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Acting on Steps oí Parliament


One of the final scenes in the new Australian film* "Heritage" will be taken on the steps of ' Parliament House, Canberra, this morning.

"Heritage" is being produced by Expeditionary Films Ltd. 'whox made the epic picture, "In the Wake of the Bounty" eighteen months ago. "In the Wake of the Bounty" was sold recently to an, American com- pany for a substantial sum.

The new picture depicts early colo- nization scenes in Australia and the action covers three generations and concludes at -the present day. In- cluded are scenes of the arrival of

the first women in the colony, the seige of a settler's hut by natives, and glimpses of famous statesmen who have played large parts in shap- ing the nation's destiny over the last century and mere.

In the scene to be filmed to-day, the hero, played by Mr. Franklin Benn- ett, i? reunited with the heroine, Miss Peggy Maguire, on the steps of Par- liament House. Mr. Bennett plays the roll of the political representa- tive of settlers in Northern >Terri tory, and the scene is supposed to be taken at the conclusion of an epic speech made by him in the House of Representatives. Owing to the impracticability of obtaining adequate lighting, scenes inside the chamber have been made in the company's

studio in Melbourne.

"Héritage" is being produced, and was written, by Mr. Harry Chauvel.

For the scene to be filmed to-day, a crowd of people to represent Mem- bers of Parliament and visitors to the galleries, is necessary, and Mr. Chau- vel has issued an invitation to any Canberra residents or visitors to be at Parliament House in the morning, and participate in,the making of the film. Photographing will commence

[soon after nine o'clock.

The production of "Heritage'; has been in progress now for four months and it is expected that the film will be released for exhibition within the

next two months.

1 Most of the scenes depicting early life in the colony have been filmed in studios, and the work of this na- ture is on au elaborate scale never before attempted in'Australia.