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As a result of the examination held on the 22nd November last, the pupils of State-schools named below have quali- fied for admission to the State High Schools at Hobart, Launceston, and De- vonport, the Intermediate High Schools at Burnie and Huonville, and the Junior Technical Schools at Hobart, Launces- ton, and Queenstown The qualifying certificate will be issued to each pupil who has been certified bv the teacher to have attended at a State-school and to have satisfactorily completed the course of study prescribed for the sixth class The successful candidates who desire to attend should present themselves at the State High Schools at Hobart, Launces- ton, and Devonport, and the Intermediate High Schools at Burnie and Huonville, on Tuesday, January 31, or at the Junior Technical School, Hobart, on Wednes- day. February 8. or at the Junior Tech- nical Schools, Launceston and Queens- town, on Tuesday, February 7. Three courses of study are provided at the High Schools, and a technical course at the Junior Technical Schools

The courses at the High Schools are: (a)t A course for pupils preparing for the teachers' profession

(b) A general course of five years work leading to the University

(c) A commercial course for pupils preparing for business careers

(Domestic science is compulsory for girls.)

Pupils should be prepared to state on entry which course they desire to fol-


The total number of candidates was 2,171, of whom 1,115 passed the exam- ination. In addition to the children of State-schools mentioned hereunder, a number of candidates from private schools passed the examination. As the large majority of these candidates en- tered for the purpose of competing for bursaries, their results are not publish- ed, but will be forwarded to the head- masters o£ their respective schools in

due course

Albuera-street-Raymond Ash, Tho- mas Barker, Reginald Beauchamp, Jean Cowles, Rex Edwards, Jack Featherstone, Kitty Findlater, Elizabeth Graveley, Nora Green, Kenneth Hunter, Ruth Har- bord, Leonard Hartam, Betty Henry, Frederick Hodge, Donald Hodgman, Edith Kite, Thomas Lipscombe, Mollie Living- ston, Marjorie Lucas, Dulcie Lucas, Ro- bert Marriott, Elvie McGinniss, Charles Morgan, Reginald Morrisby, Donald Morrison, Stuart Philp. Minnie Philpot, Keith Pullen, Rita Robertson, Alice Ron Berry, Madge Russell, Charles Schramm, John Shott, Alan Smith, George Smith, Jean Smith, Hazel Thompson, Reginald Thompson, Arthur Trebilco, Vera Tyrer, Ernest Smith, Proctor Sta- cey, Joan Tate, Oscar Thompson, Enid Thompson, Mavis Thompson, Harold   Vernon, Lyell Ward, Edward Watson, Max Weatherhead, Norman Westbrook, Muriel Willing, Kathleen Wilson, Mar-   jorie Worth

Central -Ina Close Royal Golding,   William Hamilton, Grace Ledwell, Syd- ney Minty, Stanley Mourant, Ray Shel- ton, Victor Wheatley, Leonard Wood-


Goulburn-street. - Dorothy Abbott, Kathleen Brown, Thelma Bowring, Frank Clark, Berrice Cadger, Joyce Elliss, Dor- othy Frost, Lena Glasser, Samuel Glas- ser, Vanessa Hay, Gwendoline Hill, Mol- lie Johnston, Nancy King, Cedric Latham, Donald Larsson, Reginald Mur- ray, Ruby Mansfield, Norman Murray Clyde Moore, Barry Owens, Harold Pace, Joyce Reading, Nola Rollins, Mar- guerite Schone, Sylvia Stenhouse, Mal- colm Squires, Edna Thornton

