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A Strenuously Contested Game.

Thrilling Finish.

The following was the peisonnel of the teams in the Victorian x. AA'est Australian



J. McDiaimid H. Campbell Ii. Duffy

AV. Hebbard (capf)

(i Uw ens

H. Sherlock \V. 'inonias H. Harrold

G. H Ta) lor J. Dolan R. Mudie

J. Hamilton A. li. Green T. Outndgc P. Scaddan J. Leonard.

P. O'Brien, Victoria's leader, won the tosa and elected to kick towards the pavilion. AVest Australia's nick compris- ed Outndge, McDiarmid, and Duff), who were opposed to Bcasex, AVigraft, and Tanti}. AA'igraft quick!) set the bill in motion, and from a long drop kick for xv arded, but Gosnells clcxcrl) saved, and passed to Duff), xv ho in turn sent the leather on to Harrold" Hebbaid gamed possession and kicked first point within 52 selonds of the bourne Phi) was im- mediate!) transferred to W \ s goil, and AVigraft raised the single flag foi the A iL

. tonans AA'atson was given .1 free, but 1 Sherlock marked in the goal month A . cliam of marks fiom Tajlir to Aielntosh

to Fragar resulted 111 the lattet adding au I other point to A'ictoria's rcore Elliott j receixcd ana plaied the leathei into Dun

can's arms and the latter madi no nus take with his Bhot Tins was the first gral of the match, and xxas kicked within V~¿ minutes irom commencement of pla) Both rucks weie kept bus) Sciiddin was pi o minent on the wing loi West Austiahii md bx ilexei plav plated the ball 111 K scoring position but the nppuitumtx xvas missed The ball tiuxelled to the opposite md bv the aid of AA'atson, but Cling, xvho was plav mg a fine defensiv e g uno, s iv ed Cleve! concerten niai U\ JJUIUBH, Chad.vick, and Pink resulted in the

P. O'Brien (capt.) M, Tandjr K. Elliott

A. Duncan L. AVigraft L. Haggai

T. Fitzmaurice G. Collins V. Thorp C. AVatson It. Taylor M. Beascy

A. Chadxxick li. fazaly 33. Wilson A. Pink

J. O'connell N. Mcintosh

last-named scoriug ti "sixer" for Victoria. AVest Australia retaliated shortly after by a goai from H. Campbell's boot. Tho same player was given another chance and his shot again carried true. Fitz- maurice, Duncan, and Pink xvere play- ing grandly for Alctoria, and Duffy, Mc Di.uuiid, and H. Campbell - xvere battling hard for AVest Australia. Tandy, pick- ing up smartly, registered a point. Tay- lor, marking the' ?iack-öff over tho heads of his opponents,' missed what should have been a scoring chance, his shot carrying xv-ide. Points xvcre added to A'ictoria's scores, in quick succession. Duncan marking ' magnificently for his team on the forward line. AVist Aus- tralia's citadel xvas again threatened, and Sherlock, xvho xvas defending in great style, relieved. Cazalj- missed an easy chance. butiHaggar xvas more successful and piloted a beautiful goal. The gamo became fast .and furious, aud. as antici- pated, the Victorians xvere showing to advantage in the air, but West Australia xvcre moro than holding, their own on the ground.* Pink outwitted n couple of opponents, but Craig repulsed^ the attack. Play was .carried into Victoria's tcrritorj- bj- the .aid of Duffy and McDiarniid, and Har- rold was unfortunate in hitting tho post xvith his eliot. FYoiu a free, H. Camp- bell made amends by piloting the leather safely through. Watson receiving at the bounce, passed to Mcintosh, vylio in turn forwarded to Duncan, and the last named kicked a nice goal. "Gosnells and Duffy were- working hard for the AA'est. Fitzmaurice for Victoria, and Thomas for West" Australia, were bringing down "sky-scrapers." Cazaly was again given a chance, but his shot carried xv-ide. Up to this stage Victoria were playing the better football, but the AA'est Australians xxere gradually finding theil- stride, and Owens had hard lucie in hitting the goal post. The quarter ended with the scor- ing-board showing

