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Dorothy Black, of Rangoon, writing in the 'London Daily Mull," says -

Fioin leeent accounts, the woman's Utopia is not to be found m .Nigeria, ,ioc jet in Bermuda Let wean feceK ers then, lui n their ittention to tint little bit of the map that lune sti.aight down tow aids the »traits at the othir side of the BTV of Bengal Foi hen'', in Bunna, ni a lind of sunshuie and golden pagodas ind gay sijks and lion- els is ,i woman's piiadiseTmdecd

We are not troubled bj maiy poli- tical wnine», as in India Tile Bill- in m i» a country gentleman, eisj-go tug, polite, and hospitable besides be- ing good to look upon in Ins silk gar- ments His wife is a.charming per- son, who takes a keen feminine uitei cif in hei ann clothes is well us in other people's Bunna is tho nearest poFSjble approich to tho £n«t as one bees it on the musical comedy stage ^'tractive, delightful, md-comic

When jou havo' landed, under the shadow ot the great golden pagoda, fioin tho boat that lus been jour home fo> foin long weeks, nnd steered your way through an atmosphère of cocoa- nut oil, betel, and cheroot into the stieets boyond tho landing stage jon move in i world of soft bright colouis and sunshine, and tho fresh green < f

tho tamarind tico.

Canto.imcnbs, hrst viewed, piesent a meo mixturo of "The Arabian Nights," "Iho Mikado," and the Hampstead Gardon Suburb Mandarin,' palaces adjoin loi dry bungalows of wood, un-

der the shadow of which now aie» springing up little brick houses with lattice window e nad balconies ami stucco, reminiscent of many a London biiburb _

The houses arc ill lit with electnc light and boast of faus Many ol them have a proper viatei supplj, com- ing out of a real tap for the kerosene tins of the watcr-cai riers aro becoming things of the p ist 1,1 Rangoon Foi in Rangoon we do thing», well, and evervbedy is eithei a unlhonnire, or is going to be one to-morrow, or was on ? jcpterday

When the strict lamps aie lit, and the fiiefties flit fiom t te to tree in the duskj roads, como down to the gj mklia»! i and see the men standing m gioups watching the <1 mung that goes on ta the music of n mihi irv lund W7e hive never more lunn half n do¿en^ girls to boast of, and the men outnumbir them bv bcveril tloz ens Oirls mnnv almost as fast as ti ey irnve, and the incoming ho its are e igerh se i lined bj tho b.,cheloi popul ltion mucli in the sinie spi it ii« that in «hull i ticket holdei io ids the l'jmo of wmneih in i laüle, wonclei mg wh'Ui his tuin will come to di iw soinetlu ig

lu Bunna i great main mon ire misogynists, ind confine them-elvcs

-olely to the bildestuum But tins ? ¡is only l>e<au-e there aie not enough I w omen to go rouml

\rothei dcsnabli fe ititi o of the |p'. ice is th it the.e i<- no short ag<» he e Cooks lostle one unotlun tu, ccok foi jon lb» y will neil go in th.' length ot jiusciiimg each ottior in oidei to step into i lucí itive situation HI th a íeilly Big Mistet, and i Mtm sihib who doe- not give too much trou-


And if lt'iti hot and if oeiasiovually one meets cockroaches the »ize uf nine, rnd if one'«, boots du grow mushrooms m a .night, dunng the rams, well, whit oi it9 Complete perfection can never b^ discoieied anywhere, but I doubt if amorte can find a land with more to recommend it to the fair sex then Bur |ma.