Macquarie-street-Ernest Singer

Elizabeth-street. - Grace Anderson James Barker, Dorothy Benjamin, Alan Bowring, Olive Broderick, Arthur Col- lins, Claude Cooke, Florence Cooley Ethel Cooper, Louis Cox, Richard Cramp Joyce Cramp, Keith Crome, Gladys Cul- len, Nina Davern, Alice Dewhurst, Fred- crick Drumm, Raymond England Leila Evans, Eric Gibbon, Max Gould, Jean Gourlay, Eric Hall Norman Harris, John Heine, Willie Henderson, George Hine Dorothy Hooper, Bert Howard, Alan Hurle, Charles Ibbott, Beryl Jackson Alan Jarvis, Raymond Jeffreys, Alan Knight, Thelma Jones, Beryl Leitch Athalie Lester, Isadore Lew, Eric Lit- tle, Geoffrey Lockley, Roy Mackay, John Maloney, John McGuffie, Jessie McIndoe Keith McNeil, Winifred McSherry, Dor- othy Meadowcroft, Ivy Meadowcroft, Al-     fred Middleton, Jean Mitchell, Francis Mitchell, Eric Moore, Jane Mulligan James Murphy, Lyla Nielsen, Allan Os- borne, Florence Parsons, Vernon Part- ridge, William Peden, William Quarmby Doris Read, Gweneth Roberts, Marie Roberts, Stella Schoe, Minnie Smith John Smith, Gwendoline Smith, Keith Snook, Gwendoline Stennard, Gwendo- line Strange, Lillian Sutcliffe, Henry Thomas, Nancy Totham, Gwendoline Ward. Kathleen Waring, Wesley Web ster, Bessie White, Rona Williams, Wil- liam Wilson, Francis Wise, Maxwell Wright, Harold Young, Dorothy Ledwell Phyllis Newitt, Clifford Waldron, Bea trice Jordan, Edith Lane, Harry Large Norman Lee, Vernon lee

Lower Sandy Bay- Ethel Abbott  

Lansdowne-crescent - John Daniels Stephen Geeves, Leslie Smith, Walter


New Town-Alan Amos, Alma Cloak Keith Collins, Laura Hickman, Neil Lit- tle, David Laughlin, Edward Lobban Rita Nation, Elsie Porte, Ellen Porter, Vera Pearce, Bernard Williams, Mary Wadsley, Francis Porter.

Adventure Bay --Annie Dorloff, Eileen Hansson, Albert Kaden.

Bellerive - Roylance Armstrong Thelma Bignell, Richard Darmondy, Mai- sie Fulton, Crosby Walch.  

Lindisfarne-Edward Cox.

Cambridge -Nellie Backhouse, Maud Fitzpatrick, Edmund Kennedy, James Kennedy.

Risdon-Eldred Sargeant.

Glenorchy -Ronald Andrews. Snug-Ruby Goodwin.

Kettering - Ruby Farnell, Phyllis Hawker, Ruby Richardson, Elsie Rich-


Woodbridge-Robert Smith, Esther


Moonah -Frederick Burridge, Fred   Bouchier. Frederick Belcher, Walter Brown, William Belcher, Ruth Carlile George Campbell, Edward Dobson, Marie Evans. Ruby Goodwin, Phyllis Gray Elsie Hickman Noel Hope, John Johnson Edna Lewis. Noel Leverton, Roy Lips combe, John Lockwood, Jack Moore Keith McCarthy, John Richards, Reg nald Sargeant, Wilfred Stuart, AIfred Thompson. Roy Turner, Jack Wallace Edith Williams, Lorna White, Auriel Woolley, Douglas Wherrett

Summerleas-Gilbert Burslem. Collins Vale-Rita Smith.

Charles-street-Joyce Brewer Bernard Cooper, Neil Chick, Leonard Clark Christopher Doe, Joan Drake. Lewis Guy Ernest Goodyear, Doris Hardwicke, A bert Hurst, Royal Holyman, William Herbert, Doris Heath, William Holyman Thomas Jenkin, James Jacobs, Ila Jar man, Vernon Kemp, Eleanor Lee, Lola Martin, Wilfred Mitchell, Walter Merry Rita Mccormack. Claude Mullen, Frank

Nichols, Elsie Peters, Noel Rhoden, Stan- ley Russell, Elsie Scott, Bessie Wylie, Hilda Wright, Percival Weir, Jean Wright, Alice Walker.

East Launceston.-Ruth Adams, Ken- neth Alexander, James Blyth, Kelvin Cartwright, Arthur Colhoun, Hubert Dell, Arthur Dewis, Desmond Davis, Cyril Dyson, Maxwell Fotheringham, Jean Ges, Jean Jacobson, Lillian Knott, Marjorie Kiddle, Jean Larner, Arthur Leeson, Stanley Murray, William McAr- thur, Mona Mancey, Nancy Richards, Dorothy Ralph, Beulah Scott, Jean Thomas, Albert Watkinson, Melvie Wat- son, William Elliott, Eric Marsden, Alan


Glen Dhu.-Frank Holbrook, Iria Jones, Edna Jones, Cyril Proctor, Mar- jorie Stewart, Lewis Viney, Florence


Invermay. -- Effie Boscoe, William Burke, Annie Carnie, Eric Charrett, El- sie Cooper, Reginald Dransfield, Wini- fred Forsyth, Elsie Fraser, Zoe Gill, Ar- thur Green. Ronald Guy, Valentine Hef- feron, Geoffrey Jackson, Frederick Jens, Frederick James, Alex Lithgow, Lallie Lockett, Owen Pierce, Jean Scott, Mol- lie Smythe, Vera Tucker, Valerie Wil- kins, Alan Wood.

