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The fortnightly meeting of the City Council was held last night The Mayor (Alderman McKenzie) presided, and there were present Aldermen Rogers, Breen, Martin, Wignall, Grant, Arnott, Cuthbertson, Valentine, and Williams.


The Reserves Committee submitted for approval the following by-law to prohibit riding or driving over the Sol- diers' Memorial-avenue, or damage to the guards, trees and ornaments placed within the same:-(a) No person shall at any time ride, drive, or bring,

or cause or suffer to be ndden, driven,. or brought, any beast of draught or burden, or any vehicle other than a wheeled chair drawn or propelled by hand, or a perambulator or a chaise drawn or propelled by hand, through, over, or along the Soldiers' Memorial avenue in the Queen's Domain, (b) No person shall carelessly or negligently deface, injure, or destroy any part of a fence, railing, or guard surrounding the trees planted along the Soldiers' Momo nal-avenuc, or any receptacles for flow- ers or ornaments placed within such fence or guards (c) Every person who shall offend against this by-law shall, on conviction, be liable for every such offence to forfeit and pay a penalty not exceeding £5

This was adopted on the motion of Alderman Williams.


The Reserves Committee reported that in the Illustrated Tasmanian Mail ' of June 22, reference was made, under the heading of Nature Notes," to the Beaumaris Zoo The article stated a number of the animals looked poorly and a good manv of the cages were now empty The Curator in reporting on the matter stated that all the devils were disposed of before the collection wai offered to the Council, the wolf had not had a mate for over two vears and the squirrel for eighteen months There were no wombats in the zoo when he

took over and an old wallaby which , | died and a native cit which he destroy

ed were the only animals lost There 1 were 48 animals ia the zoo on the 19th

April, and there were 54 now, all of I which looked well Dealing with the . second part of the notes- Solitary ' Captives -the Curator stated much de pended on the individuality of the am mai or bird whether it suffered or not

from the loss of its mate (

Alderman Williams proposed the , adoption of this report and said that a couple of badgers had been donated by a gentleman in the country

Alderman Rogers, in seconding, said ' that there were over 100 birds m addi- |


The report was adopted '


The Reserves Committee reported that tho Tasmanian State Trophy Com mittee had offered two additional field guns to this city, and recommended that the guns bo accepted, and that the Trophy Committoc be thanked for its kind offer

Alderman Williams moved the adop tion of the report.

Alderman Breen said that something should be done to keep the guns m bet

tor order

Alderman Williams said that they were to be oiled, and tablets wore to be put on them

The report was adopted



The Tramway Committee reported that it had considered the log of wages and conditions of employment served upon the Council by the Electrical Trades Union of Australia, in respect

of its members in the employ of the i Corporation, and recommended that it bo allowed to go to the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration

for determination At present there were two employees of the Council who were members of the union

Alderman Rogers moved the adoption of the report The log demanded great advances on the present rates For in stance, electrical wircmen and fitters, now being paid £4 18s Gd and £5 5s lid respectively, were to get £8 5s, and the other increases asked were in proportion Instead of time and a half, overtime was to be paid for at ooublc rates, hours were to be reduced from 44 to 40, and an annual holiday of three weeks, plus all public holidays, was to be granted

Alderman Valentine seconded

Alderman Breen said they should find out how much it was going to cost to fight the log in the Court, considering that there were only two members of the union m the Council's employ.

The report was adopted


The Water and Sewerage Committee submitted for the information of the Council the attached progress report of the City Engineer with regard to the l8 inch Sandy Bay water main ? "The total expenditure up to 12th July, including all charges, materials, sur- veys, etc , is £21 093 5s 2d , made up as follows -Materials, ¿16,287 16s 4d , labour. £4 355 Is 3d , cartage, £450 7s Id Total, £21093 5s 2d The total length of 18-inch steel pipes laid from the Lower Reservoir to junction of King and High streets is 9 500 lineal feet It may be stated that the excava tion for practically the whole of this length has been very heavy work, most ly through solid rock The Iii inch main was coupled up to the main lO-anch city supply at High street on 23rd lune, and a distinct advantage to our city supply has been felt Indeed, it is quite pos sible that for some time to come we will also be able to assist the New Town supplj in the summer time by utilising the No 2 main which has hitherto been required to boost the No 1 main which supplies New Town Practically the whole length of the 10 inch pipes has been taken up, 3,600 lineal feet of same has boen cleaned and tarred, ready for laving, and the balance carted to the Queenborough cemetery reserve, where they ore now being cleaned, 306 lineal feet of 10 inch pipes on the Main road have been laid Additional excavation was caused through the 10 inch main not following the line of the l8 inch main Additional expenditure was also incurred in removing gas mains and water mains which were in the way of the l8 inch main 6 inch connections on the l8 inch main were provided at Reform, Pillinger, Parliament, Regent, and Grosvenor streets, and at Green- lands avenue In the 10-.inch main now being laid, special connections will be put in at all streets so as to obtain the mii\imum advantage from the main In concluding this report, I would like to eulogise the work which has been doi o bj Chief Inspector Pringle throughout, and which has thrown a large amount of extra work and over- time on his shoulders '