. GIs. Bds. Pts. Victoria. -4 8 - 32 West Australia .... 4 6 - 30

Hain began to fall al the" change of ends, making the ball and ground grcusy. Taylor and Harrold carried the play to- xvards A'ictoria's. goal, and II. Campbell, marking nicely, kicked a point from a difficult angle. Watson xvas seen to ad- vantage .in some tricky play. Ho sent "the leather xvcll past the centre, but Craig held up the nttnek. The Vic- torian .ftunksmnii returned the attack, and xvas inntriuneiitnl in Pink goaling. Tilomas xvas nitu-king nicol); for the AA'est. Doo- nan! xvas luishcd in the back light in front,' of A'ictoria's goal, and his kick sailed, safely through the uprights. De- spite, the greasy- nature of the ground some clover splashes of play xvero xvit iiossod. Duncan made a fast sprint djnvni the centre, anil by dint of clever

iplaj liWed i smut Collins maiked the kiik«Oif and sent in to O Connell but 'the ball was i etui ne 1 hi Scaddan Pi ni

picking up sinai ti) iddcd ti furthot six P/Q/nts to Anton i s sioie Jins smait arid trnkj lovel was »laving biilhautlj \ fiee to Cizil) ian led tho plaj to vvaids West 4ustiulns goils and Ale

Intish, leriixing gixo Pml anrthci J

qhanio ititi ti oin a une lick he ljiscl the twin JliipR A fice agunst AA'igiaft

for jumping inside the -nig was aw ardid '

to Scaddan but AVatson bv i biilhmt piece of pin i etui ned Duff j xxas show lug out foi_ tho AA est and ncatlj p issed to Sheedj but riltott was tho stumbling ïïloih and passing to 0 Bl len tho li i tiler xv as foi ceil to the opposite end xvheie HUM,11 getting possismon licked a nice si\ei In a tussle acioss the pax ilion xv nig 1 ij lor outp iced Scidd m

but, kicking the bill off the giound suit I it out of bounds Owens xv is

fouled in front of "A litoria s goals I and his fue added a niijot

to AVcst s siore I hi Western pinjéis xxcic mole than holding then owu in

this quartei but good tootball was out I of the question Hie ball w is difficult

to bandit and the players had difliiulty ' in letainnig then feet Cazalx xvas shining out lor A'ictoria, and a (,ou! came from his boot H Campbell AA'csts

(lexel goal sneak, xvas also pi ominen t I lioni a tin ou m Owens itceixcd, an li finding no one to baulk his passage lo I the goal posts ian right up and piloted the leather safely Ihioiifcli Some mci concerted plax ly Thomas and Harrold resulted m the latter 1 liking i clevci gool A In cadi of the rules (-ixe Owuis a chance, but he failed to tal c full id vantage of his kick, and only a single lesulted litzuiaurnc xvas seen at his best ni the aerial department, and six

mg brilliantly passed the ball on to AA'at . son xvho shoxxed much speed m a dash doxxn the xxing Gosnells xvas in the xx aj, hoxvexei and returned the lenthet

AVest Australian forwards wcic gixcu i chance to scoie and li Cimpbell io

leixing punted toe leitber sifclx through ' AVest Australia xxere playing better foot

ball in the lattci stages of the quat toi I The half time »corea xv ero -

G. B. Pts. Victoria 9 IO - 64

West Australia 9 8 - 62 j

Kain waa falling heavily as the plajers took the field aftet the hulf tmip mtci

val AVith a deficiency of only two points AA'est Australia attacked m fono at the bounce, bu!. Watson receiving a free, passed to Colins, the ball carrying oxer the boundary line A flee to Ca zaly in fiont^of goals brought no increase m the scores Sherlock and Mudie frustiatcd a furthci attack bj the Vn torians, but Tailor, xvhose play xvas most effectue, returned Elliott, b) a smart run aloug the paxilion wing, carried the leather through AS'cst Australia's first line of defenie, but Leonard countered the move A. breaili ot the rules iigimst a AA'cst Australnn, howexei, give O'C'on nell a ihanre With lightning speed this plaxei sent the lejthci on to Haggar, who held it salel) and goalcd within six minutes of the bourne Plix was trans fened to A'ictori i's tcrntoix, but a free to Tnndv sax ed the situation Scad dan bj ilex cr dodging bid a shot for goal,

| but filled AA lgraft, whose work in the

nick was siipub gjimd possession, md gave Hagger another ihance, and ugain the two llairs^vveie waxed Crug, Scad dim and Owens worked the le ither* down foi ward, and H Campbell, who was le ceiling quite ,i lot of attention ftom the A'utoliun«, w is fouled ni front of the go ils, vid he li id no difltcultx m legistci

mg i suit ' with his shot The ball ivas workid down tow irds A\ c»t Ans trahi» goal it the bininu, uni then bilks vi etc kept busx in iipnlsing the ittick DuITi and Lenmrd win mstiu ment il m pi icing the bill out of ilmigii, ami the kittel fonvardid to Owens.