Wellington-square.-Vera Boon, Ivy Begent, Gordon Best, Jessie Calver, Ar- thur Chandler, Edna Doak, Kathleen Ed- wards, Joyce Eyre, Roy Edwards, Charles Goninon, Leonard Holroyd, Beryl Hughes, Bertha Inglis, Joan Inglis, Edith Jarman, Thomas Kerr. Alan Lamb, Max- well Lovett, Kathleen Linton, Jessie Lewis, Leonard Larter, Roy Luck, Flora McDonald, Geoffrey McBain, Ida Owen, Irene Owen, Cyril Peacock, Douglas Phillips, John Rowell, Sylvia Robinson, Clara Rule, Barbara Rocher, Beatrice Sidebottom, Eileen Sullivan, Robert Thompson, John Wyett, Eunice Westlake, Winifred Wilnough, Helen Willes, Jack.


Newnham.-Ethel D. Watts.

Patersonia.-Horace Millwood. Legana.-Raymond Griggs.

White Hills.-Leslie Watson.

Beaconsfield.-Fred Allen, Mary Camp- bell, Keith Cartledge, William Barrett, Kathleen Bewglass, George Jennings, Ena Leary, Lucy Lumley, Francis O'Keefe, Henry Paton, Stanley Penney ston, Kathleen Scoble, Henry Smith, William Truscott, Elizabeth -Watson, Stanley Wellington, Arthur Wellington, Ruby Yard, Edith Lawrence.

Beauty Point.-Dora Woodworth.

Tatana.-Gladys Baldwin, Winifred Douglass, May Wheaton.

Glengarry.-Elizabeth Lamont. Frankford.-Harley Gee.

Little Swan Point.-Claudius McKin- lay.

Bothwell.-Dudley Blake, Lyell Bock, Ive Gosssge, John Gossage, Gordon Hild- yard, John Hutchinson; Enid White.

Bridgewater.-Ashley Forsyth, Hazel


Pontville.-Ena Briggs, Gwenyth Mc- Guire, Raymond Reynolds, Jean Sattler, Vere Taylor.

Broadmarsh.-Frank Walker. Bagdad.-Walter Porter.

Campbell Town.Clyde Coombe, Ken- neth Lee, Joan Phillips.

Conara.-Daphne Hays.

Forest.-Thomas Burke, Sydney Wells Mengha.-Marjory Cotton.

Rocky Cape.-Amy Dallas, Jessie Dal- las, Victor Medwin.

Smithton.-Herbert Fenton, Albert Grey, David Lovtgrove, Waller Lovell Ivy Murfet, Emily Parsons, Amy Wells

Irish Town -William Cotton.

Marrawah.-Ellen Cunningham. Nahageena.-Mabel Odgers.

Young's Hill-road.-Esther Leech. Montagu.-Maurice Lodge.

Trowutta.-Mary Veronica Ryan.  

Stanley.-Doreen Burley, Leslie Em- mett, Hazel Ferguson, Haidee Stephens

Edmer Whitchurch.

Deloraine.-Nina Batt, Alma Cubit Reginald Farrell, Eric Fleming, Francis Gilbert, Gwendoline Hartley, Athol Har ris, Roy Hodgetts, Neil McMahon, Fran- ces Munting, Colin Watts.

Western Creek.Janet Lee.

Rubicon Bridge.-Glen Walsh, Joyce Wise, Ellen Gannon.

Exton:-Daisy Blazely, Lionel Bonney Mole Creek.-Isabella Cameron, Una Cooke, Alan Cooke.

Caveside.-George Wilson, Chudleigh.-Lewis Sykes.

Kimberley.—Thomas Hawley, Joyce Murfet, Gwenneth Viney.