The report v-as adopted


Iho \\ alor ind bawcnige Committee su linn tieri for the information of the Council tho illached progress report of (lie (il\ Engineer with regard te the Qurciitoiougli frew enge scheme -

Tho total expenditure of nil construc- tion work (including contracts mid dnv libour) is J.S2 6S6 17«. 10s The total lengthb of all towers laid is 80 031 line ii feet Hie pumping pi mt and disante gritor in engine holism nt One Tree point have been fixed and completed fdr

Homo lime but on account of tho mili tirv authorities not hiving vet given pel mission for jwleo to bo elected on then propeih tho Hvdro-eleelric D« nartuient h ivo not been nblo to con nect up the wiring Designs for tho low loul »reub aro now neanng comple ticn Iho amount of reticulation to be dono in order to complete tin Queen borough scliemo u, about 2100A line ii leot, in addition to -o low level iria-s Hie tot ii number of applic iii ins for honro i onnoclion pi ins m the Queenbor- ough district is ryo


'Iho Water mid S»wera0-e < oinmitloe roporlod that in response to public id vortiscment for alternitive tenders for the supph and delivery of drim pipes (concrete and stoneware) for the five month* ending December 31 ne\t oulv (ino tender had boen ricened that of the Hume Pipe Couipanv and reeoiu mended that this be accepted The report was adopted


Iho Water and Scnorige Committee reported that tho sine of the main sewer abovo tho present du>integratoi htation «HA 4ft bv 2ft Sin ouforni, bat for a distance of 220ft below the station pipes of ihn diameter wire laid these eon nee ting into the 42iu di imoter circular outfall sevier Ihe 21m sower which was put down bv the late Metropolitan Drainage Poard when the eoprjc tank ivis abolished was a serious defect in

tlie motrojKilitain outfall and during

the recent heaw rains canted the se»

ige to back up above the floor of the dis- integrating station The committee therefore recommended th it, in lion of tho 21iu pipes» i now sower bo con

htructed having an internal diameter of 33in at au estimated cost of to20 Tins Ialtention was part of the scheme in

vnhrd ni tlie improvements to bo effect-

ed with, tho new screenings apparatus,|

etc, which had already been passed by

tho Council

The report was adopted


The Public Works Committee report id that Mr C H Perkins, on behalf of Mrs W Perkins, had submitted a plan for the sub division of the latter's pro- perty, Lower Sandy Bay The commit- tee, after fully considering the matter and negotiating with the owner of the property, recommended that tentative approval be given, subject to conditions The committee further recommended that in the event of Mrs Perkins de-sir ing the Council co construct the road ways, the work bo undertaken on the following terms -(a) Owner to be charged cost of construction, plus an amount -equal to 6 per cent on the actual cost for plans, supervision, etc , and payments to be mad» monthly, on the certificate of the City Engineer

Alderman Valentine moved the adop- tion of tho report, and explained the various conditions in detail, which he said the owners were prepared to ac-


Alderman Martin seconded the report, which was adopted



The Publia Works Committee report- ed that a letter had been received from Messrs Simmons, Wolfhagen, Simmons and Walch, with reference to the com- mittee's proposal regarding Tor Creek, which runs through Mr C Hickman's property at New Town- The Council, at its last meeting, decided to inspect the locality, and the committee recommend ed that a representative of Messrs Sim- mons, Wolfhagen, Simmons and Walch be invited to accompany the Council

Alderman Valentine moved the adop- tion of the report, and this was agreed



The Public Works Committee report- ed that Mr Geo Murndge was desirous of erecting a number of poultry houses on his land, Sandy Bay (Sayer's Garden sub division), which was within the fire area Under a by-law of the Hobart Building Act, sheds not exceeding 150 square feet in area and 12ft in height could be built in weatherboard, within the fire area, provided they were 3ft away from any side line and 10ft from any street. No mention was made in the Act as to how many such buildings might be erected to each dwelling The committco recommended that permis sion bo granted for Mr Murndge to erect pens of similar type to those al

ready constructed provided they were built well away from all side lines and were removed within three years from date, if he was called upon by the Coun-

cil to do so

The report was adopted on the motion of Alderman Valentine



In reply to the application of Messrs Davies Bros Ltd for permission to ex- tend the existing hoarding at the corner of Bathurst and Park streets, the Pab lic Works Committee reported that it was undesirable to e\tend the present hoarding, which abutted on the street frontage, and recommended that permis- sion be not granted

The report was adopted on the motion of Alderman Valentine, seconded by Alderman Wignall


