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The final match of the Tasman Asso- ciation was plajed on Saturdaj last, when Nubeena (blue and white) met Carnarvon (purple ind gold) At the

end of the usual four rounds these teams had the same number of premier- ship points, and met on the Carnarvon ground to determine who should hold premiership honours Carnarvon snatch- ed the victory almost on the final gong The day was ideal for such a game, and the largo crowd of spectators present constituted a record Never before has such interest been shown in a game of football on Tasman Peninsula, either by the plaj'ers themselves or their support- ers, who on this occasion travelled from all parts of the peninsula to view the contest Two of the fair sex (support- ers of the purple and gold) even travel- led from Buckland to bis present. Um- pire. Dwyer, from Hobart had charge of the game, and his display of umpiring was appreciated by both players and spectators Right from the first gong every man exerted every ounce of energy he possessed to ensure the vic toiy The game throughout was fast, and so evenly contested that never once from the start to the final gong could a sure winner be picked From the bounce Nubeena attacked, and were first to score when J Nojc, from a free just m front, successfully passed the leather through A Wollard, after several at- tempts, retaliated with one for Carnar von First one and then the other would score, until P Hovington, from an angle shot, got another Six-pointer for Car- narvon This put thom in the lead with five points to spare which they hold to the end of the first term The second term saw both teams fighting hard, and some keen play was indulged in Nubeena had made up their de- ficit and had three points to the good at the sounding of the second gong The third term was similar to the second Carnarvon should have been leading at the end of the third quar- ter, but in their eagerness some wander cd away from t-ieir marks, and thus gave Nubccna's forwards an open chance to score Some also failed to plaj to their forwards, with the result that Nu bonna still retained their three points lead at the end of the term In the final session Carnarvon opened out and troubled their opponents much, and it was here that H Gregson, who played the best gan"» on the ground, was seen at his best Using tact and judgment, he ducked and dived, getting away from his opponents with case and finallv, with a fine long shot, piis-cd to P Hoving- ton, who again, from an awkward angle, raised both flags for the purple and gold, thus putting them in the load bv three point» The cheering at this »tilge vías prolonged and deafening It now left only about three minutes for Nubeena to retrieve the position, whieh thev u»d everv etToit to do From a scrim- mage thoj secuied a minor, and a mo- ment ífti i AIlw right marked just ill front and victorj for thom seemed in- evitable, but onlv n minor lcsulted and V Grcatbatch, from a fioe, llmost on bell, filled lo score Thus Cainarvon ran out premiers with onlv one point to spare, to the cheering of nearly all pic sent Fullj $~i per cent of the specta- tors wore barracking for Carnarvon, thus showing the populnntj of the wcnicrs of the purple and gold, who some foin or five years ago never won a game, but fought manfully onward till they arc to day at the top of the ladder The final scores were -

Cnrnarvon, 5 goals 7 behinds Nubeena, i goals 12 behinds

& McGinniss, who is captain of the Carnarvon team, proved himself a good all-round playei, almost equal to H Gregson He took some splendid marks. Keith Gregson, when kicking off, in- dulged in long kicking, and always put the leather well out of the danger zone and his ludgmont in kicking to any plnjci was wonderful G Gathercole several times saved the situation when Nubeena attacked Being fleet of foot he made full use of his speed and plaj- ed absolutely his best game this -season The same can be said of W Ratcliffe

All played well, but others that arc worthy of mention are E Gathercole, W McGinniss, H Sjkcs, A Wollard, A McGinniss, and C Blackwood Tor Nubeena, G Hanson was a tower of strength and the same can be saul of E Hanson and R Hanson, whose marking was splendid V Grcatbatch played a fine game, and Noyc (2), Bridge, B Greatbatch, and Dodge aie worthy of praise, although J Noyc, Nubeena'» captain, did not play up to his pievious

standard s