West Devonport.—John Andrews, Lyell Archer, Cyril Barratt, David Barrat Thomas Barratt, Mary Bonney, Merle Buchanan, Harold Burrows, Clarice Choveaux, Norman Choveaux, Stuart Clements, Tasman Coleman. William Collins, Jessie Digney, William East man, Kenneth Finlayson, Katie Fraser Gavin Gardner, Ronald Heyne, Walton Hill, Frederick Hope, Thelma Hope Marryat Hornsby, Alwyn Jackson, John Kelly, Dorienne Kirkup, Arthur Leary Leonard Lindley, Colin Lawrence, Tas- man Lawrence, Sylvia Masterman, Stan- ley McKay, Benjamin Oakleigh, Max- well Oldaker, Albert Leek, Nellie Pearce Jessie Pearce. Kenneth Pullen, William Reid, Frank Richards, Harold Rosevear Gwendoline Rundle, Gladys Thompson Colin Vertigan, Ella Whitley, Ernest


East Devonport.—Arthur Clark, Lind- sey Herbert, Beatrice Lonie.

Aberdeen.-Freda Rundle.

Don.-Elsie Bryan, Alice Cole, George


Forth.-Croydon Connors, James Daw- son, Herbert Hadfield, William Howell, Arthur Kenny, Hedley Rooke, James Smith, Minnie Tegue.

Burnie.-Arthur Atkinson, Alan Brans- grove, Marie Bransgrove, Athol Coope Jack Cherry, Vivian Clarke, May Coun- don, William Craske, Maxwell Cross, Doris Hines, Stewart Mitchell, Aubrey Parsons, Elsie Parsons, George Pink Cecil Sadleir, Irene Tattersall, Bernard Tollner, Gladys Tollner.

Ridgley.-Stanley Allen.

Evandalc.-Trevor Chugg, Harry Gun- ton, Benjamin Jarmy, Nancy Perkins Basil Stephens, Beryl Thomas, Valerie


Nile.-Maurice Atkins, Beryl Turner. Dover.-Allan Batchelor, Joyce Croc-

ker, Vera Reeve.

Geeveston.-Joan Burbury. Coral Dou- ble, Sydney Gane, Lucy Monks, Leona Worsley, Doreen Gregson.

Surges Bay.-Alfred Cairns.

Cairns Bay.-Daphne Cowmeadow Edna McKibben, Eunice Pilling, Con-

stance Woolnough.

Avoca.- Roderic Shepherd.  

Storey's Creek.-Charles Coull

Lancelot Littler.  

Mathinna.-Geoffrey Clerk, Hedley Dodge, James Dodge, Henry Polley Charles Smith, Fanny Thurley, Geoffery Thurley, Mary Whitney.

St. Mary's -Wilfred Barker, Winnie Dawson, Gladstone Hayes, Marjorie Mc- Donald, Kitty Mitchell, Claude Mitchell Charles Napier, Kathleen Salter, Wi-

some Wardlaw.    

George Town.-James Thellar.

Lefroy-Charles Pratt, Jean Thomas Piper's River. -Linda Dwyer.

Swansea. - Harold Dilger, Hector Ford Cranbrook.-Kathleen Cusick, Mona Lyne, Joan Lyne.

Hamilton.-Charles Manning, Eileen


Franklin.-Graham Douglas, Cyril Ful- ton, Thelma Grenfield, Harry Menzies

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Constance Shuker, Nita Cleveland, Dud- ley Watson, Reginald White.

Ranelagh.-Lance Davis, Thomas Judd. Lucaston.-Ronald Smith.

Glen Huon.-Pearl Knight, Burleigh Weeding.

Huonville.-Donald Varley.

Barrington.-Reginald Ellings, Beryl Forsythe, Joyce Nevin, William Norton, Janet Packett, Emily Ratcliff.

Lower Barrington.-Steven Moore,

Freda Moore.

Railton.-Raymond Dell, Hedley Dal- ton, Stanley Ferguson, Sylvia Jones, Melville Mallinson, Leonard Richards, Norman Shepheard, Norman Scott, Eric White, Eldon White.

Sheffield. - Raymond Butler, Maxwell Bruce, Nellie Crawford. Ellen Hope, Freda Husbane, Daphne James, Raymond Manning, Vena McInnes, Marion Morse, Sadie Nunn, Kathleen Parker, Hilton Parker, Sydney Porch, Gordon Price, Dorothy Tankard, Bernard Tyler, Kevin Tyler, Amy Wesley, Vena Wright, Albert


West Kentish.-Jennie Day, Robert Lockett, Vera- McWaide, Ralph Rogers

Wilmot.-Margaret Glover, Amelia


Meina.- Dulcie Godwin, Amy Gold- worthy, Harold Godwin.

Kingston.-Dora Reid, Joy Walton.

Woodstock Crossing.-Dorothy Fog-


Sandfly-road.-Jean Tabor.

