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Great Day's Enjoyment.

Over 10,000 People Present

BURNIE, January 1. |

Over 10,000 people attended the second   day of the Burnie Athletic Club's carni   val, which took place at West-park this   morning, afternoon, and evening, and the I gate. receipts were an easy record, amounting to £075, including nominationc, I etc. Vue receipts for the two days (amounted to nearly £1,200. The sport ¡n

all Hcctions was of the best, and some I very close finishes resulted. The band

competitions, as usual, attracted good entries, and created much interest. T1k. li (irado was won by Brunswick Ot\ (Vic), and C Grade by L\L (Hobart). The weather was ideal to-day. In tho evening a huge fireworks display took place, and proved a big attraction.

The following arc the ícsults of tho





E. R. Terry (Pyengana, East Coast

Tas.). .. 1 A. M. Stuait fUoburt) . .2 M. Campbell (Devonport) . . ..3

G. F: Triifett ((¿ucenslown). 1

The finish was one of the closest for the Burnie Gift. All four staiters se- cured ii good start, and at the half-dis tanco there was little to choose between them. All the competitors viere on the 11 yards mark, with the exception of Stuait, who was on the 11% vaids. Terry gamed a slight advance over Stuart at uboul the half-distance, and gradually in- creased his lead. Campbell and Triflot wcro tlicu tunning very close to the lead- ers. Putting in a determined effort Terry won from Stuart by about halt i yard, a yard separating second and thirc. Tho distance between the third anl fourth men was a matter ol niche.-,. Tim1,


Terry hails from Pj engaña, on the East Coast of Tasmania, and this is bia brst big short distance event. While attend- ing St. Virgil's College, Hobart, he was a successful competitor iu school athletics, and three years ago during the visit lo 'tasmania" of the Springboks of South Africa he won. the amateur championship race of Tasmania.- Ho finished third in the last Ulverstone Cup. He is trained by-his father (Mr. E. Terry), who is an "old hand" in Tasmanian athletics.



Eric Poole (Burnie). T T. H. Edwards (St. Leonards-) .. .. S

li. E. Cartledge (Smithton). 3

A , good race resulted. About half- way round Poole carno to the front, and he. retained his lead past the judge's post, [winning from Edwards by six yards. The

rest of the field stopped about 20 yard' from the post, and Cartledge walked over the mark, and as he was the only other man to do so ho was "awarded third prize. Time, 51.2-58CC. The other starters were: R. Dixon, Jv. V. Russell, and li. Buck ingham.


A. J. Lamont (Hobart), 45yds. ... 1 J. E., Pearce, (Forth),, 110yds.;

C. E. Crisp (Hobart), 50yds. £

There were 19, other starters, and the race was well contested. Lamont led al post the second timo Merchant was still the bell, and maintainqd the lend through out, winning by three yards from Pearce; six. yards separated, second and third Time, 4miu. 30 3-5sce.


- NEW YEAR IIAN-T1CAP--1 mile.

J. Heath (N.S.W.).". .. . .. I

F. T. Kecfe (Vic.). 1 R. Bishop (King's "Meadows).£

Other starters: G. J. Merchant, W. J Hope, K. Oliver, H. Gunton, N. Tarome

and C. R. Lette.

A good start was secured by all the riders. 'The first time round Merchant led from Oliver apd Tummo, the rest oí the field following closely. Passing th< post the second time Merchant was stil at the head of the field, with Tamme anc Lette next. Passing tho judges at thi bell Gunton led from Keefo, with Heath Hope, and Lette close up. In-,the las; lap Kecfe put in a great effort, whei half way round, and gained a big lead. Hi was gradually overhauled by Bcath, win caine in a winner by_ a length and a half half a length separating-second aud third Time, 2min. 7 2-5scc.

Gunton was brought before the steward for unfair-riding, and after going into thi matter, the stewards decided to severe!;

caution him.

LIGHTNING HANDICAP-Half a mile L. T. Gardiner (Ulverstone). R. Bishop (King's Meadows). W. J. Hopo (N.S.W.).

Other starters: M. Roberts, C. IV Moore, W. Redman, G. Hodgson, II Thomas, F. T. Kecfe, and J. C. Mason.

Prom a good start Moore led tho fiel past the judtro, and going round in th final lap. Bishop took command, and Io until within 30 yards from home, who: Gardiner carno to the front, and won b half a length, a similar distance separat ing second and third.-. Time, 58scc., th

best for tho event. - \

BURNIE WHEEL RACE-2 milos. C. R. Jxitte (Elleslio). L. T. Gardiner (Ulverstone). W. If. Tyson (Launceston). C. Young (Longford).

Other starters: R. Bis-hop. J. Boutli, I Gunton, F., T, Kecfe, R. T. Young, au J. C. Mason.

C. Young led fiom Leite in the fin two laps, and the rest of the field wi divided into two bunches, and was we back. Lette took commaud in the thir lap,'and led from C. Young. Gardim apd Tyson were then in hot puruit. Lcti never lost his lead, and won from Ga diner by sis'Jcngthg, half a length separa ing second and third. Time, lmin. 25 2

sec. ,

Lette is ouly 21 years of age, and liai from Elleslie,' near the Western Junctio: This is his first big track success, bl be has been prominent among Tasmanic road racers. He recently won tho : and 50 miles' road championships i Hobart, aod was third in tho test rai Hobart,to Launceton, a short time bae _Ho won the Westbury wheel race on Sa "urdny last and the trial stakes at Latrol on Boxing Day



J. Roath (N.S.W.). It; Bishop (King's Meadows). U. C: Millington (Hobart).

Nineteen started.

A good 'start was effected, alLtlie mi with tho exception of ono getting awi well. In a hot finish -Heath w< ' by ' half a wheel, tho samo mt gin separating second and third. Tin; Ilmin. 52 2-5sec. Lap prizes were awar ed'an follows:-L. T. Gardiner 7, B. Fidl I, N. Tammo '4, Thomas 1, Johnson

Bcath 1.