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PREMIERSHIP. j Defeat New Town by 21 Points, j

A Vigorous Game. i

I The 1923 League Roster was brought

to a conclusion on Saturday, when North , Hobart defeated New Town by 21 points.] and thus secured the premiership. Had | New Town won then it would have been j | necessary for Lefroy and North Hobart

to play off to decide the premiership!

and in consequence the match was more j or less regarded in the light of a final,

and about 6,000 people were in attend-1 ance at the North Hobart oval. After the heavy rains of Thursday and Friday it was thought likely that the match 'would have to be postponed. The wea-

ther, however, cleared when day broke on Saturday, and a stiff breeze blew in the morning. The ground was inspected at mid-day by the League bfficiais, and i found to be in perfect condition, despite I the phenomenal soaking which it re-

ceived. This fact was duo to the elab- orate system of pipe drains put into the ground and to the construction of a drain of large capacity to carry off the water from the slopes. It was there- fore decided to play the match. The afternoon proved an ideal one for foot

iball, and except for one slight shower that set in during the half-time inter- val, it remained fine. The contest was

one of the most vigorous witnessed this i season. By most followers of the' game it was not thought that the sub-, urban team had a chance, but they kept at their more seasoned opponents with grim tenacity, and North Hobart had

to use every resource to beat dpwn the ] opposition. In the final stages of the game feeling began to run high, and two players came to blows. Chapman was Injured, and Mayman also was injured about the thigh and had to bo assisted | off the ground. He appeared to bo in great pain, and was attended to by Dr. Goddard. The final bell rang amidst some enthusiasm on the part of North Hobart's supporters, while others made something like a counter-demonstration. While ho was walking off the field, , Downie was mobbed and struck by one

of the spectators. Players were carried

| shoulder-high from the ground, whilo | the red and black club flag and card-

board roosters of the same colour were prominent among th* crowd a* tht là2S

premiers left the field. ( The teams

were as follows:

North Hobart.-"P. Martyn, F. Dunn, R. Higgins A. Whitney, J. Wise, II. Keogh, B. Sherrin, H. Street, K. Downie A. Bonnitcha, L. Stevens, J, Dentith, A Read, J. Dann, H. Brooks, K. Roberts, A. Mortimer, F. Ryder.

New Town.-W. Mayman, F. Odgers, A. Leitch, R. Rooke, W. Jack, W. Shim rains, H. Paul, W. Williams, C. Tudor, L. Marsh, W. Hull, E. Chapman, A. Fos- ter, F. Moore, C. H. Wills, C. C. Wills, L. Borwick. R. Lane.

The spin of the coin favoured May | man, and- ho took advantage of the light i north-westerly wind and kicked towards

the Domain goal. Tat ofcening rucks 1 consisted of C. C. Wills, Foster, and Odgers for New Town, and Stevens, Dentith, and Brook» for North Hobart. I Now Town had the better of the play

during the opening stages, the breeze havrg a tendency to force the leather I over on to the pavilion wing, which gave Mortimer an opportunity to shine out. He relieved what looked like'dangerous situations three times in succession. The contest had become fast and vigorous, with Wills predominating in the ruck and allowing Odgers ample scope for some spectacular dashec from near the fringe of the crushes. It was only the forceful mannet it which North Hobart's half-back line were defending that prevented New Town getting the most of the opportunities that offered thcmselvia by the splendid work of the ruck and the attacks launched from the , centre. North Hobart, however, were j unable to withstand the rufh started

by Rooke near the press-box wing, which resulted in Odgers gaining pos session and. finding Shlmmins well