Currie.-Bruce Bowling, Jessie Bowl- ing, Margery Holland.

Loorana.-Leslie Cornelius.

Pegarah-road.-Florence Fiske.

Latrobe.-Marjorie Aldred, Elizabeth Harris, Dorothy Hitchcock, George Haw- kins, Marion Johnstone, Henry Ready Leo Ready, Lillias Walkden, Samuel


Sassafras.-Donald Rockliff.  

New Ground.-Myrtle Bauld, George Dewhurst, Sylvia Ingram, John Long Ernest Richards, Jean Stevenson.

East Sassafras.-Alice Robertson Ruby Skirving.

Wesley Vale.-Tom Conacher, Edna Foster, Leslie Peirce.

Northdown.-Pearl Nibbs, Eileen Reid Ulverstone.-Una Brown, Gwendolene Brown, Geoffrey Crawford, Thomas Col- lins, Winnie Davies, Alleyne Fogg, Vera Frame, Beulah Hamilton, Douglas Har- man, Raymond Hingston, Douglas Hod- getts, Clarrie How, George Lloyd, Gor- don Maynard. Theta McCulloch, Roy Murfet, Dorothy Nicholls, Ada Rayner Ena Reinmuth, Nellie Rockliff, Ida Row- land, Selwyn Shore, Roy Vaughan, Wil- fred von Bibra, William Wilson, Thelma


Preston.-Philip Chamberlain, Alice Lee, Madge Porter, Ruth Wing.

Sprent.-Noel Hodges.

Abbotsham.-Elizabeth Allen, Mary McCulloch, Esther Mott.

Nabowla.-Enid Blackburn, Grace Blythe, Vera Wadley, Frank Watson.

Lisle.-Laurel Langley.

Lilydale.-Walter Arnold, Donovan

Bennett. Alfred Kerkham.

Longford. - Essie Boon, Jeffrey Brown, Hilton Conn, Arthur Cooper,   Huon Coward, Rita Harris, Edna Holgate, Esme Hutchison, Linden King, Vernon Mayson, Connie Pinkard, Eric Preddy,

Constance Witt.

Cressy.-Olive Waters.

Perth.-Harold Bomford, Robert Cook, Oscar Murfet, Clifford Pinkard, Joseph


Glenora.-Patricia Baker, Charles Brundle, Phyllis Evans, James Geappen, Cecil Geappen, Raymond Heffernan, Doris Salter.  

Gretna.-Hazel Lowe, Geoffrey Mar- shall, Lionel Milne, Hilda Woodorth.

Tyenna.-Reginald Knight.

New Norfolk.-Eva Barnett, Noel Mc- shane, John Peate, Violet Ryder, Esca Schott, Laurence Voigt, Phyllis Wells, Frances Young, Lilian Young.

Oatlands.-Archibald Exton, Clifford Exton, Geoffrey Goss.

Parattah.-Christina Burns, Charles Eadie, Trixie Meaburn, Horace McDer-


Stonor.-Christina Hyland.

Woodsdale.-Laura Rowlands.

Penguin.-Horace Cooke. Kenneth Cooke, Marjorie Fowler, Beryl Grimsey, Eric Hales, Lance Hall, Harold Hardstaff, Cyril Pollard, Henry Propsting, Laurel Revell. Daphne Reynolds, Irene Stocks, John Stubbs, Alan Thome.

South Riana.-Lydia Barker.

Sulphur Creek.-Catherine Lillico, Mary Rogers, Phyllis Sherriff, Charles


Cygnet.-Eva Cockerill, Florence Coc- kerill, Joyce Gard, Ivv Stubbings.

Gordon.-Elizabeth Mitchell.

Lower Wattle Grove.-Phyllis Direen. Garden Island Creek.-Stella Harris. St. Helens. Vincent Haley,

Gould's Country.-Minnie Johnston.

Lottah.-Reginald Allen, Phyllis   Quinn.    

Colebrook.-Ella Brock, Kenneth Cor- rigan. Daisy Wolfe.

Rhyndaston.-Maurice McConnon.

Richmond.-Timothy Jacobs, Rosie


Derby.-Dorothy Beswick, Margaret Dwyer, Agnes Fraser, James Fraser, Florence Harper, Muriel Kerrison, Mer- vyn Laird, Alice McArdell, George Rod- man, Roderick Solomon, Margaret Stew- art, Dora Targett, William Torley, Gladys Williams, Donald Wilson.

