians' Splendid


Victory by Two and a

Half Lengths.


The thirty-fourth annual inter-Varsity           eight-oared race was rowed over the Ham-       ilton Reach course on Saturday afternoon   under ideal conditions. It was a perfect       day, bright and sunny, without any wind, and there was scarcely a ripple on the     water. As a result the crews were able      

to give a fine exhibition of oarsmanship.   Tasmania passed the winning mark first

with twoand a half lengths to spare, fol-   lowed by Sydney, who were about the   same distance ahead of Queensland, with     Victoria a length and a half in the rear.       The course was covered in 18min. 1sec.  


Hie four crews wore sent iwav to a good «tart at 4 p in 1 he Melbourne crew row me a fast stiokc were hist to show out, followed in Queensland ''vdnev ami las mania 'lhere was little between the four crews foi the first halfmile K great race ensued ovei the fust mile Queens land then holding nn ulvantHgc of half a cam is Queeiisl ind w ci c i ow mg at a slightly' faster rate tis compared with the other crews After gome IV. miles Tas murna spurted and* passing Aiclbourno, drew lev el vv ith Hie lotal eight 1 oi the next quai ter of a mile Tasmania livened up their rate of striking and drew clear of Queensland bv three quarters of a length, with hjdnej half a length awav

Rowing stcadilj the Tasmawans con tinned to increase then lead and At the bend of the bteakwnter wert a length in front of Queensland

Ov ei the next quarter of a mile Sv dnev, whp vicio lowing in beautiful form io plated Oucensluiul foi second position Thev, hovvevei could make no ímpíeaston on the Tasmanian crt« vi hose solid (lift and duvc earned then boat furthei ahead with each stroke \t this staee of tht race three crews were rowing 32 to the minute The race bad now developed itself into a etiugglc for second pqsition but from this point onwaids the heltei combination of the Svdnei crew icarnod them ahead Ovei the last mile Svlncv fought gallnnth to ov crhaul the I as mamans 1 hei spurted rcneatcdh but could make no impression on the leaders who were swinging ahead nicelj and easilj


Tho Tasmanian crew, winners of the inter-Statn 'Varsity race at Brisbane on Saturday. Tho crew is seated as follows: A. A. Koch, 10.8 (bow): I. Hay, 11.6 (2), C. E. Adams, 11.10 (3); D. McD. Urquhart, 11.5 (4); F. F. Ford, 13.8 (5); J. A. Ingles, 13.5 (6); J. D. L. Hood, 11.12 (7) ; R. A. Scott, 11.4 (stroke); H. McK. Freeburgh (cox.) Mr. Roy Clarke, coach.

with a good slipulder-lift and leg di ive. The Tasmanian crew passed .the post with a comfóítablc lcatl.' . - ,.- ; ii