positioned, ho cleverly passed to him, the first goal of the day being regis- tered six minutes after play had been in progress. New Town up to this stage had done most of the attacking. but immediately they had drawn blood they were forced to rtpei & stionft offen- sive launched by Higgins near the centre, who forwar-led to J. Dunn on the forward line. The leather travelled near to the mouth of the goa!, and from tho ensuing tussle Brookî rushed in and sent the ball through the big sticks. The same player added a minor a minute or so afteiwards, and then attacks and counter-attacks were launched by both sides, which gave the crowd ali the thrills of a vigorous contest. Jack was responsible for New Town's second goal, which he snapp-»! from a tussle after the "Ball had been thrown in near North Hobart's coal. Wise accepted a pass from Bonnftcha, but had the mis- fortune to hit,the post. New Town were playing with good combination, and were giving a spectacular exhibition of hand passing, which, however, was inclined to be overdone. Odgers was playing the game of his life, and gave several opportunities for the forwards to score, but the opposition was proving very strong He, sent forward to Jack, whose kick carried well into scoring ground, and Lane,- snapping off the ground, went dangerously close to scor- ing the possible, a single being the re- sult. After C. C. Wills had cleared a dangerous attack by North Hobart, Wil- liams forwarded with a beautiful long kick, and Jack narrowly missed mark- ing in the mouth of the goal. The ball I hovered near North Hobart's goal, and Barwick carno into possession right in front of the posts, but he kicked erratic- ally, only obtaining a single. In the final few minutes of the quarter North Hobart broke through New Town's do fences. Wiso had a shot, but the ball was touched in transit. The score was augmented by a further six points a few seconds afterwards by the same player, who smaitly snapped up off the ground in front. The quarter had been pro- ductive of haTd and fast football, with Now Town getting the upper hand in the ruck, but North Hobart predominat- ing in the air and with their ground work. Firsr quarter-time scores were: I North Hobart, 2 goals 5 bchinds. I New Town, 2 goals 2 behinds

New Town s supporters cheered with delight when within less than a minute I from the bounce, a mistake on the part

of Nortn Hobart s half back line enabled Odgers to dash through and his kick carried well into the forwards where William! camt ont OL top from the tisslo that ensued and registered a f,oal Odgers s b'illiancy was the fea ture of the game Although closely guarded le wormed his way through the pacW and kept going for the bill with the tenacity of a bull dog Chap man who was playing dashing football I on tie wing smirtly booted the leather , off the ground and Jack tried hard to

score In an attempt to relie*e the 1 situation f Dunn kicked the ball

through the behind posts and thui an I other single was credited to New Town Martyn pitying centre half-back was relieving well his hign rnarmng frus tratmg many attacks launched b* tne I suburban team After the quarter had been in pi ogress for ten minutes \ortr I Hobart tner began to rush matter«; A | chain of passes in which Martjn Sher

rin and Kjdor participated resu ted in the latter securing a goal North Hobart kept up the attack being en ablcd to de so by the change of rucks that wu< effected in the quarter J Dunn added a single and from the kick off Sherrin snapped the leather up again and finding Dunn another si\ points was added to his sides tally Dunn registered another goal shortly afterwards after Marsh | had kicked erratically from a mark

taken in Ne» Town s terntorj Odgcr¡> with a m-giificent long kick went dar gerouslj clcse to scoring thf po^aib c thu leather travelling near tne chalk line where Jack spoiled a good oppor tumt by paying Alartjn too much at tcntion The quarter closed with both sides still plajing wgnrouslj North Hoh-irt hid been cn- led to cairy their »tt'cks through by the complete under- standing o' their forwood 1 ne but New Town . efforts wore not «nstEined chiefly on acaoun* of th« reverse being th» case With ti air eharnshootcr' Half time

I score» -vore -

\orth Hobart 5 goals 8 bchinds

New Town 3 goaK i behinds I A sharp shower had set in by the time

I the match waa resumed New Town)