Branxholm.-Bernard Alford, Nancy Bennett, John Moore, Harry Newman,

Ina White.

Gladstone.-Alfred Dawe, Alice Watt. Pioneer.-Samuel Edmunds, Mabel Griffith, Muriel Hall, Ivan Steel, Olive


Moorina.-Ada Wagner.

Winnaleah.-Mary Counsel. Ross.-George Bevan.

Mona Vale.-Cora Chilcott.

Scottsdale.-Trevor Berwick, Freda Button, Louis Bessell, Mervyn Gregory, Edith Johnstone, Kathleen Jessup, Doris Jessup, Norman Keddy, Maurice Lade, Lilian Miller, Owen Parsons, Queenie Rose, Alice Saggers, Myrtle Standage, Doris Tucker, Thomas Tapsell, Allan Westmore, Sheila Whitehead, John Wil- liams, Nancie Button.

North Scottsdale.-Charles Adams. Forester.-Hazel Davie.

Legerwood.-Edward McCarthy.

Jetsonville.-John Beattie, Edith Mc-


Sorell.-Linda Bellette, Rex Braith- waite, Norman Gatehouse, Henry Read.

Forcett.-Cyril Jones.

Nugent.-Ronald Butterworth.

Wattle Hill.-William Weeding. Triabunna.-Russell Salmon.

Elliott.-Athol Armstrong, Allcan Bugg, Kenneth Burck, Raymond Harnett, Myra Pegus, Ella Webb, Esme Webb, Irene Webb, Violet Webb, Doreen Wylie,

Jean Wylie.

Village-lane.-John Chytil, Grace Ling, Yolla.-Tom Miles.

Somerset.-Edna King.

Wynyard.-Kathleen Anketell, Ena Austin. Catherine Bonhote, Nina Bon hote, Eric Cox. Frank Cullen, Kenneth Dart, Edith Easton, Nancy Fagan, Kevin Fagan. Alwyn Glover, Mary Harrison, Edith Hutchinson, Jeanie Irvine, Thomas Jones, Athelstane Margetts, Robert Matthews. Ada Maynard, Fred. O'Neill, John O'Neill, Francis Sayer, Beryl Smart, Edward Thomson Keith Wade, Jonas Williams, Keith Wilson, Kent Voll


Flowerdale.-Tessie McCulloch, Ewen


Mount Hicks.-Hector Bugg.

Bracknell.-Elwyn Heazlewood, Ruth


Westbury.-Hazel Badcock, Katie Heazlewood, George Scott, Edna Scott.

Glenora.-Bernard Scott.

Whitemore.-Ray French. Exton.-Laura Baker.

Selbourne.-Isabel Eyles.

Gormanston.-Annie Cooper, Eric Gar rett, Florence Harris, William Hassard, Douglas Murray, Dorothy Priestley, Dou ald Priestley, Leila Rafferty, Alan Trif- fitt, Claude Taplin, Neil Wedd, Alec Wiggins, Vera Young,

Pillinger.-Bernard Ross.

Linda.-Vernon Fisher, Owen Lamp,

William Pell.

Premaydena.-Harold Locke.

Queenstown.-Bernard Boden, Harold Blackwood, Beryl Beard, Mary Cumming, George Henry, Victor Harry, Jean Henry, William Morris. Vera Nothrop, Lilian Price, Dorothy Phythian, Marie Roberts, Barbara Rathbun, Nancie St. Leger,

Alice Williams, Gladstone Wright,  

South Queenstown.-Theresa Devine,  

Allan Leslie. Glory Miller.  

Strahan.-Florence Baxter, George   Collins, Douglas Fazackerley, Gilbert

Mccormack, Oscar Nielsen, Lottie Tap  


Waratah.-Edward Aylett, Joseph Chellis, Kathleen Collins, Basil Cum   ming, George Fagan, Alice Finlay, John Finlay, Edna Godwin. Arnold Randall,

Winifred Thorne, Rita Thorne. Harry   Thorne, Thelma Weaver, Clifford


Magnet,-Gustave Weber.

West Zeehan.-Arthur Chandler, Darcy

Clark, Ernest Coleman, Muriel Devlin,   James Dinney, Harry Edwards, Annie   Jones, Daphne Kent, Beulah Osborne, Stella Pemberton. Jean Phillips. Wini-

fred Rowntree, Raymond Vincent  

Tullah.-Leonard Bugg.   Rosebery.-Francis Jones. Staverton.-Corrie Cox.

Newman's Creek.-Claud Clark.  

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