The Public Works Committee report- ed that a plan hod been submitted for the erection of a blnck-nmth's shop at the rear of Hall's motor garage, in Mur- ray-street It was proposed to construct the building of iron studs, with gilvan lsed iron covering The committee re- commended that permission be given for the building to be erected m iron, limit- ing the period duung which it might

remain to five years

Alderman Valentine moved the adop- tion of the report, which was seconded by Alderman Martin and carried



In reply to on application to lease a portion of the Hobart Rivulet, at the rear of premises No 94 Liverpool sticet, the Public Works Committee reported that it was of opinion that it was inad- visable to allow buildings to be erected over any porh_~ of the rivulet between Elizabeth and Murray streets The Council recently incurred expense in order to secure access to the rivulet from Elizabeth-lane for fire fighting purposes, and it was desirable to retain the open space afforded by the rivulet for that object The committee, there- fore, recommended that the lease asked for be not granted

Alderman Valentine moved the adop- tion of the report, which was carried


With reference to the quest on asked by Alderman Breen with reference to encroachments on the footpaths bv steps to the entrances to buildings the Public Works, Committee reported that it had now obtained the opinion of the City Solicitor, and had decided to notify the owners of such premises to remove the


Aiaermnn Valentine moved the adop- tion of this report, which was seconded by Alderman Breen, and carried



The Public Works Committee recom- mended that, in order to improve the facilities for handling metal at the Queenborough quarry, a conveyer belt and small bins be installed, at an esti-

mated cost of £100

Alderman Valentine moved the adop- tion of the report, and said that with motor lorries the loading should be


facilitated There was some good ma- terial h the Queenborough quarry, and there was a lot of work to be done in

that district

The report was adopted

ASSISTANT BUILDING INSPECTOR The Public Works Comm ttee reported that the work devolving upon the build- ing inspector had grown to such an ex- tent that it was essential that an assist- ant inspector should be appointed The following would give an indication of the amount of work involved in carry- ing out the Act -The total number of plans received for the six months end ing June 30 was 150, the total amount of building fees received for the first five months of the year was £271, the salary paid to the building inspector for tho fiva months' period was £151 13s 4d , the amount of time spent by him on building inspection duties since January 1 was estimated at 75 per cent, the remainder of his time being devoted

to other duties and the amount of time devoted by the assistant city engineer to building plans since January 1 was approximately one day per WLek The committee therefore recommended that an assistant building inspector be ap- pointed at a salary to be decided upon

The adoption of the report was mov ed by Alderman Valentine, who said that the work of the building inspector had grown tremendously during the last

two years

Alderman Wignall, in seconding said that the law was being evaded through the inspector not being able to do all that was asked of him

Alderman Williams said that there were too many inspectors, and there should be an amalgamation by which the num- ber could be reduced instead of in- creased

Alderman Rogcr3 agreed, and said that in view of the financial position no 6uch additional appointment should be made

Alderman Cuthbertson said that the department was self-'supporting but if an assistant inspector was appointed the profit would bo wiped out >

Alderman Valentine Two men will show a bigger profit (Laughter )

Alderman Arnott said that the rates wore to be fixed at 5s, but before they had made the rate an attempt was being made to foist another officer's salary on to the rates for which no provision had been made There should bo re trenchment or else the rate would have to be more than 5s and if they could not run the city« affairs on less than 5s they should let someone else run them.

Alderman Martin said the City Engi- neer had shown the absolute necessity for an assistant inspector, but Alderman Williams and Alderman Rogers, who had just supported the manager of tho tramways in preference to the aldermen, now supported the aldermen in prefer- ence to the City Engineer

The Mayor said it was absolutely ne. ccssary to have an assistant, as it waa impossible for the inspector to get through his work, which was weeks be-


The report was adopted


The Finance Committee submitted a copy of the Council s bj laws (exclusivo of health by laws) as consolidated by the City Solicitor in accordance with a previous resolution of the Council and recommended that they be adopted

Alderman Williams moved the adop tion of the report which was agreed to, the confirmation being made an order of the day for the next meeting


Alderman Williams gave notice to move the following motions -(1) That a return be tabled at the next meeting, showing the cost to date of construct- ing tramway and road from New Town road to Creek road in Augusta road (2) The proportion of cost to be charg ed to public works account (3) The original estimate (4) The estimated cost of finishing the works (5) That at all elections whether annual or ex

traordinary polling booths be provided at the Town hall New Town -and Queen borough (0) That all works in the City Council the estimates of which exceed £250 be carried out by contract instead of day labour


A letter from the Nelson Progress As sociation with reference to street light- ing and tramway matters was referred to the two committees concerned

A letter was received from Messrs Brennan and Rundle Melbourne for warding a summons for the Council to the Arbitration Court Melbourne, on July 11, m connection with an applies tion from the Tramway Union for a variation of the present award