were early on the aggressive and Odgers carried the play forward Moore ac- cepted the pass, <but the ball Elanced off the side of his boot and carried out of] play However, the attack bore full I fruit wnen Barwick snapped out of a tussle in front, and registered tho suburbanites' fourth goal This had the effect of sending New Town s stocks up, but they fell agutn when Brooks, com- ing into possession from a "knock out" in the nick, forwarded on to Ryder, who, finding an unprotected goal, retaliated with a like score The game swung over the ground with lightning like rapidity Mayman, from a wel1 judged mark, sent forward to Williams The iatter's kick proved to be a "grubber," but, for- tunately for him, the goal was unguard- ed at the time, and the twin flags were raised Both teams kept up the pace that had characterised the play in the opening stages of the quarter, C C Wills once again making his presence felt in tho ruck, which reflected on New Town's improved play Odgers drove out from near the cintre, and Jack took up the attack, but Roberts relieved in time North Hobart then put in a series of vigorous rushes, and 'rom a tusslo in front J Dunn booted the leather off the ground, but it was too late for the goal, the ball at the time being over the chalk line, and having been previously touched Stevens was awarded a free kick well within shooting distince, but kicked er- ratically, the ball going out. Trom the ensuing tussle Wise picked up off the ground, and was rewarded with the pos- sible A few seconds afterwards Bon nitcha dashing up the centre of the ground, put J Dunn in possession, and yet another ' si\cr" was hoisted on the boird Tne same player was given yet a further opportunity of augmenting the score by six points, after accepting a pass from Dentith, but this time he kicked erratically New Town did then share of attacking and had their for ward line responded in a more capable manner, their score would have shown a bigger increase From a throw-in Tris- ter secured possession, and took a snap shot The ball went along the ground but had the misfortune to hit the post The same player gave C C Wills an opportunity of scoring after forwarding from a free kick, which was taken the fullest advantage of Mayman from the centre, again forwarded, the leithcr travelling right into the midst of tho attacking line, where Shimmins was awarded a free kick within bhooting dis tance, hut again the post nab in the vvaj The three-quarter time bell rang with the scores reading.

North Hot-art, 8 goals 9 behind!. New Town, 6 goals 5 behindb

The final quarter wa« responsible for a great deal of vigour, and some foul play being put into the game, which spoiled what had up to then been n very spectacular exhibition It did not take North Hobart long to add another major ta the score. Read gaining possessioi from n throw in near the goal posts, and kicking with judgment Mayman launch ed an offensive from the centre which give Shimmins a chance to retaliate, but his shot cairied across the mouth of the goal From the throw in, however, C C Wills towered above the others in the pack, and Jack, snapping thi. leither away, piloted \cw Towns seventh goal The most 3pectaeu!ar piece of play came from Odgers, after Brooks, Whitney, and Higgins by a chain of passes had put the ball dangerously close to tne goal He dashingly rushed in, and, taking possession covered half the length of the ground, transferring the play in the twinkling of an eye Leitch relieved another attack and Mayman, accepting the pass, forwarded to Jack, who was, however, too far out to get the possible, a behind being the result At this stigc an altercation occurred between Foäter and Martvn >n which blows were struck, that held up the play for a few minutes

The game was full of action, with New

Town sticking to their task in an ad- '

mtrable manner North Hobarts half- back line, which had bien reinforced ey the addition of J Dunn, was being con- tinually called upon to break down the

opposition,, as the suburoan team kept ¡ up a continued attack Read added an-

other goal for North Hobart, thus put-1

ting the issue bejond doubt, as there I were tnen only a few minutes left in . which to pla> It was tn the closing few I minutes that Mavman, who was trjmsi hard to break througn North Hobart ?> I defences, was injured How it occurred ¡ could not bo seen from the pnss-box, but he had to be assisted olT the ground, and received medical attention The final bell rang amidst cheering from the North Hobart supporters, gi\ing them the premiership for the 1923 season The linal scores were -

North Hobart, 10 goals 9 behinds Ne« Town, 7 goals 6 behinds

T Dunn was North Hobart's most use- ful pla*er He. marked well while on the forward line, and when placed half- back defended solidly Martyn held up many New Town attacks, his marking and long kicking again being features of his plav Higgins played brilliantly on the wing, the best of the others be- ing Brooks, Whitney, Keogh, Downie, Mortime-, Bonnitcha, Wise, and Read

Odgers gave a brilliant exhibition roving, and was easily the best player on the field He was closely guarded, but nevertheless succeeded in eluding his opponents C C Wills was the pre- dominating figure in the ruck, and Majman played a well-judged game in the centre Chapman gave a fine exhi- bition on the wing, the bet of the others being Foster, Lane, Rooke, Jack, Moore,

and Williams

The goal-kickers were -North Ho- bart J. Dunn (3), Wise f J), Rvder (2), Brooks and Read Ne** Town: Jack (2), Williams (2), C C Ullis, Shimmins, and


A S HicVci, of the Northern Associa- tion, umpired Ho glue a fair exhibi- tion, and allowed plenty of latitude Some of his decisions were puzzlinr, and he was too much inclined io penalise the teaiis