Scaddan and Craig cariied the attack f through, but Duncan and O'Brien were the obstacles. Owens and O'Brien xvere seen in some rare tussles on the wing, in xvhich the -former usually came out best. The umpire was allowing plenty of lati- tude, kicking in -the ruck being much in evidence. Haggar kicked a nice goal for the A'ictorians. Harrold taking charge at the bounce, sent on to Outridge, who punted a nice goal. AA'igratt was rendering yeoman service in the, ruck, and was ably backed up by Mcintosh. A chain of marks in which Owens, Scaddan, and Craig participated, met with an ova- tion. Pink, beating a couple of oppon- ents, kicked across the goals to Cazaly, who added a "sixer." Clever splashes of play xvere seen on both sides, but AA'est Australia appearcd lo be gaining the up- per hand. They xvere. hoxvever, rather unlucky in shooting for goal. II. Camp- bell xvas here, there, and everyxvhere, and xx-orking like a'Trojan hu sent the leather through the uprights. Shortly after, Leonard, dodging AVigraft, repented the dose from a beautiful kick. This brought tho scores level for the first time, and the excitemçnt ,xvas intense. AA'est Aus- tralia wer* -playing finelj-. Owens failed to make use of an easy shot. He and O'Brien xvere still having some battles on the' xx-ings. . O'Brien xvas making full use of his weight in crushes. This xvas easily AA'est Australia's quarter, and they added txvo more points than their opponents. Three-quarter time scoics xvere:

G. ' B. Pts. Victoria. 13 IO - 88 West Australia . 13 10 - 88

1 Judging by their improx-cd form in the prox-ions quarter, AA'est Australia appear-' ed to haxte xïctory firmly within their grasp,- and buoyed np by reaching Vic- toria'» score they xvent' into tbo fray with vigour. Hard bumps were given and taken by both sides. Owens marking

shortlj- after- the bounce, brought forth) terrific cheering from the spectators, and ' xvhen H. Campbell added a single from a difficult'anglo which placed the AVest in front for the first time, excitement in- creased in intensity. Campbell xvas doing magnificently on the forxvard line, and Chadwick,, Collins, and Duncan xvere" xx-orking most effectively for Victoria. Campbell. further increased AA'ost Aus- tralia's load by six points. Chndxvicli marked nicely in the centre, and sont the leather, forxvard, but Craig, Mudie, and Tnylor xvere there when required. Vic- toria now.. look a hand, and . Haggar, Cazaly, and Taudy bombarded AA'est Aus-

tralia's ^citadel/uut the defence tactics of, Sherlock were brilliant. He saved time and again, and on one occasion stemmed the attack while on the ground. Haggar was temporarily laid oui, and a stretcher xvas .obtained, but recovered shortly after, nox-er leaving the field. The rain had now clem ed off,'hut had left the ground tcr


ribl) (jictsv The cmtie,xvas a qtiiif,iniie Jin vntonaus weio ci on ding the ball too much, theiofoie spoiling then ihance of sioiing Haggai xvua again on his feet, and aftei some ilevct plaj was chcci ed to the echo AA'est Australian backs xvoic hurd put to xvaid off tin! continuous onslaughts bx tin A litoiians, but thej cunio through the oirlial xvitl fixing colouis until O Connell kicked a behind twelve minutes bifoie time Owens, x hin König foi the ball uioiind tho paxi lion xxing, was pushed and liuthd thiough tin iii uns but the lesullant AA'est Ans ti i1 n s ad'ince xv is ihccked bx 1 it¿ muline xv ho xvas xcrj safe in defence vim weio tilling oxei like nimpins and ])lmtv ni weight and xigoui xvere being »it m (he game Afuih soccer plaj was indulged ni, but the ball xvas inostlj out oi ii muds lliggir and Ci/aly xveie pioininont and initiated an attaik on tin AA est s goal but Shcilock caine to tho ipsout Haggir hovvcxei, made amends bv gosling, thus giving the A'u i tus i le id ot one point Soon aftct the same pla)er ifciin scoied the full quota whiili pi ned A letona sex cn points to the good and xiitoij xv ia assured Owing to the approiilnng darkness tin

' i rs niimbcis were difficult to detcit AA'est Australn made desperate efforts to n,uii tin load but xvithout budess, ind \ litoria leistend a behind Aftei ona of the most exciting games ever witnessed in Ilobut the final bell sounded with the

scoie -

G, B Pts. Victoria 15 13 - 103 West Australia 14 II - 95 Tho goal kickirs were- ""

Victoni Haggai 7, Pink J, Duncan 2, Ca7ily 2

AA est Ansti ill i li Cimpboll 7, Oxvcns 2, Hairold 2, Lcointd, Otitndgo, Hib