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Our Adelaide correspondent telegraph- ed last night that the will of the late   Hon W. B. Rounsevell, of Glenelg, has been admitted to probate, the value of the estate being sworn not to exceed £24,000 The Adelaide Theosophical So ciety is the chief beneficiary. A legacy of £100 is left to the Rev Charles W. Leadbeater, of Sydney and also to the editor and proprietor of the theosophical paper in Melbourne. Servants and leli tives and public institutions will also share in the estate The ïMCi will rccciie £500 The testator directed that his body should be cremated

In the absence fo Hon I C Newton M H A., from the Launceston Hospital Board meeting last night, it was decid

ed, on tho motion of Mr G E Heritage,1 to write to the member congratulating, him on his appointment to the office 01 Chief Secretary

At the Imperial last night the heads and sub-heads of the public depart- ments that have been under the control of the ex-Prcmior and Minister of Works (Hon J B Ha) es, C M G ) enter- tained him at dinner Mr E A Coun- sel, ISO, presided, and the others pre- sent wore Messrs J H Butters,XM G, G C Rudge, D W Addison, *î S O , MVO, L V Evans, II C Smith, P II Thomas C C Halkyard, H A Curtis, W N Hurst, W Ross Remolds E (j Rowland, G II Loft», L Parkes A

Glasscy, and II Bucirdc Aftci tno ' loyal toast had been honoured, Mr Counsel referred in appreciative terms to the work Mi Hayes had perfornica as a Minister of the Crown during the past seien )car3, and also to the higi regard in which all his officers held him, loth as i Mtmstci ¡nd as i man He explained that the gmng of i din ncr to a Minister upon ina relinquish- ing office was in unique ore, but con- sidered it was quite wananted on the present occasion, as tho circumstances were icry unusual Mr I II Butters (General Manager of the Hjdro Electric Department) ind Mr D <ircy Addison (Under Sécrétai)) also spoke in a simi- lar btmn Mr Hayes, in responding, was warmly received by the gathering, nnd in taking farewell of the officers said he hoped that, although he was re- tiring as their Minister, he would still be regarded is their personal friend In a humorous ivav he traversed the var.

ous duties of a Minister, and exprcsseu warm appreciation of the assistance he had rocen ed from all officers during his long term of office Those present then took leaio of Mi Hayes and the exprès

sion was general of their regret that political events had taken such a turn that they were losing him as their


Mr W Pritchard, of Norwood, South Australia, who was in the 98th year of his life died at Adelaide on Wednesday last He was a native of Wiltshire, and had spent nearly 70 years in South Au»

tralia He was a bootmiker by trade, and it was not until ho was 90 j cars ol agc that he retired from work

The Rev W Migustc Wilson, T CJ S Curate in charge of tho parochial dis- trict of Ellendale, haiing accepted the euraci of St Georges, Burnie is leav- ing Ellendale it the end of this month He will bo succeeded bv the Rev V H Lansdoll, Th L at present curate at Hoi, Trinlt , Noith Hoba-t

Mr James Kennodi, of Zeehan, has been elected chairman of the Zeehan District Hospital for the ensuing year

The Rev H Allen Job, formerly direc-

tor of the Tasmanian Prohibition I cague, has arrived in Fngland with his wife and familv Mr Job has been ap pointed ii divisional superintendent for the United Kingdom Alliance at Man-


lhe manager of the local branch of the Australian Mutual Pioiidcnt Society informs us that Major General Sir John Gellibrand, K C B , has been ippomtod bv the principal board ot th« iocioty in Sidney to bo a member o£ the Tas mama board of directors