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In common with the cipilil titles of other Anstnlnn ttntes, Hobart, m i «»hort tino, will bo in possesmon of i

ion ittrntiie zoo feinte the titv < iiiiiK ii too! over the lite "Ut«. H ï

Roborts's collection of inimilsiind hi Is ifiom the trustees of bet cstite, i bun iiblo s!tc hi« been »elected i tumor

ippointed ind jil ins (rcpircd for the! 'zoo md it is expected tint Ultimi i month 01 two the mini iib will be cbti' ihslicd on tho Donnm

/\s will lie rcmoiiibcied the Com . derided upon tho ite of th" old qun. / |near Government House whe-o m ii .>»

of file md tinCe-qu liter incs of Inn I is been et ipart leiidci for th fencing of tins site closed -tsleidiy

Ali i II Reid the (iiritor 1= l&i iiiR Hob tri to-div frr Uic nuiiliivi

where he will spend ibnut uglit«. i divs tisitmc the zoos it Sdnov Mil bourne, md B ill u it inspecting I Its. " i lections ind ^lining cvjieiicnec in *!i

inetluiiLs of m in lgcnient It is iho lu intention to in mge for til c\cli mge of niMiials md hirds T pon hi ii turn ho will »hist « '<> the n ittire of the ciges ind enclosures foi the recepti i of the buds ind nmnnls md «¡uptriti

lend the moicmcnt of the collection to the Domnn

\s «non i Iii J outouie fcn~% seven feet in luight li is been completed *l e uoilv of electing tho nges in 1 sheds mil bo coiiinieii rd I lie Reserves De piiliilcnt of the Cllv Council iii

chirle of the work nul j i roi is mu is Ililli;' mide foi i mile li spi c is 11

«hie for both bud- ind ininuK Hie c igle tige foi instance will le sntn

l8 feet IIITII In ii out 10 feet IOIIL, I I oidti to ¡,ii<- the big birds ill IKJ^SII IO fieedom ind other ci^rs will Iji coi on i simiLai seile Ciges md pens will he mule of wood min ml wntnolt ng An c ffiee will be limit >l tin oo sitt Mr Reid will hie cío e to Ins ih ngcs

I lie /em i to be m ide is roinpielieii sue s POSMIIIÉ though is Mr L T ] ipxi inbe Suptiintondcnt of Rc-enes

sud vesl/rdn tlicv will line to fe I Hen wnv " for sucl things c innot li dono hurricdlv In uhlitioii to i\ eli uiginf inimils with nthei /rr0 i l tho in uni uni it is intended in IIL futuro lo serine iniiiinls md lu A.« from

i'l pirt of Üie wen Id the idei being to hilo the rrllcction is ic¡ io ent,itiic rlid therefore lUnctivc is posible It is not the intention, howciei lo nnpoit niiinnls until it is seen tint those i

reidv in eiptiutv nie pio_i«s mg sa* is fictonlj 'I he grounds of tile /oo will extend ft oin tho Goiernmeut Tlouce loid tliiiiugh the qu mv to the roul it tho bick nid possiblv np to ih fn is the jiowdci m igi/inc \ 7 rtmiis© ol smie led mel fillow dcei li is been e ecucil mil tho aiuni ils will be îun cn the _i issv sloj)t ,t the top side of til* quain In idditi&n ljcil people in the possession of miimls or buds hive offered their cptives md these will 1.0 lddod to the collection It is hope 1 tint 111 1 fen voirs the /oo will vic with mun on tue m im lind for its it trictnenc=s ind scientific 1 line

I he 1111m ils it present it Bcaiumr f ire doing e\ceptiomllv well inidei Ali

Reid s c\pei t cire ünfortuli vteh the 'IVm mi 111 dev ils which "Urs Robeils so sueecssfulH leired 111 tiptiutv ml which have boen gr du llv dwindling foi the pist venr 01 so hive ill died out hut nn offer of i pur has been ir coivcd ind iceopted Tib li'mmi in ' tigei" 01 violf w is vei> pooi some months igo but with 1 th in{.e of di»t bis pichel np londorfullv Hie kin gnoos wilKhies opossums, md olh 1 muinls ind birds ne in the vciv best

conditior _